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My Morning Routine
2 yıl önce


  • Lynnelle Callo
    Lynnelle Callo 4 ay önce

    If you've seen MarMar's video of when he stole the USB Drive from Project Zorgo, I hope you and the others could forgive him. I know what he did to steal that thing was wrong, but you need to let those know that he had sent those texts to, just to clear up the big misunderstanding since they must've been mad at him for what he did.

  • realm Royale gamer
    realm Royale gamer 4 ay önce

    the game master has haked seson 6 on fortnite in the floating irlend therer is a triangle
    be proud and be safe rebecca

  • katlyn bell
    katlyn bell 4 ay önce

    rebecca zamolo i have been watching chicken girls on season 3 episod 4 you where in it you made a good mom you also have a kid i think you will be a great at it also mat to.

  • David Baussman
    David Baussman 4 ay önce

    Be CAREFUL with Pumpkin Patch!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bri Pezzaglia
    Bri Pezzaglia 4 ay önce

    i love your videos

  • Heidi Pfeiffer
    Heidi Pfeiffer 4 ay önce

    the game master is bad . look at your last video

  • Alisha Knorpp
    Alisha Knorpp 4 ay önce

    I wanted to let you know that your my favorite YouTuber soI was hoping that I could get the information to send you a package.

  • Georgia Orlandin
    Georgia Orlandin 4 ay önce

    The game master is watching and bad. My kids love us.

  • Radio fox
    Radio fox 4 ay önce

    dont tell matt just tell him about pumpikine pach not that you work for the game master

  • Kaylee Morris
    Kaylee Morris 4 ay önce

    Watch the Punkin patch video please

    ANTHONY SAVOY 4 ay önce

    how dose matt not know he edits

  • Epicchanman59
    Epicchanman59 4 ay önce

    5 million SUBSCRIBERS SOON

  • Antonia Jung
    Antonia Jung 4 ay önce

    You guys are the best you tubers!

  • haniya tariq
    haniya tariq 4 ay önce

    congrets in 4 million subs

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali 4 ay önce

    NOV 3 2018

    C SHARP 4 ay önce

    I love your channel so much and all of your videos especially your DON’T PUSH THE WRONG Mystery BOX IN THE WATER

  • Sophia Cambara Echeverria

    Guys, go check out rebecca's recent video and go to the description. Click on the pumkin patch channel!!

  • Jasmine Barr
    Jasmine Barr 4 ay önce

    I love this channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • WolfSquad OM
    WolfSquad OM 4 ay önce


  • shrilekshmi Nair suja

    Rebecca i hope that at least u and matt will believe that I am telling the truth about the doomsday date being active as Jason who believed that I was working with the hackers to the comment that I said on chad wild clay's channel

  • shrilekshmi Nair suja

    #notification #zamfam Rebecca I like ur vlogs but most of the people don't believe the truth I am telling on chad wild clay and vy qwaints channel


    I am a big fan !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert mobbs
    Robert mobbs 4 ay önce


  • DJ Jason
    DJ Jason 4 ay önce

    We´re Coming

  • Boo You
    Boo You 4 ay önce

    rebbeca look up on youtube game master channel you can see what hes doing and planning!

  • roblox player dxpemiguel

    I theren know that Rebecca had tiktok

  • Fortnite Gameplays
    Fortnite Gameplays 4 ay önce

    wheres your address for your house cuz I want to send u slime a big slime okay so yeah lol haha I Luv u so much keep up the good work!

  • Austin Hays
    Austin Hays 4 ay önce

    i want to know whats on that USB

  • Chloe Edwards
    Chloe Edwards 4 ay önce

    So I have have a question for you Rebecca and Matt is the thing about the Game Master just a fun skit?

