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  • DarkMagic76 lCanal Cerradol

    amazing andrew mayne !!!!!!

  • Galensgab
    Galensgab 5 yıl önce

    I cannot believe A&E would cancel Longmire. I guess I'll have to call my cable network and tell them to cancel A&E

  • Robert Driggers
    Robert Driggers 5 yıl önce

    First A&E cancels Longmire because they want more money from their scripted shows. Then I learn they cancelled "The Glades", another favorite show of mine. Well, I've decided to boycott this network because they want to televise garbage programming(pawn stars, duck dynasty, storage wars, etc.). I do enjoy their History channels, Bio, and maybe a few more but sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices and in this case it's well justified. All A&E cares about is the "money". Corporate greed at it's finest!!

  • Scrunch Meehehe
    Scrunch Meehehe 5 yıl önce

    Banned out of the US? I call bullshit. 

  • jeemjam17
    jeemjam17 5 yıl önce

    What happened to "The Glades"???? Heard it was cancelled!? Really WTF! Show was awesome,left me hanging,I don't understand how A&E can make a decision like that,sounds like bullshit to me,and we'll never know!

  • Kiersten Dunsten
    Kiersten Dunsten 5 yıl önce

    There is only one show on TV right now that I plan my schedule around watching.  There is only one show on TV that I will feel crushed if it ends.  Please renew Longmire for season 4 and 5 and 6.

  • celebrity197
    celebrity197 5 yıl önce

    due to the recent death of robin williams youtuber jeremy jahns has uploaded a review of the movie aladin and all the money the video makes he will donate it to the american depression and anxiety society

  • Doob Snackz
    Doob Snackz 5 yıl önce

    piss poor shows how could you a&e? duck dynasty, big smo, storage wars, those shows are ignorant i only tune in for first 48 and beyond scarred straight for the most part lmn is a better channel 

  • CoolCalmChris
    CoolCalmChris 5 yıl önce

    I loveeeeeee Longmire!  i havent watched a 'western' since tombstone! Vic and Walt are awesome

  • EIRR1
    EIRR1 5 yıl önce

    How do you A&E People Like My Profile Photo on Youtube Channel & G+?

  • Annette Mcfail
    Annette Mcfail 5 yıl önce

    Take a pole see who want. To see it.

  • Annette Mcfail
    Annette Mcfail 5 yıl önce

    Why don't you bring back the cell block h series.

  • jakespop67
    jakespop67 5 yıl önce

    More like BigNo !!

  • Teodor Dumitrescu
    Teodor Dumitrescu 5 yıl önce

    Why Shipping Wars playlist is not available in Romania? The show has a lot of fans here, like most of A&E tv shows. Why can't we catch a glimpse of it also on youtube when we get bored. Please make this possible and make Shipping Wars videos from youtube available in Romania!

  • onegrlindawrld
    onegrlindawrld 5 yıl önce

    Just wondering what happened to worth while programs ? Nothing to see here, moving right along....

  • hugybearmd
    hugybearmd 5 yıl önce

    For years I have enjoyed A&E, you were a programming trailblazer in the 80s and I became an ardent fan, keeping you on my favorite channels list, etc. But I cannot in good conscious continue to watch a channel which promotes a show where paid employees of your network are allowed to use their notoriety to preach hate.

    While I do not watch Duck Dynasty, I am acutely aware of vitriol and contempt Phil Robertson has for people who do not believe what he believes. While I am a firm believer in our rights to speak our mind and beliefs, by continuing employment to this hate monger I must assume you agree with him, whether you do or not. I thought (or hoped) when you suspended and then reinstated his program that you had convinced this employee that while he was entitled to his opinions, those opinions had to stay out of the media.

    Yet again Mr. Robertson is making pronouncements against a whole slew of Americans and that his "sermon" has made media headlines. So be it. To hate is not the doctrine of Christianity, no matter what this evil person may say. However, if one of my employees were to espouse such hate where others are witness to it, he would no longer be my employee, no matter how popular, especially after he had been warned.

    Friends and I made it a point to watch the last show and compile a list of all the advertisers before, during and after the program. Similar emails are being sent to them and we have made an agreement to avoid purchasing these products for supporting this programming. It's not much, but it is something we can do. 

    So goodbye A&E. Until which time as I have learned that you have abandoned this person who espouses hate in the name of entertainment, I shall not allow your channel to be shown in my home.

