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OMKalen: Kalen Reacts to Coachella FashionTheEllenShow
6 saat önce
Kalen reacts to Weekend 1 fashion at Coachella. Find out what he thought worked... and what didn't work out in the desert. #OMKalen #KalenAllen #Coachella.
Ellen Puts Fans on the Spot with 'Audience Got Talent'TheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
There are a lot of talent shows on TV, so Ellen decided to use her own show to find out if there were any skilled audience members in a new segment, "Audience ...
Jenna Dewan's Boyfriend Made Her Into a Wrestling FanTheEllenShow
1 gün önce
Jenna Dewan admitted to guest host John Cena that she knows all about him after her boyfriend got her into wrestling and the WWE. The actress also talked ...
Ellen in Adele's EarTheEllenShow
3 gün önce
Ellen and Adele pulled off a hilarious hidden camera prank on the Warner Bros. lot! Watch what happened! #TheEllenShow #Adele #HiddenCamera.
Teen Who Couldn't Stop Talking About Ellen While Under Anesthesia Visits ShowTheEllenShow
1 ay önce
Ellen welcomed Emily Aldridge, 16, who was recorded by her mom Jennifer after having her wisdom teeth removed. Because of the effects of anesthesia, Emily ...
WWE Star John Cena Arm Wrestles Kid Genius BrielleTheEllenShow
1 gün önce
Guest host John Cena welcomed Ellen's resident kid periodic table expert Brielle, who taught the WWE wrestler a few things about arm wrestling and bones.
Trevor Noah Plays 'Who’d You Rather?'TheEllenShow
3 gün önce
Even though Trevor Noah has a mention in People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue, he's still single, so Ellen helped him find a potential girlfriend with a ...
Leslie Mann Talks About John Cena's 'Butt Meat'TheEllenShow
1 gün önce
Leslie Mann got candid about guest host and her "Blockers" co-star John Cena, who exposed his "butt meat" to the actress while shooting their film. Plus, Leslie ...
Mila Kunis Reveals Secret Footage of Her Neighbor EllenTheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
Guest host Mila Kunis revealed that her neighbor Ellen is a tad nosy, so to get her back, the actress showed the audience secret footage of Ellen in her backyard.
Dax Shepard Gives Marriage and PMS Advice in 'Ask Dr. Dax'TheEllenShow
3 gün önce
The doctor is in the house: Dax Shepard returned to give inspired advice to audience members in another segment of "Ask Dr. Dax," helping with when to push a ...
Ellen & Michelle Obama Go to CostcoTheEllenShow
5 ay önce
Michelle Obama is on a book tour for her new memoir, "Becoming," so Ellen thought the best place to set up an impromptu book signing was one of America's ...
How Ellen Played Therapist for Dax Shepard and Kristen BellTheEllenShow
3 gün önce
Dax Shepard explained to Ellen why she pretty much served as his and Kristen Bell's therapist during their viral game of "Taste Buds" the last time they were on ...
Trevor Noah Bumped the President from His Dream Guest ListTheEllenShow
4 gün önce
"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah explained to Ellen why the President is no longer his dream guest, but instead it's his wife, First Lady Melania Trump.
Ellen Meets Inspiring Twin Doctors Brittani and BrandiTheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Ellen surprised identical twin doctors Brittani and Brandi Jackson, who are dedicated to providing healthcare to the underserved and uninsured in Chicago.
Ellen's Favorite Moments from Season 16 - So FarTheEllenShow
2 ay önce
After 16 seasons, Ellen still loves the show! From unforgettable celebrity interviews to inspiring visits from everyday heroes, take a look at some of Ellen's favorite ...
Ellen Reveals Her Latest AddictionTheEllenShow
4 gün önce
Ellen revealed her latest addiction: she's hooked on a game called Word Stacks. To prove how addicting the app can be, she invited two audience members to ...
Trevor Noah Was Convinced Ellen Played a Wardrobe Prank on HimTheEllenShow
4 gün önce
Comedian Trevor Noah divulged to Ellen that he thought she was playing a prank on him after his carefully chosen wardrobe for his appearance never showed ...
Ellen Meets Teachers, Surprises Students at Deserving Texas SchoolTheEllenShow
4 gün önce
Three staff members from The Leadership Academy at Como Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas were in the audience, but had no idea Ellen would call them to the ...
Audience Members Go Flying Like a 'Wrecking Ball' in Ellen's New Game!TheEllenShow
5 gün önce
What do you get when you mix a memory game, three audience members and a brick wall? Find out in Ellen's new game, "Wrecking Ball"! #TheEllenShow ...
Ellen Gives Mayor Pete Buttigieg a Platform to Make His Big AnnouncementTheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
Mayor Pete Buttigieg has yet to officially announce his run for president, so Ellen encouraged him to share the big news on the show. Plus, the Indiana politician ...
Ellen Reveals the Secret to Her Box ScaresTheEllenShow
3 gün önce
In her segment "Comments on Comments," Ellen answered a fan question about her infamous box scares, and called out tWitch after a number of viewers ...
Billie Eilish Gets a Scare from 'Justin Bieber'TheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Billie Eilish is a self-professed "Belieber," so Ellen recruited "Justin Bieber" to unexpectedly scare the singer during their chat. #BillieEilish #TheEllenShow ...
Ellen Scrolls Through Fans' Instagram AccountsTheEllenShow
1 yıl önce
Ellen didn't need to ask her studio audience what they did over the weekend... she'd already gone through their Instagram accounts!
Ben Stiller and Ellen Play ‘5 Second Rule’TheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Ellen and Ben Stiller went head to head in a hilarious game of “5 Second Rule!" #TheEllenShow #BenStiller #5SecondRule.