  • Chloe Edwards
    Chloe Edwards 4 ay önce

    I am a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fan of you and I am SupER stoked to watch you and you are AwSoMe

  • nadyamichel
    nadyamichel 4 ay önce

    The game master has a YouTube channel

  • caleb thomas
    caleb thomas 4 ay önce

    watch my beat (moonlight) type beat

  • Tessa Lawn
    Tessa Lawn 4 ay önce

    i am a zam fam omg rebbecca get that game master out of here can i have a shoutout

  • Rebekah Ismail6yt4e mm

    trick the game master into seeing him

  • Jacinda Bayley
    Jacinda Bayley 4 ay önce

    rebecca project zorgo is after chad and vy qwaint they are trying to get vy's dna

  • Cinnabun Elizabeth
    Cinnabun Elizabeth 4 ay önce

    congrats on 4,884,414 subs!

  • Barbie's Basics
    Barbie's Basics 4 ay önce


  • sherida Parker
    sherida Parker 4 ay önce

    Rebecca you are the best

  • Emma OḾalley
    Emma OḾalley 4 ay önce

    the game master thing is dum can you just stop. I just hate it it is such a bad idea

  • Tina Guereschi
    Tina Guereschi 4 ay önce


  • Austin Pitcock
    Austin Pitcock 4 ay önce

    i think the next two clues are in the water

  • LGFlowerGirl
    LGFlowerGirl 4 ay önce

    I love you Rebecca

  • Mauro Meraz
    Mauro Meraz 4 ay önce

    why do you like 24 hour challenges

  • Samantha Drumeller
    Samantha Drumeller 4 ay önce


  • Asten Martinez
    Asten Martinez 4 ay önce

    hi im Asten if you want I can try to join the gm

  • Samantha Vinson
    Samantha Vinson 4 ay önce


  • Samantha Vinson
    Samantha Vinson 4 ay önce

    Hey I love your videos and will do anything to help keep them up if there is anything please dm me at @samantha_gayle_vinson

  • Margarita Falcon
    Margarita Falcon 4 ay önce

    Matt and Rebecca we love you sou much

  • Gacha rebel girl
    Gacha rebel girl 4 ay önce

    Hi Rebecca I love your videos keep making them 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • jack stearnes
    jack stearnes 4 ay önce

    Rebecca zamolo listen
    what was the number you received from project zorgo

  • Jacob Beasley
    Jacob Beasley 4 ay önce

    code 10 is dangeriest

  • KELAYSIA’S World
    KELAYSIA’S World 4 ay önce

    OMG you have to look at his or her channe!!!! Warn them!

  • burnley307
    burnley307 4 ay önce

    i love your youtube vidios

  • burnley307
    burnley307 4 ay önce

    you can trust c wild clay

  • burnley307
    burnley307 4 ay önce

    you can trust stevan share and graise shae

  • Tiana OMG
    Tiana OMG 4 ay önce

    Rebecca can you and Matt make a Yt video on reviewing my musiclys one of them I did now was about you I would appreciate it my account is tianadicosmo5

  • Rosie Dummett
    Rosie Dummett 4 ay önce

    The gm has come to Australia and has been watching the norris nuts. HELP THEM

  • braelynne stuard
    braelynne stuard 4 ay önce

    the hypnotist probably is the game master

  • Mahbubul Islam
    Mahbubul Islam 4 ay önce

    guys the hypnotist hypnotized them more

  • Chloe Pierce
    Chloe Pierce 4 ay önce

    rebecca you have to listen to me pls look up project zorgo now and look at where his related chanels should be pls rebecca listen and watch the rich life videos about what happen to them pls

  • Uniduck Squad
    Uniduck Squad 4 ay önce

    you guys are awesome i love your channel its not like jake paul and ppl who curse and do innappropriate things you guys are cool you guys are appropriate too

  • shanda kowalczyk
    shanda kowalczyk 4 ay önce

    rebecca and matt the words you found at CVX spell a sentence the sentence is " I am not project zorgo I am the game master

  • Mahra Al Shamsi
    Mahra Al Shamsi 4 ay önce


  • Nevaeh Tepiew
    Nevaeh Tepiew 4 ay önce

    The club is I am not project zorgo i am the game master

  • Bella Petrie
    Bella Petrie 4 ay önce

    hey rebbeca and matt

  • Sydney Nudel
    Sydney Nudel 4 ay önce

    rebecca the game master is from project zorgo go look at their chanell they want to delte youtube and one of the guys is wearing the same mask as the game master