  • Raul Didaskalos
    Raul Didaskalos 5 yıl önce

    Buen día! hace aproximadamente un poco mas de 14 años en el 2000  pude ver los misterios de la biblia. Solicito acceso para mi estudio por favor.....

  • kdog2000bc
    kdog2000bc 5 yıl önce

    Flipping Vegas...The most staged "reality" show ever! This show is so fake it's not funny. You have an ahole that belittles all the workers. Show kids how to be a bully. Shame on you a&e for putting this crap on TV.

  • Joshua Messer
    Joshua Messer 5 yıl önce

    Could someone please make a video using Pharrell Williams "Happy" with a montage of Duck Dynasty, i.e. Phil saying "Happy Happy Happy" I would pay to watch the hilarity plus it would make for a great duck dynasty tv spot.

  • laah normani
    laah normani 5 yıl önce

    "The video is not available in your country by the user who uploaded it." WHAT?

  • Marvacu
    Marvacu 5 yıl önce

    I feel a little sad, because the Duck Dynasty Couples in Love is blocked in my country :(

  • Rob Lalonde
    Rob Lalonde 5 yıl önce

    I would really like to know why A&E has taken off the show the Glades?First Longmire not the Glades and you leave shows on like storage wars or Duck Dynasty,I watch Duck Dynasty last night and was not impressed and why is it a show or two you like gets canned

  • Mystic Wolf Charmed Clan

    change your settings so everyone can see your videosa

  • runawayuniverse
    runawayuniverse 6 yıl önce

    This used to be a great channel by the way, but now 95% of the programming is nothing but scripted "reality" shows made for uneducated bigoted rednecks.

  • james taylor
    james taylor 6 yıl önce

    wont play in canada? why is that?

  • etheangel2220
    etheangel2220 6 yıl önce

    You bastards used to have good quality, intelligent programs. Now its nothing but moron culture. Same with Discovery and TLC.

  • Tara Davis
    Tara Davis 6 yıl önce

    Why are we spot lighting these duck dynasty guys stupidity and not only them and they might not be stupid but there are a lot of channels where people are. we are celebrating people being dumb. I know i am going to get a lot of people angry and don't get offended but we need to face the facts and this is why people think America is stupid because all the smart shows are put down and the stupid shows rise and it is kind of sad. Sorry for all the grammar mistakes.

  • EIRR1
    EIRR1 6 yıl önce

    I'll Re-Subscribe Once Phil Robertson has Returned...

  • Christine Jones
    Christine Jones 6 yıl önce

    Its unfortuate that the minority has such a big impact on how the majority feels. Our country was founded on biblical principles and Phil has a right to say and believe what he wants. I support him fully. I have many Gay family and friends and I love them. I may not Love their lifestyle but I love them. Sin is sin whether its sex outside of marriage or sex between two men or two women, cheating on your taxes, stealing etc. They are all considered sins. I am a christian but I am no better than anyone else I am just forgiven because I have accepted Christ as my savior, and chosen to live for him. 

  • Scuzzlebutt McDoodlezoot

    I don't give a duck about A or E, Bring Back Phil Robertson!!

  • frederick wright
    frederick wright 6 yıl önce


  • Hagfan789
    Hagfan789 6 yıl önce

    You messed up big there A&E..Shame

  • PoochieTheAwesome
    PoochieTheAwesome 6 yıl önce

    Guys calm down, let them ruin Duck Dynasty and in all ruin their whole network. That'll show em. 

  • TecH Dynamic
    TecH Dynamic 6 yıl önce

    Lev. 18:22, "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination." 

    Lev. 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them" 
    1 Cor. 6:9-10, "Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God." 

    Rom. 1:26-28, "For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper." 

    In the sense of Gods will to avoid growing up homosexual children : 
    “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). 

    Second, there is fornication, the illicit sex acts of unmarried persons which is likewise forbidden (I Corinthians 5:1; 6:13, 18; Ephesians 5:3). 

    There you go A&E. This is what Phil was talking about when he quoted the bible.

  • john j
    john j 6 yıl önce

    I'm glad A&E took a stand  on this issue but we'll see how long it lasts, hopefully they'll hold their ground unlike they did when that dog bounty hunter guy went off on his racist rant a few years ago.