Ellen Meets Viral Singing Cops Michael & MoeTheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Ellen welcomed Buffalo, New York Police Officers Michael Norwood and Moe Badger, who went viral after videos of them singing around their community were ...
Emma Thompson Kinda Plays Burning QuestionsTheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
Ellen put her friend Emma Thompson in the hot seat for a round of “Burning Questions,” but it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable rounds ever... after ...
Lil Dicky Gives a Sneak Peek of His New Music Video, 'Earth'TheEllenShow
2 gün önce
Rapper and comedian Lil Dicky visited Ellen for the first time and gave a preview of his highly anticipated music video "Earth," featuring stars Justin Bieber, ...
'Baby Boomer vs. Millennial': Analog vs. DigitalTheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
Ellen welcomed two audience members for another entertaining game of "Baby Boomer vs. Millennial," and quizzed them on things from the opposite generation ...
Ellen Helps Reunite Long Lost Friends Who Reconnected on TwitterTheEllenShow
4 ay önce
Ellen helped reunite Brianna and Heidi, who met as kids on a Hawaiian vacation more than a decade ago. Brianna recently found a photo of them together, and ...
Ellen KICKS OUT Audience For Not Following The RulesTheScreeny
1 ay önce
Ellen KICKS OUT Audience For Not Following The Rules If you're new, Subscribe! → https://goo.gl/3B5EB8 Ellen seems like the most laid-back person in ...
Chris Hemsworth Has No Idea What Happens in 'Avengers: Endgame'TheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
Chris Hemsworth divulged to Ellen that since he hasn't yet seen "Avengers: Endgame," he doesn't know how it ends. The Hollywood star also revealed whether ...
Ellen Surprises Lifelong Best Friends Ashley and NicoleTheEllenShow
1 ay önce
Ellen surprised lifelong besties Ashley and Nicole, who are huge Ellen fans and had dreamed of coming to the show for years. Ashley explained why Ellen ...
Függöny rovarok ellen. Egy lehetséges megoldás.Lukács László - Az élet iskolája
3 saat önce
Bizony jönnek a legyek, darazsak, szúnyogok. Mi lehet a jó megoldás ellenük? Szúnyogháló vagy függöny. Én ezt a megoldást találtam jónak. 190420.
Acrobat Jon Stranks Is Really Strong and Really ShirtlessTheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Ellen welcomed Cirque du Soleil performer Jon Stranks to the show, and he took the stage with an incredible hand balancing routine that included two of Ellen's ...
David Letterman Answers Ellen’s 'Burning Questions' - EXTENDEDTheEllenShow
4 hafta önce
David Letterman sat in Ellen's hot seat to answer her "Burning Questions," all to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, thanks to Shutterfly. Find out what the TV ...
Animal Rights Icon Jane Goodall Visits Ellen for the First TimeTheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Wildlife conservationist and animal rights activist Jane Goodall visited the show for the very first time to talk about her work with chimpanzees over the past four ...
John Cena Hosts EllenMania 35TheEllenShow
1 gün önce
Even though wrestler/actor John Cena served as guest host, he proved it was just like a regular Ellen Show... but more like EllenMania 35. #TheEllenShow ...
Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette SyndromeTheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
Billie Eilish spoke candidly with Ellen about living with Tourette Syndrome, and why she decided to go public with it only last year. Plus, the 17-year-old pop star ...
Ellen's Hidden Camera Prank on Unsuspecting Holiday ShoppersTheEllenShow
4 ay önce
Ellen sent her writer Adam to a local Michaels to wrap shoppers' holiday gifts... and not only was he an intentionally horrible wrapper, there were also hidden ...
Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The RulesPlot Twist
2 hafta önce
Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The Rules. Thanks for watching this video: Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The Rules. For more ellen ...
Jennifer Lopez Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'TheEllenShow
2 ay önce
Ellen put her friend Jennifer Lopez in the hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out what the international pop star wears to bed, the most ...
Ellen's Fans 'Drop the Beat' in a New Game!TheEllenShow
4 ay önce
Ellen's DJ tWitch likes to raise the roof, but three of Ellen's audience members went head to head in a dance-off... and lowered the roof in a brand new game ...
Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Play an Unforgettable Round of ‘Taste Buds’TheEllenShow
1 ay önce
Ellen tested Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard in a hilarious game of “Taste Buds” that you'll never forget. The Hollywood couple did a blindfolded taste test, all to ...
Billie Eilish Ellen Full Interview HD (Justin Bieber Scare)matt bardot
2 hafta önce
Billie Eilish is a self-professed "Belieber," so Ellen recruited "Justin Bieber" to unexpectedly scare the singer during their chat. Then, Billie Eilish spoke candidly ...
Ellen Tests David Spade's Talk Show Host Skills in 'First Question'TheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
To help David Spade prepare for his new talk show, Ellen played a game called “First Question,” which tested the comedian on what his first question would be ...
Ellen LOSES IT With Guest...Viral Now
3 gün önce
Ellen LOSES IT With Guest... This talk-variety show features comic Ellen DeGeneres in the studio performing an opening monologue and interviewing guests ...
The Best of Celebrities' Sick Burns on EllenTheEllenShow
2 hafta önce
It's Ellen's show, but some of her celebrity guests aren't afraid to dish it right back to the host. Watch some of the best moments featuring Cher, Justin Timberlake, ...
Mom Reunites with Daughter on Walmart Grocery RunTheEllenShow
1 ay önce
Ellen surprised a fan, Nancy, by asking her to use Walmart's free grocery store pickup service to get her groceries at a local Walmart. Nancy had no idea that the ...
Mayor Pete Buttigieg Responds to the Vice President's CriticismTheEllenShow
1 hafta önce
For the first time, presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg opened up about Vice President and former Indiana Governor Mike Pence's recent comments ...