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  • zerccies
    zerccies 2 ay önce


  • zacharyr666
    zacharyr666 2 ay önce

    More Burnout! Ya!

  • Michael Nahrilas
    Michael Nahrilas 2 ay önce

    No way in hell they will ever see this, but Arin and Dan, I want to challenge you two to a Pokemon battle!!! To celebrate the upcoming release of Sword and Shield! Also because I just want to battle Arin at least once.

  • Curtis Caouette
    Curtis Caouette 2 ay önce


  • TechGuyWiz
    TechGuyWiz 2 ay önce

    FIRST!!!! ahhh damit to late..

  • Why The Hell Not
    Why The Hell Not 2 ay önce

    Why does this channel exist? Why not just use the Grump Out channel they abandoned years ago?

  • ghost
    ghost 2 ay önce

    Im curious if theyll move previous 10min power hours here

  • - TNTkeynine -
    - TNTkeynine - 2 ay önce

    Hello :D

  • Xander Manuel
    Xander Manuel 2 ay önce

    Look, you said 7 minutes ago it was already uploaded, so now I'm going to write a mean comment explaining that I'm mad. SUUUUUCK MY DICK!

  • Brook Davis
    Brook Davis 2 ay önce

    Very excited to be apart of this new channel. I can't wait to see it's future!
    Also, people complaining about not just using GrumpOut, does it really matter? Were still getting the content and I prefer it like this anyway!

  • Bwhyte
    Bwhyte 2 ay önce

    I wonder if they'll remember to put "The Grumps" into their list of Game Grump Affiliated Channels on their channel page and take off Grump Out since while it could've easily held the ten minute power hour they abandoned it. Prolly not. I'm pessimistic. v( ' - ' )v

  • Error220
    Error220 2 ay önce


  • Rob Emmerson
    Rob Emmerson 2 ay önce

    Legit looking forward to whats in store.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 ay önce

    they forgot the grumpout log in

  • Dankster
    Dankster 2 ay önce

    add a playlist with all the old episodes please thank you

  • Bla Boo
    Bla Boo 2 ay önce

    You do you boo ,': )

  • galerius07
    galerius07 2 ay önce

    "This channel doesn't have any content"

  • WalkerIsCool
    WalkerIsCool 2 ay önce

    RIP GrumpOut

  • WesNohathas
    WesNohathas 2 ay önce

    They've been promoting this channel so heavily, yet haven't uploaded anything to it yet?

  • Rose Supreme
    Rose Supreme 2 ay önce

    What's gonna become of GrumpOut, then? Is that shit just dead now?

  • Zetru
    Zetru 2 ay önce

    They said this channel was for their comedy, yet it's empty.
    Oh, I get it.

  • [sbreuer]
    [sbreuer] 2 ay önce

    i feel like the channel art and the profile picture sorta looks like something from a podcast

  • RhomBom
    RhomBom 2 ay önce

    ill be waiiting, hueheuheuheuehuehuue

  • Gaschdisturbed
    Gaschdisturbed 2 ay önce


  • kop pop
    kop pop 2 ay önce

    i hope they can build this channel enough to replace the GG when it comes to how much they gain by revenue because if they can't then they'll be worse of

  • KoiKai
    KoiKai 2 ay önce

    368k subscribers before uploading any videos. Possibly a record?

  • Sampling Kid
    Sampling Kid 2 ay önce

    for years I've haven't been too much into the let's play stuff but really loved just seeing dan and arin on screen and hoped for something like this. Really excited for this.

  • Ouroboros Films
    Ouroboros Films 2 ay önce

    What happened to GrumpOut?

  • ottorulz ,
    ottorulz , 2 ay önce

    this place is empty

  • Za Bish
    Za Bish 2 ay önce


  • Derf Llennod
    Derf Llennod 2 ay önce

    I can't wait to see this channel rename itself to GrumpOut and kick out the previous channel

  • Alex Diez
    Alex Diez 2 ay önce

    i subbed as soon as i heard it. love you guys <3

  • Matt Benson
    Matt Benson 2 ay önce

    Anyone know why there isn't any videos on this channel yet?