  • MsRadiorebel
    MsRadiorebel 6 yıl önce

    No one cares about Bonnie and Clyde, that's said and done. Who watches mentally ill people for their own amusement? Honey Boo Boo is an insult to television. You, A&E, had one winner and that was Duck Dynasty. Too bad none of you saw that. You're just as bad as the rest of the world. You caved in and took Phil off the show all because some little whiners didn't like what he had to say. It's funny that you didn't post the whole interview. He  said he's not judging anyone, he said that's God's job. Why didn't you show that part too? You basically killed yourself on this one. You had one good show. One clean, family oriented show and that's the one you destroy. What are you trying to do? Cause drama among that family? Tear them apart? It's not happening, they're too close knit. It's really strange that you're willing to put filth all throughout your channel. Murders, porn, drugs, incest, rape, sex, foul language and just about everything else the Bible goes against, and it's perfectly fine.Apparently it's not offensive at all. However, one man speaks his opinion (which does not affect anyone) and stands up for his belief and it's offensive. Do you see where this makes sense because I don't. The first amendment states that we have freedom of speech. If anything, you should be in trouble for libel for not showing the whole interview. Oh well. Fox network is going to pick them up as soon you drop them. Where's all your ratings go? Directly to Fox, that's where. Personally I can't wait. I'm boycotting A&E as soon as I can. I won't buy anything Duck Dynasty since you own the label, I'll only buy Duck Commander since it's owned by the family. I can't believe you honestly thought that Christians wouldn't respond to your ignorance. You're about to find out there's power in numbers I stand with my religion, I stand with God, and I stand with Phil. Goodbye A&E and good riddance.

  • Michael Konicki
    Michael Konicki 6 yıl önce


  • Seth Silverman
    Seth Silverman 6 yıl önce


  • Seth Silverman
    Seth Silverman 6 yıl önce

    Fuck You A&E!!! Bring Phil Back!!!

  • pst382436
    pst382436 6 yıl önce

    Your channel will never be watched in my household! You trample on the rights of free speech for your GAY AGENDA!! BOYCOTT A&E forever

  • Mygrowbug
    Mygrowbug 6 yıl önce

    They're leaving and we're all fallowing !

  • RootBeerMaster
    RootBeerMaster 6 yıl önce


  • ellie g
    ellie g 6 yıl önce


  • ellie g
    ellie g 6 yıl önce


  • LoneWolf5o4
    LoneWolf5o4 6 yıl önce

    If i dont see Phil in the near future.. im done and so are a ton of other people!

  • James Enochs
    James Enochs 6 yıl önce

    People watch Duck Dynasty for good, clean reality show following a wholesome, CHRISTIAN family. Now you are getting rid of that to pander to the LGBT people who are by far in the minority? You just made a big mistake. You need Duck Dynasty not the other way around. Duck Dynasty can move to any channel and be successful. Bring Phil back or loose your audience.

  • charlie madson
    charlie madson 6 yıl önce

    wow really u took phil off you all are dumb asses when u have bates motel on a and e witch has rape,insect,drugs and other shit you guys have a choice fuck yourself or rott in hell choose ur fate 

  • Paul Revere
    Paul Revere 6 yıl önce

    Duck Dynasty should start there own Network and tell A&E to go too you know where.

  • ed lee
    ed lee 6 yıl önce

    BEG phil to forgive your stupidity!!! if he doesn't come back... neither do i......

  • C Smith
    C Smith 6 yıl önce

    If A&E doesn't leave Duck Dynasty as is, I will still watch the channel and I will also note all the commercials shown. Then I will contact ALL of the advertisers notifying them that I will no longer be using their products. It is a sad world where a person is asked a question, answered it in their honest opinion, then is ostracized for it. We ALL have opinions and we ALL have a right to them. Those who don't like what we say, have a right to dislike it, but I believe our Constitution gives us a right to free speech. I don't like all the cursing, sexual content and innuendo, gross sounds, etc. that I see and hear on national television, but I don't have the right to throw off the people on the shows, even if that is what I would like to do. My right is to not watch them and this is what I choose to do.

