Exposing Project Zorgo
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  • superlittle14
    superlittle14 11 ay önce

    hi can talk to Chad and say hi I want to be his friend

  • Carmen Royrie Upton
    Carmen Royrie Upton 11 ay önce

    Daniel a good way to see what the hackers are doing in there video just put it in slow mo

  • Ulysses Fuentes
    Ulysses Fuentes 11 ay önce

    OgroZ tcejorP lliw eid

  • Alex charles
    Alex charles 11 ay önce

    daniel there are more hidden emojies with answers at the end of project zorgo's VIDEOS
    oct 9 2018 = Q, oct 17 2018 = Z. that is all i have for now on till then i will let you know and please keep chad, vy and the other youtubers out of project zorgo and we will be helping you as well please be safe ALEX.

  • VorrrzTM
    VorrrzTM 11 ay önce

    mate youre literally fooling a bunch of kids into subbing to you and making money off of them. Youve got 5 videos on this channel, no one knows who you are or this Zorgo shit. None of its fucking real. Youre the same person that wears the mask on the other pages videos. Actually taking cunts for a ride and its a joke

  • Leon Szamlewski
    Leon Szamlewski 11 ay önce

    project zorgo is feak

  • phantom bluefox HD
    phantom bluefox HD 11 ay önce

    daniel , i saw chad in his latest video that he cut a yellow wire so the elevaitor's light that he got trap was shut down that mean chad must be trap in the elevaitor foever

  • Tom Kacik
    Tom Kacik 11 ay önce

    i don't think he can

  • jacky Liu
    jacky Liu 11 ay önce

    I subscribed and cliled the bell

  • jacky Liu
    jacky Liu 11 ay önce

    I love you

  • Dhruv Doshi
    Dhruv Doshi 11 ay önce

    You can save youtube!

  • Dhruv Doshi
    Dhruv Doshi 11 ay önce

    Please tell Guava Juice, Mar Mar, Vy Quaint, Chad Wild Clay and all of the world about Zorgo, Please!

  • Mehmet C.
    Mehmet C. 11 ay önce

    tell chad and vy secrets about project zorgo

  • Mehmet C.
    Mehmet C. 11 ay önce

    i heard that you use to be PZ1

  • Λευτερης Μπραζας

    chaed cat the yelloe oen

  • Felix Compnotta
    Felix Compnotta 11 ay önce

    hi hi hi hi

  • Ronda Yeagley
    Ronda Yeagley 11 ay önce

    Daniel, if you ever see this please report it to Chad and Vy, The first video in the hacker mystery playlist on their channels they say the last owners of their burned down house lost a key so they couldn't get into a closet, if that is apart of the hacker playlist then that means that project zorgo used to own the house before Chad and Vy so I think that's how they bugged the old house.
    Anyways this could just be my imagination but I think that is kinda weird.

    P.S. If you do respond respond to my other account called Noah_The_Lizard A gamer because I use that account more.

  • Ree Wae
    Ree Wae 11 ay önce


  • Galaxy Gamers
    Galaxy Gamers 11 ay önce

    daniel could you cad and vy subscribe to me pls

  • Brady Peabody
    Brady Peabody 11 ay önce

    There won't even be a doomsday date all of you are idiots except for the man that actually worked for project zorgo himself!

  • Sherron Wong
    Sherron Wong 11 ay önce

    so daniel, i saw that umbrella equals q in one of project zorgo videos

  • Izabela Allanson
    Izabela Allanson 11 ay önce

    Project Zorgo hack Facebook soon

  • Mr GFY
    Mr GFY 11 ay önce

    And has anyone asked youtube if this is real? Shall we? Lets get some of there security team involved.

  • Mr GFY
    Mr GFY 11 ay önce

    you do know, real hackers are calling out this bullshit right?

  • Blade Griffin
    Blade Griffin 11 ay önce

    hey Daniel just an update since your an ex-member of project zorgo ca you crack this password before it goes off on 11/3/18 please, also to start you off we have a mouth = Z.

  • Lynnelle Callo
    Lynnelle Callo 11 ay önce

    I think you need to do something to prevent them from messing with YouTube in order to let the YouTube site fix itself. I'll keep up with the updates to see when the site will be back on once that happens.

  • Wyatt’s Wild world
    Wyatt’s Wild world 11 ay önce

    Do not tell the club symbol ps project zorgo took you tube down on oct. 18 for twenty minutes late at night my mom said everybody was freaking out on Facebook.

