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SEND HELP!? | 3 Ohuhu Marker Character Design ChallengeDrawingWiffWaffles
3 ay önce
3 Marker Challenges are a staple for pushing yourself outside your color comfort zone and a fun way to spark some creativity. Also...trying to pick the markers at ...
PAINTING PRESENTS!? | Mystery Japanese Stationery | ZenPop Stationery UnboxingDrawingWiffWaffles
2 gün önce
Unboxing Today's Zenpop was..interesting. haha not only did I end up going it a different direction, but there was this weird middle aged man eraser...so that was ...
LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWafflesDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I just remembered I forgot to show you the rest of those old drawings so here we have PART TWO of my old art I drew on notepads and sketchbooks and other ...
WAIT!? WHAT?! | Redrawing My Friend's Art from Description ONLY! | Art GameDrawingWiffWaffles
6 ay önce
Today I'm joined by the wonderful Dina Norlund! (https://www.youtube.com/user/Dinareno) She's going to be describing one of her recent illustrations to me ...
REDEEMING MYSELF? | Drawing Something with Sharpie Markers Again | Permanent Marker ArtDrawingWiffWaffles
6 ay önce
A while back I made art with sharpies. I've thought about that video and always thought I could do better. Let's see if I'm right...lol ▻ SUPPLIES USED: Sharpie ...
GLAM IT UP! | Mixing Traditional and Digital Art! | Copic + Wacom CintiqDrawingWiffWaffles
9 ay önce
Its time to draw something funnnnnn! Something girly! And no one can stop me! hehe Come along, grab your sketchbook, lets draw something together! Or grab ...
POKÉMON as PEOPLE?! | Character Design Art ChallengeDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I've been playing a LOT of Pokémon Quest lately, and I've been inspired to draw Pokémon, naturally. I thought I'd put a little twist on it though and design the ...
DO YOU LIEK CUTE THINGS?! | Japanese BACK-TO-SCHOOL Supplies | ZenPop Stationery Mystery BoxDrawingWiffWaffles
3 ay önce
I spelt Stationery wrong...comment away.) ZenPop reached out and wanted to share one of their Stationery Mystery Boxes with me so naturally I had to try and ...
ALL THE ART, SCRIBBLES, & DOODLES! | Take a Look Inside my Sketchbook | #22DrawingWiffWaffles
4 ay önce
I recently finished my 22 Sketchbook! I can't believe it. That seems like a lot to me. I remember being so proud to finish my 1st sketchbook because I'd always ...
WHAT I LOOK LIKE | #MeetTheArtist 2018 tag | Self-PortraitDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Last year I did the meet the artist tag, and I love tracking progress and seeing how I've grown so it seemed only natural to maybe make this a yearly thing!
DRAWING ON A SCREEN! | Wacom Cintiq 16 Tablet | My Digital Art ProcessDrawingWiffWaffles
11 ay önce
Today we're taking a more in-depth look into my digital art process, using the new Cintiq 16, provided to me by Wacom. I'm still trying to figure out how to film this ...
DIFFICULT POSES and GLITTER! | Maple is Back! | DrawingWiffWafflesDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I did this all in one take if that isn't obvious. XP Anyway, i got a lots of Christmas stuff to do right now so I gotta go, but I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, ...
I WAS NOT PREPARED!! | 10 Minute, 1 Minute, 10 Second Speed Drawing Challenge (With Markers!)DrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Ten minutes feels a lot longer than I expected, one minute is a LOT SHORTER than I realized, and then ten seconds...well....just watch what happens, haha.
NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS! | Art I Made When I Was 14 | Sketchbook Flip-throughDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Looking through this, it kept occurring to me how much I hated sharing my art with people or letting them see what I made at this age. Times have changed. haha ...
SKETCH WITH ME! | Filling a page in my SketchbookDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Get out your sketchbooks and draw with me! Taking it slow today, thought I'd film myself sketching! I only have two pages left in this sketchbook so keep an eye ...
6 ay önce
Creating an Illustration Using All of My Pink Art Supplies has been highly requested. Hope I made something that was worth the excitement! Thanks for ...
5 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR ART! | How to Develop Your Art Style | Beginner Art TipsDrawingWiffWaffles
11 ay önce
My art style developed slowly and naturally over the course of 10 years to what it is today. Looking back, I can sort of piece together what I did without thinking at ...