  • Kathy Chavis
    Kathy Chavis 6 yıl önce

    I maybe incorrect in my view of all this with Phil Robertsons, but when A&E signed The Robertson Family to their Network for the production of a TV show by the Name of Duck Dynasty. A&E signed them and their Religious beliefs,so its not like they went into this agreement not knowing how they felt. So why fire the man the first time he voices his beliefs? Just because someone didnt like it, "SO WHAT"? Someone a Lot Higher Up wrote and said the same thing over 2000 yrs ago and it was "GOD". So are you going to fire GOD AS WELL? I'm pretty sure this is not the first time Phil has made this statement, but he was just a regular person then without fame and money and no one cared, well guess what A&E Mr. Robertson problably doesn't care what you think of his beliefs, you can't hurt him, he's doing just what he wants to do, serving the lord, and teaching others to do the same. The only ones that are going to suffer in the end will be A&E, because you can't hurt a man of God and a man that says what he means,and means what he says, and that's not afraid to stand up for what beleives in. Good Luck A&E, my advise to you is, get down on your hands and knees and pray to God almighty that Mr. Robertson will take you back and except your apology before your enterprise loses millions,because when it comes right down to it "Thats all you Big Corporations are worried about in the end.. Is how much money your network is losing. You may want to cross your fingers also and pray that the rest of the Robertson Family doesn't decide to leave the network also, or didn't you know " They are one close knit family!!! "WHERE HAS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH GONE TO? I GUESS THAT ONLY PRETAINS TO PEOPLE WITHOUT FAME AND FORTUNE...

  • JEHINC. Game Vidz
    JEHINC. Game Vidz 6 yıl önce

    Fuck you A&E bitches! unsubbing now! bring phil back, then ill come back!

  • TheChilipepper77
    TheChilipepper77 6 yıl önce

    the only show you guys have that is worth watching is duck dynasty and you fucks ruined it, bring phil back 

  • tigermbw
    tigermbw 6 yıl önce

    Your network is nothing without Duck Dynasty.  How many millions are you willing to lose just to kowtow to these free speech suppressors that don't even watch the show

  • Elger Krahn
    Elger Krahn 6 yıl önce

    On your Youtube Page you have a picture of willie from duck dynasty, and it says BE Original. please remove that logo until you put Phil back on! being Original is not following the trend of LGBT rights. In the end, a Viewer makes their own decisions. Hopefully thats the case anyways.  His comment on GQ has nothing to do with Duck Dynasty, it is just a man with faith, and Beliefs, which as far as I'm concerned is a rarity these days. PUT PHIL BACK ON!

  • hawg427
    hawg427 6 yıl önce

    A&E, Put Phil back and let him do as he does.  He hasn't said a word that isn't in The Holy Bible.  God, the same one that made all you exec's at A&E hates ALL SIN.  That includes homosexuality. Period! God does not hate the sinner just the sin. Duck Dynasty is your best reality show (By Far) so leave it alone. Christians make up most of the USA and if we boycott A&E and contact the Sponsors that support your network you will wish you had never put your foot in the dog poo.  I would like to see a retraction by Jan 1, 2014 or I and many Christ followers will boycott your supporters and tell them why. 

  • Colleen LePak
    Colleen LePak 6 yıl önce

    Per the uproar over the Duck dynasty's patriarch, my husband and I are boycotting A&E until  Phil Robertson comes back. It is not so much that we share his OPINON (although we do), as it is The attack on our freedom of speech.       

  • Phantomic
    Phantomic 6 yıl önce

    I stand with your decision to take Phil off. We need to show that its not appropriate to hate homosexuals no matter what your religion

  • bill10233
    bill10233 6 yıl önce

     I'm not watching a&e either is any one else in my fam

  • bill10233
    bill10233 6 yıl önce

    put phil back

  • KD8EGV Channel
    KD8EGV Channel 6 yıl önce

    Phil has the right to his opinion and freedom of speak. He also has the right to teach the word of God. His concept of love the sinner, hate the sin is right on target. He shows no hate for anyone. Color is no longer a issue in the USA with Obama in the Whitehouse, Opera had one of the biggest talk show and Chin just won the voice. These are just a few examples. We are all one created in the eyes of God. Sin is the issue and we all sin and we much fight sin. Does being Gay make a bad person? No. But the Bible teaches us Gay practicing is wrong. No amount of petitioning can change wrong to right. The LGBT and GLAAD are always saying they are offended. Personally I am offended every time I am flipping threw the channels and see Gay shows on TV. Our children need protection from it and I dont want to see it. We need to keep our children in the word of God and protect them from what is wrong. Shame on A&E. You need the Robertson's more than they need you. To the Gay community, we love you but you can stop forcing your agenda, we will never except what is wrong to be right.

