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Davos 2019 - Press Conference The Value of Digital Identity for the Global Economy and SocietyWorld Economic Forum
2 hafta önce
Digital identity can increase political and social inclusion, facilitate protection of rights, and promote transparency. It can also drive inclusive economic growth ...
Coming Soon: Universal Digital IdentityTruNews
1 yıl önce
Will ID2020 and other globalist backed initiatives lead a charge to biometrical catalogue the population of the planet? Today we discuss the details behind the ...
What is a digital identity?Teaching & Learning Innovations CSUCI
3 yıl önce
CI Keys is a project aimed at improving digital literacy and empowering individuals to create a digital identity. CI Keys gives users the access to powerful open ...
Your digital identity & how it worksspecopssoftware
2 yıl önce
From emails and banking to shopping and social media. Most of the websites we frequent require a user registration process prior to providing services.
The Digital Identity Revolution | John Luxford | TEDxWpgTEDx Talks
4 ay önce
Virtual Reality and Identity clash when you identify more with your avatar than with your actual self. John Luxford is a self-taught software developer, musician, ...
Digital identity management: How much of your personal information do you control?IBMBlockchain
9 ay önce
As an individual, you identify yourself in many ways. Your name, address, age, profession and more. Think of all the ways you identify yourself, just how much of ...
Building digital identity networks on a blockchainIBMBlockchain
1 yıl önce
Chuck Hounsell (TD Bank), Greg Wolfond (SecureKey) and Jerry Cuomo (IBM) discuss three different points of view on identity: the end user, the network ...
Identity in a digital world | Alec Couros | TEDxLangleyEDTEDx Talks
3 yıl önce
Alec delves into the challenges facing children today in an increasingly digital world where things are never forgotten and their online identifies 'are' their real ...
What is digital identity?UOC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
1 yıl önce
Digital identity is quite simply your presence on the Internet. Digital identity is created proactively, by creating content, images, videos, establishing dialogue with ...
What is DIGITAL IDENTITY? What does DIGITAL IDENTITY mean? DIGITAL IDENTITY meaning & explanationThe Audiopedia
2 yıl önce
The Digital Identity GraphThreatMetrix
2 yıl önce
The digital identity graph depicts relationships between individuals, their Internet-connected devices and their online behaviors, history and accounts.
Fake It - to control your digital identity: Pernille Tranberg at TEDxOxfordTEDx Talks
5 yıl önce
Your personal data is the oil of today -- the digital economy is built on it. Companies are tracking and analysing every move we make. The Danish journalist ...
Building trusted, digital identity with blockchainIBMBlockchain
9 ay önce
Greg Wolfond, Chairman and CEO of SecureKey, explains how SecureKey leverages blockchain technology to build an identity attribute exchange network with ...
Enabling and Securing Digital IdentitiesSailPoint Technologies
5 ay önce
Learn how SailPoint's identity platform helps enterprises enable their workforce by securing digital identities.
Canada’s trusted digital identity visionTBS Canada
5 ay önce
Canada's vision for quick and easy access to government services using trusted digital identities. This video is also available in French: ...
National Digital Identity FrameworkIoT Asia
1 yıl önce
At IoT Asia 2017, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative discussed plans for the ...
How blockchain is changing digital identityIBMBlockchain
1 yıl önce
SecureKey CIO Andre Boysen discusses the challenges consumers are facing with their digital identity, and shares a demo on how IBM Blockchain and ...
“Verified.Me – An Ecosystem Approach to Digital Identity”Mobile Learning Lab
7 ay önce
Applications of Digital Identity: Biometrics and Security Speaker#2: Matt Jaksic – Senior Director, Business Development at SecureKey Matt's presentation will ...
Digital Transformation: Interview with Steve Wilson, Digital Identity Innovator & AnalystManuel Stagars
1 yıl önce
Digital Transformation, A Project by Manuel Stagars For interviews about the brave new world of blockchain technology ...
Trusted Digital Identity: making the leap into a digital futureGemalto
2 ay önce
digitalid #digitalidentity In an ever-more digital world, trusted digital IDs bring value to many industries, and to Mobile Network Operators in particular. Gemalto ...
Accenture: Blockchain-based Digital Identity: Its current state and a path forwardChamber of Digital Commerce
10 ay önce
David Treat, Managing Director, Global Blockchain Lead, Accenture Blockchain-based Digital Identity: Its current state and a path forward Our world is becoming ...
Davos 2019 - Identity in a Digital WorldWorld Economic Forum
1 hafta önce
Advances in authentication technologies, from biometrics to blockchain, could be a game-changer for the global movement of people and goods, as well as ...
CogX 2018 - Building a Digital Identity on BlockchainCognitionX
8 ay önce
CogX 2018 - Building a Digital Identity on Blockchain Hosted by Ton van't Noordende, CEO, 01 Ventures Ryan Shea, Co-Founder, Blockstack Melanie Shapiro, ...
