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Nobel Minds 2019
1 ay önce


  • Oluremi7
    Oluremi7 9 yıl önce

    Keep up the good work =]

  • Mike Glitsch
    Mike Glitsch 9 yıl önce

    schade das das nicht in deutsch überzetzt wird

  • Troy Koopmans
    Troy Koopmans 9 yıl önce

    vnid je het gek met zon naam hahaha

  • Giovanni Dh
    Giovanni Dh 9 yıl önce

    WTF my channel has 2,344,22 views in 2 days?

  • n0rth777
    n0rth777 9 yıl önce

    Zemanton Ку !

  • Cannabis
    Cannabis 9 yıl önce

    good day

  • TheMultiQueen
    TheMultiQueen 9 yıl önce


  • k k
    k k 9 yıl önce


  • Jingou Lai
    Jingou Lai 9 yıl önce

    If You don't have a better guy please give the nobel peace prize to Xiaobo,a Chinese prisoner, he and our democracy shouldn't be ignored!!!

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  • masiro miyajima
    masiro miyajima 9 yıl önce

    We are pleased with two Japanese receiving a prize to the Nobel. But they are too old.

  • Sameer Vankhede
    Sameer Vankhede 9 yıl önce

    Nobel prize oraganisation doing wrong give nobel price for peace to obama .

  • marinasi
    marinasi 9 yıl önce

    my name is Marinasi Constantin Ionut - Romanian how do i register for nobel price - descovery = anti gravity anti gravity : set of pipes system inside space ship - interconnected - algoritmicaly that will spin liquid / gel for obtainnig gravity so there for mass inside the ship - spining will be like a spehere in directions acompanied by it s oposite conterparts + more directions - also flors of holls will have inside atracting magnets < = gravity in space

  • Helio Neto
    Helio Neto 9 yıl önce

    Excellent channel! Pretty much instructive! Thanks from Brazil where we have a true candidate for the Nobel, Dr. Miguel Nicolelis (neuroscientist). He and his colleagues implanted electrode arrays into a monkey's brain that were able to detect the monkey's motor intent and thus able to control reaching and grasping movements performed by a robotic arm. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the channel!

  • JamesRuss
    JamesRuss 9 yıl önce

    im james :) nice chan please check mine and maybe subscribe itd mean a lot.

  • Hmd
    Hmd 9 yıl önce

    سأخذ هذه الجائزه بأذن المولى الفيزياء إنني ارى نفسي وأنا أحملها

  • Eslamaher
    Eslamaher 9 yıl önce

    I'll get that One Day.

  • Martino Martino
    Martino Martino 9 yıl önce

    Thanks for the Channel

  • Minor Seven Sharp Eleven.

    Any chance that a video could be made on the holographic universe.Work done by Leonard Susskind is difficult to understand if your not a scientist.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 9 yıl önce

    Thanks for having David Gross, appreciated.

  • TedDGPoulos
    TedDGPoulos 9 yıl önce

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  • Etienne Jansen
    Etienne Jansen 9 yıl önce

    Nice channel !!!

  • Marcusd0
    Marcusd0 9 yıl önce


  • North Sound Commercial
    North Sound Commercial 9 yıl önce

    I think it's pretty cool that the Nobel Prize has a YouTube channel. For a society of people that are known smart more cool, I think this page proves both are true. Keep up your amazing efforts.

  • Veeranjaneyulu Sadda
    Veeranjaneyulu Sadda 9 yıl önce


  • Jeges
    Jeges 9 yıl önce


  • Somerco
    Somerco 9 yıl önce

    Nice videos

  • The Faustian Man
    The Faustian Man 9 yıl önce

    Hello fellow future Nobel laureates, plan on joining you soon! Until we meet, take care!

  • boxa888
    boxa888 1 decade önce

    hey everyone i have proven one wire transmission of electricity which goes against the close system for electrical circuits. its a very important discovery in physics, i have proven nikola teslas one wire transmission which works more on reflection waves than anything else. please come by and check it out! its really nobel prize work!!! thank you boxa

  • mosa abdallah
    mosa abdallah 1 decade önce

    great chanel nice videos

  • Dawn Akemi
    Dawn Akemi 1 decade önce

    I heart this channel! Seriously.

  • Kataryna U
    Kataryna U 1 decade önce

    Heeey im at school right now doing reserach for a project and ur vids are awsome!!! All my classmates think so, and even my teacher she says, keep on making those videos! I agree Cya!!

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  • cyberhongi
    cyberhongi 1 decade önce

    Now that the Nobel Peace prize has gone to a propagandist, who spreads fear and lies, It is worthless. Anyone from here on in is shamed by it. Al Gore is a monster.

  • clbarrientos
    clbarrientos 1 decade önce

    Thank you for educating the community on youtube.

  • SparklestheClown
    SparklestheClown 1 decade önce

    Educating the next generation is critical. Teaching people to grow and help themselves is simply necessity for the continuing lifeforce on the planet. Sharing that growth is a must! Thanks Sparkles aka Gammy

  • Magdalen Graal
    Magdalen Graal 1 decade önce

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