  • Tammi Selvidge
    Tammi Selvidge 6 yıl önce

    Same on you A&E !!!!  Why can everyone else have their beliefs but christians are not allowed to have theirs.  That is messed up.   I support PHIL.  You need to make a apology to the Robertsons.

  • Greg Kastrup
    Greg Kastrup 6 yıl önce

    PHI ROBERTSON: I just heard about this on the flat screen news while eating some dinner. This is going to be controversial to say the least. It will be divided along lines of belief. My belief is that Phil spoke his belief and conscience more power to him. A&E is DUCKING (pun) and covering ie. CAMO (pun). Talk about no support or stance just political wishy washy worthless spinless A&E. If he had opposite view point as pro Gay they woud have lapped it up. Dare anyone to say Im wrong about that. Seems the Bible is true yet again in this regard ie separating the wheat from the chaff, people loving lies, making right wrong and wrong right. I thinkPhil is an American Icon and as such he is getting my support. Not to mention hopefully a Merry Christmas card. Love you Phil get a new network.

  • RacingLife92488
    RacingLife92488 6 yıl önce

    Bring Phil Robertson back.

  • bipolarbobby nuttz
    bipolarbobby nuttz 6 yıl önce

    check my new video upload me and phil on the phone

  • Jim Aardema
    Jim Aardema 6 yıl önce

    google "What does the Bible say about Homosexually"

  • ctwatcher
    ctwatcher 6 yıl önce

    So you don't like straight men who like vagina's over the penis in the anus?  Seriously?  Your station will no longer be watched, not that I watch it much to begin with.  Now bend over and take it just like you do daily.

  • Richard Harmon
    Richard Harmon 6 yıl önce

    I will be boycotting all A&E until they revoke Phil Robertson's hiatus. This anti religious garbage has gone far enough. It would seem its perfectly okay for these homosexuals to prance around flaunting their points of view to the world through you're garbage television stations, but heaven forbid a religious man shares his in a magazine totally unrelated to the program. You people disgust me with you hypocrisy. I would also like to add that people don't watch your station for anything else but Duck Dynasty, and certainly you fools have nothing to do with it's success. America is tired of you clowns running the show making a mockery of this nation and its TRUE values. So suck up your pitiful pride and put Phil back on the show or watch you're little money pit sink.  

  • Da Gooner
    Da Gooner 6 yıl önce

     lol you have offended far more people by removing phil. Bad move.

  • Da Gooner
    Da Gooner 6 yıl önce


  • Da Gooner
    Da Gooner 6 yıl önce


  • Tony Veilleux
    Tony Veilleux 6 yıl önce

    Are you that silly that you would "suspend" the father and star of the most popular show for stating his beliefs!!  Did someone drink something funny in the office?  Reinstate Phil or your ratings will surely drop.  This was the most watched FAMILY show on TV, period.

  • A&E
    A&E 6 yıl önce

    I will watch Duck Dynasty one more time. That's to get a full list of the sponsors. As long as Phil is gone, so are those sponsors and A&E. Bye, Bye.

  • Tiffany Dent
    Tiffany Dent 6 yıl önce

    Seriously A&E you're gonna ban Phil Robinson from Duck Dynasty because he stated his beliefs!? I myself am a lesbian and even though I don't agree or like what Phil said I'm still gonna stick by him. All y'all are doing is teaching kids that watch the show that they can't express how they feel, or have freedom of religion. This is freaking America for crying out loud. I love Duck Dynasty because its the only show that shows what America should be more about a.k.a faith and family, but it seems like you're taking that away. I don't get it, Phil shouldn't be banned!

  • halfstep67
    halfstep67 6 yıl önce

    A&E should be sued for discrimination. It is a gross misuse of power to suspend Phil Robertson for exercising his constitutional rights. You should also block wilson cruz for making threatening demands. The glaad group are the ones who are crossing the line by harassing and threatening people who don't believe as they do. Phil Robertson has every right and freedom to proclaim his Christian views. Duck Dynasty's very success is because they have a strong Christian belief. That is why they are the #1 show. While most of television is unethical and have no morals, Duck Dynasty offers some clean, moral and ethical entertainment, A&E should be ashamed of themselves for what they did. I can promise you that if Phil Robertson isn't reinstated soon, I am going to drop the channel. I can't support a channel that doesn't stand up for an Americans individual rights to be a free Christian.