SO MANY SPIDER-MAN!? | Spider-sona Creation | Watercolors, Markers, and my SketchbookDrawingWiffWaffles
10 ay önce
Get your sketchbooks out! Let's draw something together! I've been seeing a load of people create their own #spidersona's around social media and I LOVE ...
WHY DO MY SKETCHES LOOK LIKE THAT!? | How to Start a Drawing | My Sketching ProcessDrawingWiffWaffles
9 ay önce
I won't be covering the fundamentals of drawing or how to draw specific things, but rather the way I sketch and the steps I take that create the results you'll ...
I USED TO DRAW....DIFFERENTLY lol | Age 11-15 (2006-2009)DrawingWiffWaffles
3 yıl önce
I recently found some of my old art from when I was younger. Thought it might inspire some of you out there that are worried that they aren't growing as an artist.
Redrawing YOUR art in my Style! | #drawthisinyourstyleDrawingWiffWaffles
6 ay önce
What to see more videos like this in the future? Want to 'collab' with me? Submit your art for a chance to be featured in an upcoming video with ...
BEST COLOR EVER?! | Drawing Something Using Every PURPLE PEN, PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.DrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Today I challenged myself to create an illustration using EVERY PURPLE ART SUPPLY I owned. From Sharpies to Gouache, let's put some purple on the paper!
AVOIDING A DISASTER! | 3 Marker Challenge | November Copic ColorsDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I want to thank Copic Markers for including me as one of their November Artists. I was challenged to create an illustration using the three colors provided.
CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned PaperDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I just finished my Bullet Journal which means its time to dive into a new one. and of course I wasn't going to leave it blank, I needed to draw on the cover!
OMG! THIS WAS NOT EASY! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Black SketchbookDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Today I tried my hand at drawing in a Completely Black-Toned Sketchbook with metallic pencils and gel pens! Let's see what happens! It was not easy. Thanks ...
BUILDING a CHARACTER from ONLY 3 COLORS?! | 3 Ohuhu Marker Character Design ChallengeDrawingWiffWaffles
7 ay önce
Today I'll be filling a few pages in my sketchbook as I try my hand at designing a brand new character from only 3 colors! A big THANK YOU! to ...
A TOTALLY HUEVEMBER SKETCHBOOK SPREAD! | A Different Hue for Each Character | Alcohol MarkersDrawingWiffWaffles
3 hafta önce
Whether you've heard of #Huevember or not, I'm gonna guess you appreciate a good rainbow. haha Today I filled my entire sketchbook spread with 6 separate ...
Why GUILTY PLEASURE ART is Important for Artists | Markers SpeedpaintDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I wanted to talk about something thats been on my mind, and that is why I think its important to every so often take the time to draw what you want whether your a ...
WAIT? YELLOW!? | Drawing Something Using Every YELLOW PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.DrawingWiffWaffles
7 ay önce
I laughed when people suggested that I try to create an illustration using only yellow. "Yellow has no contrast, it won't look like anything" I thought. Armed with ...
USING ONLY RED TO FILL A SKETCHBOOK SPREAD! | Red Acrylic Paint in my Sketchbook | FASIMSDrawingWiffWaffles
1 hafta önce
Time to sit down and draw!! Every Tuesday, I like to take some time to fill a spread in my sketchbook. This time, with only the color red. To add a little twist to this ...
MAKING MY OWN TRADING CARDS?! | Drawing my OC's on ATC's | Artist Trading CardsDrawingWiffWaffles
4 ay önce
I've always wanted to make trading cards for my Original Characters and today I'm finally sitting down and starting it. I have a lot of OC's and this hardly scratches ...
THIS PAPER IS FUZZY? | Mystery Art Box | 'Premier' Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Velour Paper & PastelDrawingWiffWaffles
5 ay önce
So this month's box actually (spoiler alert) contained some of my least favorite art supplies, but! i am slowly gaining experience with them and I think the ...
REDRAWING MY OLDEST DRAWING! | Crayons and Pencils | DrawingWiffWafflesDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
Do you see any improvement? haha Redrawing the old art from last weeks video: https://youtu.be/5nMlIpXQnzc Health Update: Another waiting game, this time ...