  • Almir Krujezi
    Almir Krujezi 11 ay önce


  • Sunny The Magical Fire

    I m so sorry

  • Gacha Lin
    Gacha Lin 11 ay önce

    Daniel can you show us the video where you can change ur voice please

  • Andon Martinez
    Andon Martinez 11 ay önce

    Daniel I believe that the pass code is nov 3rd 2018 try it, if not then ill keep looking for you its been 3 days tht im looking. we ca do it. believe me and trust me

  • Alex Wileman
    Alex Wileman 11 ay önce


  • Sherron Wong
    Sherron Wong 11 ay önce

    oh no! youtube will be down, plz help, because i love youtube

  • TTV- Savage Squad
    TTV- Savage Squad 11 ay önce

    The leader of project Zorgo his name is Thomas Jefferson if you call the number (702)-907-0653

  • TTV- Savage Squad
    TTV- Savage Squad 11 ay önce

    Meg and mo said that they want to stop all the youtube channles

  • gmaing with junior
    gmaing with junior 11 ay önce

    go back to being a haker delete youtube it is over powerd help project zorgo

    ZHAO TINGWEI 11 ay önce

    i dont trust you

  • Sky & Alexa
    Sky & Alexa 11 ay önce

    Daniel They found out the doomsday password

  • SpiderSZN
    SpiderSZN 11 ay önce

    the game master is qbanguy

  • Live-scanner
    Live-scanner 11 ay önce

    i hope you will stop project zorgo i trust you
    project zorgo must not succed to delete youtube

  • alisa fults
    alisa fults 11 ay önce

    good job
    november 3 is my birthday

  • alisa fults
    alisa fults 11 ay önce

    daniel i belive in you

  • stickfightabbas donotwatch

    daniel you have not exposed the reason behind deep voice::::but here's my thinking
    remember when cwc vqwaint were choosing between egg tarantulla and channel deletion
    they heard that voice in tesla and after that they found a gun shaped voice changer but maybe
    it's fit inside guy fawkes mask is it it????pleas pin this comment ,,,

  • Jon Tacha
    Jon Tacha 11 ay önce

    I'm a fan ok
    am talynn

  • Jon Tacha
    Jon Tacha 11 ay önce

    Daniel you r good love Talynn

  • Overdone Sigma
    Overdone Sigma 11 ay önce

    Daniel tel VY and chad to come to Boise Idaho

  • Samproking
    Samproking 11 ay önce

    do not reply or youl get bannd en il hack you de code is of de ……… = clockhackercode your welkom

  • magic shield
    magic shield 11 ay önce

    hi exposing project zorgo

  • Cool fam Siracusa
    Cool fam Siracusa 11 ay önce


  • Cool fam Siracusa
    Cool fam Siracusa 11 ay önce

    Daniel how can you disapere in to walls

  • Natalie_Playz Roblox
    Natalie_Playz Roblox 11 ay önce

    project zorgo is fake so that means chad and vy are just playing and pz1 YOUR FAKE

  • David Grant
    David Grant 11 ay önce

    I love your channel some day I want to be you but not progect zorgo thay suck

  • Nia_Xenoblades
    Nia_Xenoblades 11 ay önce

    i belive in you

  • Nia_Xenoblades
    Nia_Xenoblades 11 ay önce

    what is happenig with chad and vy?
    i realy want them and you to be safe. please save youtube. but do u know why project zorgo wants to delete yt?

  • Paul Race
    Paul Race 11 ay önce

    pz1 iam harrison

  • Hannah Bauer
    Hannah Bauer 11 ay önce

    I'm on your team because I DON'T WANT MY CHANNEL TO BE DELLETED!

  • Gabe Forrest
    Gabe Forrest 11 ay önce

    im 8 not 7

  • Gabe Forrest
    Gabe Forrest 11 ay önce

    i believe in you too but why didint you call the cops it does not make wince not to call the cops by the way im a 7 year old so sorry for the bad grammer

  • Arjay Jodie Valencia
    Arjay Jodie Valencia 11 ay önce

    I love ur vids but...Im in project zorgo :(

  • Techy Dan
    Techy Dan 11 ay önce

    We Will Take You Down IM PZ2 our Main Target NOW IN THE HQ Is YOU... Wait For The Doomesday Date DANIEL...

  • Tahira Ramzan
    Tahira Ramzan 11 ay önce

    U have to takd down them down

  • Jazz Lilac
    Jazz Lilac 11 ay önce

    daniel whats your last name

  • Samuel Gonzalez Lopez
    Samuel Gonzalez Lopez 11 ay önce

    Hey whats gonna happen I really want to know because Im kind of scared.