  • Dustin Krueger
    Dustin Krueger 6 yıl önce

    You just signed your own death certificate by suspending Phil off of "Duck Dynasty"


  • Susan GaPeach
    Susan GaPeach 6 yıl önce

    Bring back Phil and support freedom of speech and religion.  A&E is banned at my house until Phil is back.

  • DRZ-400 Boy
    DRZ-400 Boy 6 yıl önce

    Bring Phil back he has freedom of speech. A lot of people will quit watching the tv show plus!!! That's the most watched show on A&E tv. Y'all should be a shamed who cares if he said something about homo people!! Please support him EVERYONE PLEASE! He is a good Christian man!!

  • wweerrtt
    wweerrtt 6 yıl önce

    Bring Phil back! 

  • wweerrtt
    wweerrtt 6 yıl önce

    Phil Robertson is the best! You are making a huge mistake! 

  • come here 1
    come here 1 6 yıl önce

    Phil Robertson Deserves better! 

  • Liberty Press@Freedom
    Liberty Press@Freedom 6 yıl önce

    Bring Phil Robertson back! 

  • Liberty Press@Freedom
    Liberty Press@Freedom 6 yıl önce

    Support free speech bring back Phil Robertson! 

  • Liberty Press@Freedom
    Liberty Press@Freedom 6 yıl önce

    The people who watch Duck Dynasty love Phil! Bring him back! By taking him off you are making yourselves look horrible! 

  • Liberty Press@Freedom
    Liberty Press@Freedom 6 yıl önce

    Let support freedom! Bring back Phil! 

  • Liberty Press@Freedom
    Liberty Press@Freedom 6 yıl önce

    Reinstate Phil on Duck Dynasty!

  • hgfhjgjjt6u6566h6
    hgfhjgjjt6u6566h6 6 yıl önce

    Bring back phil on Duck Dynasty! 

  • Grant Guda
    Grant Guda 6 yıl önce

    Reinstate Phil on Duck Dynasty! You are making a huge mistake by taking him off! Support free speech! Support honesty! 

  • CherokeeApache Irish
    CherokeeApache Irish 6 yıl önce

    Reinstate Phil or Duck Dynasty viewers will stop watching the show GLAAD people never were watchers of the show and you cow tow to them as if they are the primary viewers of the show and how dare to kick Phil off from filming because he expressed his own personal views! Is that what A&E Network is about? Censoring people! Not like the Robertson's need A&E to begin with! You came to them! Not the other way around! Remember that! So till Phil is reinstated I will not watch the show and I will inform as many as the many millions of viewers that watch the show to do the same thing!

  • moceitojs1
    moceitojs1 6 yıl önce

    Hi! Why storage wars and shipping wars not available in UK?

  • sarah jane
    sarah jane 6 yıl önce

    can you please let the duck dynasty videos to be watched in Canada, cause I don't have cable and it is my favorite show and the only place I can watch it is on here and every time I click on the video it says I cannot watch the video because the uploader has not made this video available in your country. ..... so can you please fix this

  • WildlifeTaxidermyForSale

    great channel, lot of good videos

  • C.L. The Raccoon
    C.L. The Raccoon 6 yıl önce

    the fuck is wrong with you A&E? that fursuit post is way in the red, WAY in the red....be careful when it comes to furry themed stuff, you gotta show it in a positive light or furries get reall peeved....I however, being a fur with open mind and sound logic, find it satirically funny....but thats about as far that that goes. 

  • Jasper Andrew Mccoy
    Jasper Andrew Mccoy 6 yıl önce

    whats si robertsons YouTube Chanel  

  • A&E
    A&E 6 yıl önce

    Epic miniseries Bonnie & Clyde debuts Dec 8th and Dec 9th on Lifetime, A&E and History and stars Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger, William Hurt and Holly Hunter. Subscribe to A&E for more Bonnie and Clyde - http://bit.ly/18oEkPd

  • Tyler Spike
    Tyler Spike 6 yıl önce

    A&E doesn't show full episode what a waste of time!

  • a1six
    a1six 6 yıl önce

    THE GLADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 94buggzy
    94buggzy 6 yıl önce


  • matmicm1
    matmicm1 6 yıl önce

    Satan's Short Story at lulu.com , see channel download for info .,.,., Share the Bible .,.,., PRAYER ...