THE GOOD AND THE BAD?! | Peek Inside My Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 20 TourDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
I can finally post this sketchbook tour! (I was waiting on my last video so that I could show you these last few pages) Hope you enjoy! Thanks for joining me on my ...
PAINTING ROSE CROWNS!? | Starting My New Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 23 | Acrylic Paint + Posca PensDrawingWiffWaffles
4 ay önce
Whether you are using an old or a new sketchbook! We can all appreciate that new sketchbook feeling! You know the one! Grab your sketchbook and draw/paint ...
BENEFITS of SKETCHING in PEN | Peek into my Sketchbook | DrawingWiffWafflesDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
My brain's a little foggy so hopefully this made sense. XP I address why I love using a pen and what using a pen over a pencil has helped me learn. ▻ Supplies I ...
FOUR Different Methods! [Drawing A Girl]DrawingWiffWaffles
5 yıl önce
Here are the four methods I use when I sketch. These can be applied to drawing animals, men, or children. They can also be used with all sorts of styles.
MAKING ART WITH SHARPIE MARKERS! | Sharpies | Designing Colorful Fairy Characters | Drawing ProcessDrawingWiffWaffles
10 ay önce
Thanks for the 1Mil Subscribers! I didn't click the sub button. You did. So thank you, thank you! I'm still trying to figure out how we should properly celebrate, but ...
NAMING MY MARKERS? | & Capturing Emotion & Feeling in Art | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful PacksDrawingWiffWaffles
4 ay önce
Fun professional art supply or fancy Crayola markers? Water based markers are something I've dabbled with a couple times. Lets try them again and see if I can ...
WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?! | Cheap Vs. Expensive Markers | Side-by-Side Demo | Ohuhu v. CopicDrawingWiffWaffles
11 ay önce
Let's find out what is the difference between Copic and Ohuhu makers! I mean.. besides the price difference. hehe ▻ Lineart if you'd like to color it: ...
TRYING NEW THINGS IN MY SKETCHBOOK! | Pencil Sketches and Holbein GouacheDrawingWiffWaffles
8 ay önce
Another sketchbook session! I filmed myself drawing in my sketchbook, thought I'd dive into my Gouache. Let's see what happens. Whether it turns out or not, this ...
IS IT POSSIBLE?! | Turning a Scribble into an Illustration | Scribble ChallengeDrawingWiffWaffles
8 ay önce
I let my brother draw a scribble on a piece of paper for me to turn into an illustration. It was a fun lesson in finding shapes in seemingly nothing; and slowly ...
I TRIED SCULPTING for the first time! | Polymer Clay Sculpture + PaintingDrawingWiffWaffles
8 ay önce
So I turned a Koala into a Mythical Magical Lion! Watch to see how! Finally got around to finishing editing this puppy! I had so much footage to sift through *mind ...
I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.DrawingWiffWaffles
10 ay önce
I have really enjoyed doing these 'one color' challenges. Putting the art supplies away?...not so much. hehe But thanks for clicking on another one, I hope you ...
NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art ChallengeDrawingWiffWaffles
9 ay önce
Playing a game today, I ask Pinterest what I should draw. And then i draw it. this should be interesting! ▻ SUPPLIES USED: Canson XL Watercolor Paper: ...
CUTENESS OVERLOAD! ♥ Drawing My Subscribers | Making Art in PhotoshopDrawingWiffWaffles
1 yıl önce
You guys are such perfect masterpieces, and it's always a pleasure to be able to draw you! If you are interested in having me draw you or your art in a future ...
DRAWING MYSELF! | #MeetTheArtist 2019 | Self-PortraitDrawingWiffWaffles
6 ay önce
I've been doing this tag for 3 years now, originally I did it at the beginning of the year (January) but I've since moved to my favorite month, my birthday month, the ...
BEST CHEAP BRUSH-MARKERS?! | Ohuhu Dual-Tip Brush/Chisel Tip Markers - 48 setDrawingWiffWaffles
5 ay önce
I'm very excited to try out the new Ohuhu Brush Markers! lets see if they meet my expectations! 🤤 The Ohuhu brushmarkers are currently out of stock and are not ...
TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! | Redesigning My Old Character | Filling A Spread in My SketchbookDrawingWiffWaffles
1 ay önce
I have a gazillion character in loads of different universes with even more story lines. Sometimes they leak into reality in the from of art or text. Today, it ended up ...