  • yup nope
    yup nope 2 ay önce

    isn't it funny that The Grumps have no video out but they have over 350k subs? :)

  • Devin Whitworth
    Devin Whitworth 2 ay önce

    hi arin

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 2 ay önce

    is this where my lords Daniel Sexbang Avidan and Viceroy Arin Hanson of the Multiple Chins have sent me?

  • dragnerz
    dragnerz 2 ay önce

    Here's my current theory for why they're making a second channel (and not using/rebranding the already-established GrumpOut), besides just separating their different kinds of content:

    I think they want to get an idea on what impact/draw their live action stuff has outside of their gaming content to see how much they should invest themselves in that direction. 10 Minute Power Hour does well on their main channel but their analytics are entangled with the rest of Game Grumps content. How many people are coming just for these videos? If they do other kinds of live action videos how many people will show up? Hard to disentangle the main effect of live action content from the effect of GameGrumps overall.

    Also, I think doing this on a brand new channel will allow them to observe what impact the current age YouTube Algorithm has on their content. Is the main channel being dragged down? Is it something about them and their types of videos specifically? Starting fresh gives them much more power to explore this vs reviving GrumpOut, which likely has its own different algorithm hurdles to push through.

  • xElite Drag0nx
    xElite Drag0nx 2 ay önce

    looking forward to future content on this channel, i made sure i hit the notification bell.

  • PikaPilot
    PikaPilot 2 ay önce

    I've SUBSCRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBed, just as Arin said. but muh content...

  • -,' em the fangirl ',-

    Thank God. I only wanted gaming on "Game" Grumps

  • Synnøve
    Synnøve 2 ay önce

    THIS is the content i subscribed for :D

  • Patches O'Houlihan
    Patches O'Houlihan 2 ay önce

    Just glad to see more Darin and Annie!

  • Kaitlyn H
    Kaitlyn H 2 ay önce


  • 8bitPRO
    8bitPRO 2 ay önce

    There is no content for this channel, yet it already has 346k suscribers. Gotta love Arin and Dan. Can't wait.

  • Alby Dumbledork
    Alby Dumbledork 2 ay önce

    no videos
    FInally some good fuckin content

  • cory cooper
    cory cooper 2 ay önce

    Really cool seeing you guys branch and it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun doing it too. Can't wait see what you guys bring to the shambles that is youtube's table.

  • Fargonauts
    Fargonauts 2 ay önce

    Im new, Please don't bully me.

  • jOoFn
    jOoFn 2 ay önce

    aww, the T is gone

  • Weegeeguy01
    Weegeeguy01 2 ay önce

    The GrumpsOut

  • Textile George
    Textile George 2 ay önce


  • The Juke Box Hero
    The Juke Box Hero 2 ay önce

    Grump Out: Am I a joke to you??

  • dunetiger
    dunetiger 2 ay önce

    I'm here for the Greps

  • gerberbabee
    gerberbabee 2 ay önce

    Can the subscribers here be know as "The T's"

  • Spicy Meme
    Spicy Meme 2 ay önce

    I must say, the quality of the videos on this channel are perfection

  • Rat
    Rat 2 ay önce

    yo what happened to grumpout

  • BaTycoon
    BaTycoon 2 ay önce

    home from work grump bump

  • Samuel Paquette
    Samuel Paquette 2 ay önce

    fired at the wrong channel, i missed and subbed to this one. Passed out, strangely woke up with a popsicle stick in my mouth.

  • Lord Sleazebaggino
    Lord Sleazebaggino 2 ay önce

    Hey I'm Grump! I'm not so Grump! And we're the .... Grumps!

  • p l u m e
    p l u m e 2 ay önce

    You've left the "Discussion" tab on by mistake. It's the first thing that EVERYONE disables when they make a channel ;)

  • ArtSkullz
    ArtSkullz 2 ay önce

    Looking forward to what you got in store as always Grump, and Not-So-Grump.

  • Serith Val-Comnion
    Serith Val-Comnion 2 ay önce

    3? days in and no content. GrumpOut 2.0?

  • spyrolad
    spyrolad 2 ay önce

    owo whats this?

