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  • Gorgonramsi
    Gorgonramsi 9 ay önce

    make more gmm edits they're funny as hell

  • Jasper Nolan
    Jasper Nolan 9 ay önce

    we need more, ive watched these videos so many god damn times

  • Emily Fox
    Emily Fox 9 ay önce

    Your edits are hysterical! I would love to see one on rhett and link interrupting each other, or one on link endangering peoples lives (knives, darts, etc). Keep up the awesome content!

  • G Geisler
    G Geisler 9 ay önce

    Oh my gosh I love these! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeee do one of their laugh attacks! That would be awesome!

  • Goldenafro
    Goldenafro 9 ay önce

    This is the best channel on youtube

  • noah zale
    noah zale 9 ay önce


  • silversliver
    silversliver 9 ay önce

    I love you and your videos so much thanks for existing

  • Michelle Dai
    Michelle Dai 9 ay önce

    What do you use to edit and how do you source your clips? I've been inspired to make a similar channel to yours but with different YouTubers.

  • Epic Hat
    Epic Hat 10 ay önce


  • Techno [TPW]
    Techno [TPW] 10 ay önce

    Shitty edits? I think they're amazing. <3

  • Daniel Pierik
    Daniel Pierik 10 ay önce

    DUDE DO MORE I laugh and cry my day turns into an emotional rollercoaster thanks to you.

  • Elora Commons
    Elora Commons 10 ay önce

    I think Ill just like every single comment on this discussion just so everyone can have at least 1 like :)

  • mackenzie rose
    mackenzie rose 10 ay önce

    Plz... do more angry boi

  • BP Gnosis
    BP Gnosis 10 ay önce

    you are perfect
    you need to do more

  • Marshtard
    Marshtard 11 ay önce

    cool and good

  • Ava gen.K
    Ava gen.K 11 ay önce

    you don't have enough vids they are so good there is no possible way for me to contain my laughter. :D :)

  • TheRoflstranger
    TheRoflstranger 11 ay önce

    Found your channel recently, they kept popping up in my feed and I realised I kept watching them so have a sub I guess

  • cosmic brownie
    cosmic brownie 11 ay önce

    link talks about how short rhetts schlong is for 30 years straight

  • Abbigail Weiss
    Abbigail Weiss 11 ay önce


  • Artsy shite
    Artsy shite 11 ay önce

    what do you use to edit your videos? Also great content keep it up!!!

  • Eros Heartache
    Eros Heartache 11 ay önce

    These are soo good! You are awesome and hilarious!! Thank you!

  • John Heffernan
    John Heffernan 11 ay önce

    love yo vids

  • whyme
    whyme 11 ay önce

    make mo av deem me mes

  • Maggie Wallace
    Maggie Wallace 11 ay önce

    I love these!

  • Savannah Wolff
    Savannah Wolff 11 ay önce

    please do more

  • DysprosiumIon326
    DysprosiumIon326 11 ay önce

    please do more of these!!!!