  • Jess Lawrimore
    Jess Lawrimore 4 ay önce

    your the prettiest youtubeer in the unvrs

  • Faith Kasujja
    Faith Kasujja 4 ay önce

    happy b day

  • Idawow Kriss
    Idawow Kriss 4 ay önce


  • Tinaaa Latina
    Tinaaa Latina 4 ay önce


  • Bro vs Bro
    Bro vs Bro 4 ay önce

    Rebecca Zamolo is the hacker

  • Emily Trautman
    Emily Trautman 4 ay önce

    Rebecca I love your channel but what if the game master is one of the most obvi person ps I hope Steven is ok

  • Robbie Kingshott
    Robbie Kingshott 4 ay önce

    they are not hinpotized they are just pranking us

  • Genevieve Rickards
    Genevieve Rickards 4 ay önce

    stop with game master videos

  • Kaytlin C
    Kaytlin C 4 ay önce

    becca be careful of the game master

    LADYLUCK 4 ay önce

    i know you are hinpotized matt if your looking at this it is true

  • Life Of dx_et
    Life Of dx_et 4 ay önce


  • fdsa
    fdsa 4 ay önce


  • Irmo Life Team @ Kingston Forest

    hi i think that code 10 is 10 youtubers that are smart enough to be saved from project zorgo and that the gamemaster has been testing the youtubers until now

  • Joanna Jeffrey
    Joanna Jeffrey 4 ay önce

    why is the game master so mean i,m so sorry that you have to dill with the game master love emily

  • Emma Ogasawara
    Emma Ogasawara 4 ay önce

    Gm hippotizzde rebecca

  • Gemma Goodlad
    Gemma Goodlad 4 ay önce

    you ok?

  • Gemma Goodlad
    Gemma Goodlad 4 ay önce

    why you not posting becca

  • Taryn Spencer
    Taryn Spencer 4 ay önce

    if we want to send fan mail to you
    were do we send it to

  • etn queen
    etn queen 4 ay önce


  • ella jones
    ella jones 4 ay önce

    to matt iknow that rebecca is with the game master serch up noris nuts toy tube they need your help they are being haked aswell please help them

    BRO V.S SIS 4 ay önce

    wait becca why you at utah?

  • Kay Frances Fullwood

    There is a gm chanel I just wach there only vid

  • Samantha Drumeller
    Samantha Drumeller 4 ay önce

    um rebecca i was watching guava juice and they are with project zorp right??

  • MsCrosby872
    MsCrosby872 4 ay önce

    The game master is Shawn Anthony shields


    The norris nuts nit help

  • BareBare123456
    BareBare123456 5 ay önce

    I'm always watching you. There is not 1 but more,look under the door.🐞🎶

  • Evan Clark
    Evan Clark 5 ay önce

    watch the game master channel and it is called the real game master

  • Teresa Stokes
    Teresa Stokes 5 ay önce


  • Deanna Pledger
    Deanna Pledger 5 ay önce


  • Amy Sawyer
    Amy Sawyer 5 ay önce

    search up game master channel and it tells you about the game master and there is only 4 videos and it tells you how he is spying on

  • Livia and Kris Spotts

    Rebbeca, you have to listen the game master is Project Zorgo! He is following random youtubers all of witch are the ones hes after! Go to his youtube channel watch all of his videos I promise he is trying to delete youtube forever!
    your favorite fan,
    P.S. Tell Stephen and all of the other ones! LOVE YOU! STAY SAFE.

  • Nilly0904
    Nilly0904 5 ay önce

    u are the best i will follow u on tic toc

  • Vanessa Hodsdon
    Vanessa Hodsdon 5 ay önce

    Rebecca you are my first favorate youtuber I love you so much I am sick and you make me smile and make me so happy