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  • EvilVsGoodTrainer
    EvilVsGoodTrainer 4 ay önce

    And Rita’s podcast needs captions as well.

  • Kristina
    Kristina 4 ay önce

    add more Alvin and the chipmunks episodes in the US!!!

  • Tyler T.
    Tyler T. 4 ay önce

    Hey Nick! i just want you to follow these steps.

    1. I would love it if you put all of your old shows and put it on the network such as Rugrats, Danny Phantom, and more of that

    2. Have more live action shows have re runs. Such as NRDD, The Haunted Hathaways, Sam & Cat, and many more

    3. Please have Spongebob have re runs from Seasons 1- 7 on your network.

    4. Can you please have new episodes of ROTTMNT ( Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) on Fridays at 7pm?

    5. I loved your Friday night schedule ! Do you think you can do it again with new episodes of The Loud House, Spongebob, and Henry Danger?

    6. Please have another live action series! I love Henry Danger :)

    Thanks Nick! - Tyler Toon :)

  • Purple Pineapple
    Purple Pineapple 4 ay önce

    can you bring back victorious. that's my fave show on your channel.


    i ready for monstber week

  • puzzles
    puzzles 4 ay önce

    Mae a nickelodeon australaian channell

  • Muhamad Zahin
    Muhamad Zahin 4 ay önce

    what is interesting with jojo siwa? please reply my question on 25 September. Oh, I forgot one question. Why spongebob always win kids choice awards? It happens again? Bye nick!

  • dan4one
    dan4one 5 ay önce

    please make spongebob squarepants crossover special of danny phantom

  • Gabriel Brito
    Gabriel Brito 5 ay önce

    Congratulations, Nick Rodion! What's going on?

  • Joe Groves
    Joe Groves 5 ay önce

    hi nickelodeon i got i new cartoon show about supernatural

  • Sidney Taylor
    Sidney Taylor 5 ay önce

    show actal shows

  • Cartoni Disney
    Cartoni Disney 5 ay önce

    Hello, Nickelodeon. Despite The Loud House is renewed for the fourth season, please, can you make an episode that Lincoln is kindly always loved by his two best sisters Leni and Luna that they hugging and kissing him in the cheeks despite Lincoln is always the best brother ever. Okay? We really want. And we liked it. And we want a future of happiness between Lincoln and his sisters especially in the series finale, and in the 2020 movie thanks to Lincoln their a family again, despite Lincoln is always the main protagonist of The Loud House, and often in the upcoming 2020 movie, Leni will serves as the deuteragonist, Luna as the tritagonist and Lori as the quadragonist. Ok? And we want always an future of happiness between Lincoln Loud and his family, especially his sisters. Three cheers for Lincoln Loud that’s always continually and officially the best brother ever for his sisters, especially Leni, Luna and Lori. Ok?

  • Riley Proctor
    Riley Proctor 5 ay önce

    can you put on Zoey 101 because my daughter loves that show

  • Gabriel Brito
    Gabriel Brito 5 ay önce

    Why were there comments yesterday about Protegent rap Google Translation?

  • The Kitty Gaming
    The Kitty Gaming 5 ay önce

    Last Night I Thought "Why Not Bring Back The Old Bumpers? Renew The Really Old Ones." i have been watching too many nick bumper videos

  • dan4one
    dan4one 5 ay önce

    can u make a crossover episode with spongebob squarepants? maybe with the fairly oddparents or danny phantom?

    EL AGULIMT 5 ay önce

    please make a series with stories that teach the children and that the humor gets to the first 3 seasons of spongebob and have a mysterious mystery in each episode as an hour of adventure

  • sharina nasrullah
    sharina nasrullah 5 ay önce

    Avatar the last airbender the legend of Korra

  • Snowflake
    Snowflake 5 ay önce

    how do you send a video to lip sync battle sh

  • Peyton Bishop
    Peyton Bishop 6 ay önce


  • Samuel Attias
    Samuel Attias 6 ay önce

    Believe now

  • miniwqwq Attias
    miniwqwq Attias 6 ay önce

    As we believe by the spiritual zone

  • Birdbonanza
    Birdbonanza 6 ay önce

    "this is the place for QUALITY CONTENT and fun!" meanwhile most of your content is cringy memes and your shows humor mostly consists of fart jokes

  • Vanessa Valencia
    Vanessa Valencia 6 ay önce

    i don't like JoJo but i like how funny she is

  • Ghostraptor666 LazerTornado X

    it would be super fun if you would do a crossover between the haunted hathaways and henry danger

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica

    When is the shopping list episode from spongebob going to air?

  • Karai Yoshi
    Karai Yoshi 6 ay önce

    Nickelodeon, please bring tmnt 2012 back!!! That was the best show ever created. The designs, the cast, the villains, the plot, everything was perfect..... Please don't change it. Think of the fans.......I am tmnt 2012s biggest fan which makes me a big fan of Nickelodeon. If you take tmnt 2012 away, think of the fans you'll lose......