  • Boyd Reece
    Boyd Reece 11 ay önce

    good lulk

  • Ashraf ali
    Ashraf ali 11 ay önce


  • Gacha_LilyHeart Lozens

    you must change the password project zorgo knows the password

  • Jesus Robleto
    Jesus Robleto 11 ay önce

    daniel look at marmar latest video

  • Matakie GamerWolf
    Matakie GamerWolf 11 ay önce

    Daniel! Project Zorgo figured out the Doomsday Password! You have to do something! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl-4tgq8sGA PLEASE reply when you see this! Also at the end, it flashed Umbrella emoji = Q

  • Brenden McGill
    Brenden McGill 11 ay önce

    if you want to know the day it;s going to be on call 702-907-0653 don't forget to descise your voice so they don't reconise you

  • Brenden McGill
    Brenden McGill 11 ay önce

    project Zorgo has figured out the password to the doomsday date

  • Korena Katakasu
    Korena Katakasu 11 ay önce

    i dont care if you are one of the hacker its right to leave project zorgo and help vy and chad

  • James Rooke
    James Rooke 11 ay önce

    Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel look look look look
    called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red called Red

    hi Vy and Chad with Daniel

    we have a major major major major called Red called Red called Red a YouTube person has Daniels (USB DRIVER) when are you was PZ1

    the bad side IT IS one of your YouTube friend has it and he has use the PASSWORD to unlock it

    Project Zero Maiden HIM play a game

    watch HIS YouTube down below you will understand when HE sent you the messages just to save his YouTube account but at the ends

    of the YouTube there was a big disaster not far from him

    (MM) is a clue for use who has the (USB DRIVER)


  • Blade Griffin
    Blade Griffin 11 ay önce

    hey Daniel tell you the truth was the password named Clocktower 2018 because once that was solved it zorgo gave us this riddle and someone solved so the date for doomsday is Nov 3, 2018 so you and the other youtubers who were targeted got about 24 days left til Doomsday.

  • Chap Flappy
    Chap Flappy 11 ay önce

    the dooms day date is november 2018

  • shrilekshmi Nair suja
    shrilekshmi Nair suja 11 ay önce

    Daniel we have a problem Ur doomsday date password has be solved by someone please be careful Daniel with chad and vy

  • shrilekshmi Nair suja
    shrilekshmi Nair suja 11 ay önce

    daniel project zorgo has released a new video saying doomsday date active

  • Marky Garcia
    Marky Garcia 11 ay önce

    oh my god,doomsday is already activated!!

  • Jessicawolf'wa Moonshine

    project Zorgo figured out the password!!!!!!what are you going to do???

  • fortnitegamer 123321
    fortnitegamer 123321 11 ay önce


  • Kobe Matenga
    Kobe Matenga 11 ay önce

    Project zorgo has found out the doomsday date password it is clocktower2018 but they don't know the date this is really bad we need to find out when it is first!

  • omar mohamed
    omar mohamed 11 ay önce

    projec zorgo figird out the DOOMSDAY DATE YOU NEED TOO RESET IT

  • AshleyGamingStyle
    AshleyGamingStyle 11 ay önce

    unbrella=q and project zorgo found out the doomsday date password

  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim 11 ay önce

    Project Zorgo has figured out the doomsday passcode

  • The Jordan vloger
    The Jordan vloger 11 ay önce


  • Mya Major
    Mya Major 11 ay önce

    Omg they found out the password Daniel

  • Guadalupe Azpeitia
    Guadalupe Azpeitia 11 ay önce

    PLZZZZZ change the password Daniel

  • Guadalupe Azpeitia
    Guadalupe Azpeitia 11 ay önce

    Project Zorgo figured out the doomsday date password and the day so Daniel pls read this and change the password, and I have the Project Zorgo's phone number so you can call so you know the exact date it will happen but all I know is that it is on Nov,?, 2018

  • King wan
    King wan 11 ay önce


  • Juliet Silvers
    Juliet Silvers 11 ay önce

    Daniel! Please read this: Project Zorgo know what the Doomsday date password is! Someone figured it out and told them! Warn Chad and Vy!

  • Lisa Terrell
    Lisa Terrell 11 ay önce

    project zorgo found out the password to the doomsday date but not the day it was clock tower

  • Blade Griffin
    Blade Griffin 11 ay önce

    Hey Daniel I fooled Project Zorgo and told them the password and its goosebumps, but don't worry your password is safe with me also invite all youtubers who are hacked by project zorgo to team up against project Zorgo.

  • Dj Snow Wolf
    Dj Snow Wolf 11 ay önce

    hi you ok

  • ASHLEY Grullon Brache
    ASHLEY Grullon Brache 11 ay önce

    some one figured the password it was not me though i saw it on the project zorgo chanel

  • Lycia Vernon
    Lycia Vernon 11 ay önce

    i know what the code is you need to change it and fast as soon they find out what one word means they will know what the second word very fast you say to let you know what the password is and to tell you right away so i did and please4 make more videos to let us know what Project Zorgo are up to and aways remember Your fans are aways willing to help out and forget Project Zorgo is Watching... FORGET IT

  • Amogh Srinivas
    Amogh Srinivas 11 ay önce

    you are the best

    JEREMY BRYCE 11 ay önce

    i got your back

  • Flying Potatos In Space

    what does project zorgo mean?

  • Mya Playz XP
    Mya Playz XP 11 ay önce