Deloitte’s Smart Identity platformDeloitte UK
2 yıl önce
Deloitte's Smart Identity platform is changing the way both customers and organisations manage digital identity. Smart Identity offers new ways for individuals, ...
Blockchain allows a true digital identity based on reputation | Bernd Lapp | TEDxLausanneTEDx Talks
5 ay önce
Your identity is the sum of your reputation. Reputation is based on your actions. In ten years many products will be based on blockchain technology and all your ...
Creating A Digital Identity in the 21st Century | Bruce Duncan & BINA 48 | TEDxOrlandoTEDx Talks
1 yıl önce
What does it mean to be human? What does identity mean in a world of ever evolving artificial intelligence? In his talk, Bruce Duncan explores these questions ...
Why You Have to Pay Attention to Your Digital Identity | JobSearchTV.comJeff Altman
1 hafta önce
Paying attention to your digital identity is more than just deleting "bong photos" from college. It is becoming aware of how AI is shaping who companies choose ...
My Digital IdentityJason Forrest
9 ay önce
Digital IdentityMrs. R.D
2 ay önce
Thanks dockidds
Dahlia Lithwick on digital identity and privacyChautauqua Institution
6 yıl önce
It's hard to imagine that only a decade ago, the world had not yet seen anything like the iPhone. Thanks to the tremendous boom in technology since then, we ...
SelfKey Project Review - Blockchain Based Digital Identity SystemOh Hey Matty
1 yıl önce
OhHeyMatty Reviews SelfKey. SelfKey is a Blockchain based digital identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their ...
Digital Identity and Digital Securityadrita mahbub
2 yıl önce
This video is created as a part of my assessment of Curtin University's unit EDC101 –Teaching and Learning in the Digital World. Hope you like my video and ...
MWC16 Seminar - Digital Identity as a Key Enabler for e-Government ServicesThe GSMA
2 yıl önce
Governments are thought leaders on digital identity. This section provides an overview of the different approaches globally, and how operators can collaborate ...
Blockchain For Digital Identitiesmarknca
1 yıl önce
In this episode, I dive into the importance of the work of the Decentralized Identity Foundation and how a blockchain-based identity system could be a big win for ...
Opportunities from a Secure Digital ID Platform | Bhume Bhumiratana | TEDxChiangMaiTEDx Talks
11 ay önce
"โลกดิจิทัล ก็เหมือนกับประเทศไทยที่ไม่มีถนน ทำ-ทำ-ทำ ทำไปเรื่อยๆ จนกว่...
Universal Identity - The Beast SystemTerra Times
1 ay önce
This video clip discusses the plan to create a Universal Digital Identity for everyone on the Earth. This video clip was created using the following videos: 'Coming ...
Global Platforms, Digital Identity & e-CitizenshipStanford
2 yıl önce
From the mediaX Conference “Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity”, Aman Kumar a mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar from SAP and Andrus Viirg ...
Digital Identity in a virtual worldKai-Michael Schmuck
6 yıl önce
this is a presentation about the needs of a digital identity in a virtual world like secondlife.
How Individuals are Taking Ownership of their Digital IdentityHyperledger
1 ay önce
Julie Esser, CULedger & Drummond Reed, Evernym Consumers have become hypersensitive to the way their digital identities are used and what data is shared ...
Online identity victim: Digital theif stole my faceCNN
3 yıl önce
What's it like to have your face stolen online? One man shares what he learned the hard way.
Digital Identity 360 - Holiday Shopping Trends from the Digital Identity NetworkThreatMetrix
2 ay önce
In this episode Frank is joined by Alisdair Faulkner, Chief Identity Officer of Business Services at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. They discuss the trends seen on our ...
The Hi-Talk: Creating A Digital Identity Ecosystem with Jai Rajaraman (APAC)TechTheLead
7 ay önce
On the first day of Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, we met Jai Rajaraman, Global Head of Technology APAC. He shed some light on the tech market in ...
ไทยเตรียมใช้ ''Digital Identity Platform'' จุดเปลี่ยน FINTECHTNN 24
1 yıl önce
Fintech หรือ เทคโนโลยีการเงิน เติบโตอย่างรวดเร็วในอาเซียน หลังมีการใช้...
Notebook: Digital IdentityCBS
8 yıl önce
Katie Couric discusses the Commerce Department's idea for one user name for everything online instead of different user names and passwords for every ...
Digital Identity Verification Leader - The Mitek StoryMitek
10 ay önce - Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is a global leader in digital identity verification software solution built on the latest advancements in AI ...
[5.3.1] Protecting your digital identityICT Profile
3 yıl önce
Learning objectives: 5.3.1 Protect own digital identity. This tutorial explains what a digital identity is and provides recommendations on how to protect it. Six basic ...
Digital Identity 360 - Empowering the Network to Fight FraudThreatMetrix
1 ay önce
In this episode Frank is joined by Dan Welch, SVP of Global Services at ThreatMetrix. They explore the power of the network approach to fighting fraud, the ...