  • PIPE.Performans carreño

    es mi canal favorito, mi principal razón por la que decidí ser actor y avanzar en mi vida de ello, y aunque no pueda estar en el programa se que en el futuro alcanzare tal sueño, y seré parte de la familia de NICK.

  • Jason Chicko
    Jason Chicko 6 ay önce


  • Thats_my_ girl
    Thats_my_ girl 7 ay önce

    Since you brought back every witch way bring back with academy

  • Gabriel Brito
    Gabriel Brito 7 ay önce

    I will give you an idea for a new series, Nickelodeon. It's based on a mobile app called Slider Scouts. You can find information about the game in this following link:

    And another:

    You can also find the characters in the wiki by clicking on the links leading to the characters, and the Sliderday Scout Spotlight, the latter of which can be found in this here link:

  • OfficialFisy
    OfficialFisy 7 ay önce


  • Robel The Nickelodeon Fan Est 2005

    happy 4M Subscribers!

  • TreatsGaming PinyPon and More

    Please Make More LSB Shorties!!!!

  • Lil Everette Yoakum III

    Nickelodeon , Why did the commercial breaks after the intro of the tv shows?

  • Nancy Arrigo
    Nancy Arrigo 7 ay önce

    Hey Nickelodeon how about making a throwback montage for next April (2019)in celebration of your first years on the cable airwaves with oh say Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers & Daya being featured in the background

  • Gaming with Miss Pink

    when will jojo come to CO

  • Minhandre Tran
    Minhandre Tran 7 ay önce

    The Loud House BluRays, Books, Clothes, DVDs, Graphic Novels, Plushies, Toys and Others could come to Germany too.

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 7 ay önce

    when you people from nickelodeon going to show the original TMNT
    you know the 1987-1996 one?

  • Dominick Romano
    Dominick Romano 7 ay önce

    Nickelodeon, can you do a Weird Ice Cream Taste Test?

    For this taste test, you have stars try out some of the most outrageous types of ice cream you can find either based on the types of foods from your last videos or flavors of my choice that I found on the Internet.

    Ice Cream Flavors of My Choice
    Bacon Ice Cream, Chicken Wing Ice Cream, Toothpaste and Orange Juice Ice Cream, Tomato Basilic Ice Cream, Wasabi Ice Cream, Sriracha Ice Cream and Cricket Ice Cream (be sure to crumple the crickets so that way it's not obvious)

    People Who I Think Should Try These Flavors
    Jojo Siwa (obviously), Daniella Perkins, Lilimar, Lizzy Greene, Riele Downs, Ella Anderson, Owen Joyner, Sauannah May, Cree Cicchino and Madisyn Shipman

  • cupheadman 1027
    cupheadman 1027 7 ay önce

    please reply

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 7 ay önce

    Listen Nick
    If you can't remake some of the Loud house episodes (which are the most hated/controversal ones)
    get rid of them,delete them,banned them and pull them off the air permanently
    and never stream them on the internet nor release them on DVD.
    (THANK YOU!)

  • maria gabriela aldaz caceres


  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 7 ay önce

    Excuse me Nick
    can you make a video about the worst episodes
    and worst moments of the loud house
    maybe the loud house fans will understand the hatred side of the loud house

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 7 ay önce

    Dear Nick
    Remember that show turkey television
    look it up and see.
    it started in 1985 thru 1987 or 88

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    Dear nick
    can you guys bring back weinerville?
    can you make it as a variety show/game show
    it's called WEINER-RAMA
    and in case you won't show any cartoons between the show
    can you do comedy skits/bits and game segments?
    and will you feature the weinerizer and playland?

  • sammy doh
    sammy doh 8 ay önce


  • rina dika
    rina dika 8 ay önce

    thank you nickolodeon

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    Dear Nick
    have you heard of the show called Battle Arcade w/phil moore
    look it up!

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    Dear Nick
    remember you used to show Lassie (1954-1964 series) back in '84 to 96? can you bring that back PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    Dear Nick
    please DON'T release season 2 of the loud house on DVD!!!!

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    can you bring Nick News and maybe get a new host for it

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    can you bring back Nick arcade like you brought back double dare?

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    PLEASE!!!!!!!! bring back harvey beaks with new episodes.

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    I want you delete the breadwinners videos out of existance!!!!!!!

  • Featherstar The Cat
    Featherstar The Cat 8 ay önce

    Loud house is awesome!

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    if they're are any crashletes videos, please delete them permanently

  • Joan Gilbert
    Joan Gilbert 8 ay önce

    can you guys bring back nick arcade too?

  • Itz Louella
    Itz Louella 8 ay önce


  • Karai Yoshi
    Karai Yoshi 8 ay önce

    Nickelodean, If you go ahead with the reboot of tmnt 2012, you gonna deal with alot of angry fans. Be warned.......................

  • Karai Yoshi
    Karai Yoshi 8 ay önce

    Nickolodean, if you wanna bring Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles this year, please at least keep the 2012 series. That one was the best

  • The1unoriginalkid
    The1unoriginalkid 8 ay önce

    No one else has commented?

