Tropical Plant Party
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Growing Fittonia
6 ay önce


  • MY Orchid Adventures
    MY Orchid Adventures 1 yıl önce

    I'm not sure if you watched my Orchid Reflections 2017 video ...but I would love to see one from you! I wanted to personally invite you to make one. Here are the details if you decide to... RULEZ: Make your own video that reflects the most intimate , enlightening, happiest, impactful (etc..) experiences in the year 2017. It's your personal reflections so you make your video any way you want to even if its just to showcase your orchids. The only rule is that it pertains to your orchids or how your orchids have impacted your year and life. If you decide to accept the challenge please be sure to start the title with "Orchid Reflections 2017". Also let me know when you post it so that I can add you to my video list to help others to find your video. Don't forget to hash tag #OrchidReflection2017. Please share this video challenge with your friends and personally invite them to take this challenge. I am so excited to see what we all can come up with and all that we can learn from one another! CHEERS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

  • Tropical Plant Party
    Tropical Plant Party 1 yıl önce

    Ok, I forgot to get this tab going in last weeks Vlog where I was talking a bout ants and C. Myrtles! Woops! Anyone know anything as to why ants effect the postive health of Lagerstroemia?