  • Jeremy Seebohm
    Jeremy Seebohm 2 ay önce


  • yaboiDoofenschmertz
    yaboiDoofenschmertz 2 ay önce

    lets see how many subscribers it can get before they post their first video

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 2 ay önce

    i thought this is what Grump out was supposed to be....

  • Lil Boiled Cabbbage
    Lil Boiled Cabbbage 2 ay önce

    what about grumpout

  • Jaleel Followsthewhiterabbit

    yisss!!! This is the best! I watched grumps since about when danny got in. I initially came for the games.. now I feel like this channel right here is all I ever wanted!

  • Joey Vigil
    Joey Vigil 2 ay önce


  • Jonas
    Jonas 2 ay önce

    oh yea the discussion tab is still a thing

  • Victor Huff
    Victor Huff 2 ay önce

    I've been told I could meet some nice young men named Arnold and Dennison here?

  • Seth Ginther
    Seth Ginther 2 ay önce

    Whoo! Now we get to see Arin and Dan's lovely faces be nerdos! More than just hearing their voices do so...

  • Owen Taylor
    Owen Taylor 2 ay önce

    I miss GameGrumps like right now.

  • Cleverfoxman
    Cleverfoxman 2 ay önce

    where's the moist content?

  • Dark Tenka
    Dark Tenka 2 ay önce

    Lets see how many subscribers we can get on a channel with 0 videos uploaded.

  • AJay
    AJay 2 ay önce

    So Pumped!!! I like the channel art!! Very retro!

  • Mr. Hooman
    Mr. Hooman 2 ay önce

    Really love the banner art! Who drew it?

  • He is alright
    He is alright 2 ay önce


  • Pastor of Muppets
    Pastor of Muppets 2 ay önce

    Spread your channels like my asscheeks

  • Xiu Yun
    Xiu Yun 2 ay önce

    I was promised content! . . . possibly. . . I think. . . . Maybe?
    I'm still going to pretend to be entitled till it turns up, by jango! >: O

  • William Beesley
    William Beesley 2 ay önce

    ABOUT: Two derps with hair discuss the finer things in life such as: does Bruno Mars is gay?

  • bethisadude
    bethisadude 2 ay önce

    Well? I'm waiting. Upload something!

  • A Pig
    A Pig 2 ay önce

    cool beans

  • Kalliblast
    Kalliblast 2 ay önce

    I don't see the point of making a new channel but im a content vacuum and i'll eat this shit up

  • ProXY One Creations
    ProXY One Creations 2 ay önce

    Yo, this channel has been here since May?

  • them people over there

    "oh I get it"

  • Shmegicorn !
    Shmegicorn ! 2 ay önce

    oooo looks promising

  • Eric Sherlock
    Eric Sherlock 2 ay önce

    they are my favorite group of people that consist of an overweight man and a jewish god :)

  • kungmee
    kungmee 2 ay önce

    I love people being candid, and I love the grumps. This will be like spaghetti and ice cream. Except a lot better because spaghetti ice cream is not very good.

  • Shamalama Dingdong
    Shamalama Dingdong 2 ay önce

    im dont like this idea

  • Sue Nyme
    Sue Nyme 2 ay önce


  • Grauto
    Grauto 2 ay önce


  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall 2 ay önce

    Gotta love a channel launch and announcement without a single upload. Huzzah!

  • EnclaveZombie
    EnclaveZombie 2 ay önce

    The start of a new grump era

  • Sumbody 69
    Sumbody 69 2 ay önce


  • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Gruuump booooiiiis!
    Personally I don't feel like they should be on a separate channel, but I don't mind it either. Can't wait to see more hijinks!

  • Clara Deshotels-Bujnoch

    Ahhhhh yes...the beautiful green 'T'

  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas 2 ay önce

    been where since 14K!! Woohoo!!

  • Apentogo
    Apentogo 2 ay önce

    arin, daddy,
    the comments are scaring grumpygaming over?
    i thought it was going to go on until we could shoot it into our eyeballs like heroin

  • ItzCheapLuck
    ItzCheapLuck 2 ay önce


  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. 2 ay önce

    About 280,000 subscribers at the time I'm writing this, and there is currently no content.