  • Karai Yoshi
    Karai Yoshi 8 ay önce

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles, heroes in a half shell, turtle power!!!

  • Karai Yoshi
    Karai Yoshi 8 ay önce

    I admit i seem dramatic cause im 15, but tmnt 2012 is my life and i cant imagine life without it!!!

    DISCORDPROBOT 8 ay önce


  • Paws Up Wilderness
    Paws Up Wilderness 8 ay önce

    dear nick i wish to put my comment in your next win your week but im only 9 sorry

    THE REAL VSWAGGER 8 ay önce

    I just got done watching knight squad I love that show #NICKELODEONROCKS

  • alien's squad
    alien's squad 8 ay önce

    seriously i need school of rock

  • alien's squad
    alien's squad 8 ay önce

    i need Shool of Rock season 4

  • Money Ducks
    Money Ducks 8 ay önce

    Nickelodeon Forever! The shows now on NickSplat are the ones I watched when I was younger. I do not have cable now and want to buy YouTube TV. I refuse to do so until Nick and partner channels are added. Please get your channel as well as NickSplat added to YouTube TV. #NeverGiveUp

  • alex waterfield 2
    alex waterfield 2 8 ay önce

    nick can i ask u why u made the splinter the worst episode of the best cartoon ever(spongebob squrepants)

  • Logan Thomas
    Logan Thomas 8 ay önce

    yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiijiikikikkk

  • Prohibited 014
    Prohibited 014 8 ay önce

    Why no advertising for the Kickstarter board game here?

  • Mariano Vita
    Mariano Vita 8 ay önce

    I love your Nickelodeon videos page but I would like you to do me a favor in exchange for using my comment of Danny Phantom video vs Lunch lady if you want to tell them

  • faraon 377
    faraon 377 8 ay önce


  • Llamalover83
    Llamalover83 8 ay önce

    Date 5/25/18 thundermans final 4 episodes loud house airs beforeDid you guys air the episode fandom pains on purpose because the thundermens was going to air soon

  • Twists And Turns
    Twists And Turns 8 ay önce

    why does nobody ever use dislikes on comments on youtube

  • Melody Delamotte
    Melody Delamotte 8 ay önce

    i really want to meet you jojo siwa

  • The Ultimate Destroyer

    nick livestream?

  • hola soy Katy
    hola soy Katy 9 ay önce

    ya estoy pensando que ponen BTS en sus videos para atraer mas publico :(

  • stephen smith
    stephen smith 9 ay önce

    nickelodeon i dare you to reopen the nicktoons website if you dont,

  • Super pineapple
    Super pineapple 9 ay önce

    Nickelodeon??? What happened to nick studios?? Please bring it back!

  • Tanishkaa Sharma - W G Davis Sr PS (1573)

    these new shows are weird

  • JoseGamerMan
    JoseGamerMan 9 ay önce

    Nickelodeon is slowly becoming Apple and Nintendo labo

  • isabella cruz
    isabella cruz 9 ay önce

    Okay nick you have a serious problem're bringing all the Nicktoons to the Nicktoons channel to die're trying to be rad which is NOT working're AIRING LIVE ACTION SHOWS ON NICKTOONS
    and finally:'re killing literally killing yourself with no sense of creativity,
    from a true Nickelodeon fan

  • Ponytastic
    Ponytastic 9 ay önce

    Hey Nick what happend to welcome to the whane?

  • marcos freitas
    marcos freitas 9 ay önce

    buif gem

  • marcos freitas
    marcos freitas 9 ay önce

    centoo newoque no illumiiineito

  • marcos freitas
    marcos freitas 9 ay önce

    were qui nick vod nick livestrim ofe onecote

  • Lexie Yiembo
    Lexie Yiembo 9 ay önce

    how can i enter into one of ur movies

  • x gamers360 subcrision:v

    saludos desde perú

  • Anna Hale
    Anna Hale 9 ay önce

    Is there is going to be a Rufus 3?

  • jennifer callahan
    jennifer callahan 9 ay önce

    Btw bring Fred Show back that funny 😂👌🏽

  • jennifer callahan
    jennifer callahan 9 ay önce

    You need to bring back the shows that were canceled 🙏🏽😞

  • Super Mario Gamer
    Super Mario Gamer 9 ay önce

    Can you make an animation where different NickToons dance to Happy Happy Joy Joy like Ren and Simpy! Like, SpongeBob and SquidWard (because he's mad a lot.) and Arnold and Helga. Make sure the mad ones have the Happy Helmet.

  • pink pink
    pink pink 9 ay önce


  • Filthy Neo
    Filthy Neo 9 ay önce

    Nickelodeon trying to be hip and cool is the last thing i want nickelodeon to do and if it is than nickelodeon is over now

  • CNCOWNERS forever
    CNCOWNERS forever 9 ay önce

    por favor que salga segunda temporada de kallys mashup. quien este de acuerdo de like