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Halo 4 Story (Game Movie) HDGamer's Little Playground
6 yıl önce
24/7 GAME MOVIE LIVE STREAM: http://twitch.tv/glplayground BUY HALO MCC HERE: https://amzn.to/2Pb5uWi Follow GLP on Twitter - http://twitter.com/glittlep ...
Halo 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Campaign Mission 1 - Dawn (H4)theRadBrad
6 yıl önce
NEW Halo 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes the Prologue and Mission 1: Dawn of the Halo 4 Campaign for Xbox 360. This Halo 4 Gameplay ...
Why is Halo 4's Campaign SO BAD?! And... AWESOME?? (Act Man Review)The Act Man
2 yıl önce
Halo 4, considered by many as the pinnacle of deep storytelling in the Halo franchise. To others, an overdramatic, forced love story. With such polarizing ...
Halo 4 SEVEN Years Later - Best or Worst Halo? (Dead Game?) 2019Rocket Sloth
1 ay önce
Was Halo 4 good or bad? Why was Halo 4 bad? Why Halo 4 is good? Is Halo 4 multiplayer dead or is it still online? Should you play Halo 4 Seven Years later?
Can You Beat Halo 4 Without Taking Any Damage?Mitten Squad
1 hafta önce
While Halo 2 and 3 are widely regarded as the best games in the series, Halo 4's campaign still tells a pretty solid story. But today's question is not one of quality, ...
Halo 4 (Full Campaign and Cutscenes)MythicTyrant
6 yıl önce
After being adrift on the broken, desolate ship Forward Unto Dawn for more than for years, a slowly deteriorating Cortana awakens the Master Chief to a new ...
Halo 4 Looks Better Than Halo 5: GuardiansGrunty43
8 ay önce
Keep in Mind This Video Was Created Under My Opinion. This Is What I Believe Is True But You Can Disagree! Also I'm Aware The Thumbnail Shows A Halo 5 ...
Halo 4 Multiplayer [Part 130] - Strangely Creative 80's Ravioli Holograms!Glaciercano
2 yıl önce
Glaciercano gets down to business and shows people who's boss in the multiplayer of Halo 4! In this episode, I play yet another game of Settler which we all ...
Halo 4 Review - IGN ReviewsIGN
6 yıl önce
Click here for our complete tour of ALL the multiplayer maps http://bit.ly/SxFi79 Watch a special Halo episode of Cheap Cool Crazy: http://bit.ly/VfhKqJ Master ...
Halo 4 Glad You Came (The Wanted Parody) 1 Hour VersionM117MASTERCRAFT
5 yıl önce
TheWarpZone - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWarpZone TheWarpZone owns all the rights to the song in this video. Check out these guys i aiden ...
Halo 4 Ending + Epilogue (WARNING: CONTAINS EPIC SADNESS) - 1080p HDFBWalshyFTW
6 yıl önce
Just thought that this would be a nice thing to have on my channel. Oh yeah, this also contains spoilers (obviously), herp derp. Can't say I didn't warn you.
All Halo 4 Cutscenes w/ Legendary Ending [HD]Stealthless
6 yıl önce
Watch in 720p for the best quality. *More important information below. Click "Show more" to expand* Cutscene List Prologue: 0:00 Dawn Opening: 3:01 ...
Halo 4... 4 Years LaterCOGconnected
2 yıl önce
Lucas Raycevick analyzes 343 Industries' follow up to Bungie's legendary saga. Timeline: Opening: 0:00 Pre-Production: 3:07 Campaign - Gameplay: 7:38 ...
Halo 4 - Opening Cinematic HDMXVideos
6 yıl önce
Check Out This Awesome Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoBPLsEJVxY Check Out Awesome Free Music: ...
Halo 4 Legendary Nearly Drove Me Insane..UberNick
3 ay önce
Thanks for watching, If you enjoyed then leave a like and comment down below what you would like to see next! Full Play Through: ...
Halo 4 - Mammoth/Campaign Vehicles In Forge ModLord Zedd
2 yıl önce
New thing I've been working on, this is full tag injection in Halo 4, which took until now to do because of differing layouts of critical tags. Models look bad ...
Halo 4 - First Person AssassinationsGamecheat13
4 yıl önce
I gotta admit when people first asked for this i didn't think it was possible without it being some hacky thing. But it worked out pretty well. Some animations are too ...
The Vigilante (Halo 4 Machinima Short)KnightmareFilmz
3 yıl önce
Whatever you have done, he knows, and he will give you what you deserve. Consider subscribing! Huge thanks to all those who voice acted! Music was from the ...
Halo 4: Game Night "Alien Vs Predator" & "Splatter Monkey"TheSmurfy18
3 yıl önce
Game Night from Sunday, April 26th 2015* There was supposed to 2 videos but the 2nd one could not be saved due to "insufficient hard drive space" so ...
Halo 4 Multiplayer [Part 85] - Mario Mongoose Races of Coney Village Lapping!Glaciercano
4 yıl önce
Glaciercano gets down to business and shows people who's boss in the multiplayer of Halo 4! In this episode, I try out the Race playlist and start my Mongoose ...
Halo 4 AI Battle - Spartan IVs vs KnightsGamecheat13
4 yıl önce
So i decided to try a different format so even if one character gets rekt they can still get some kills with their buddies. Tell me what you guys think of it. If you have ...
Official Halo 4 Launch Trailer 'Scanned' Long FormXbox
6 yıl önce
Halo 4: Watch the official Halo 4 Launch Trailer, Scanned. Master Chief's mind is violated by a powerful new enemy, who in searching for Chief's weaknesses, ...
Halo 4 Master Chief Collection 60FPS Game Movie (All Cutscenes) Legendary Ending 1080pGamer's Little Playground
4 yıl önce
24/7 GAME MOVIE LIVE STREAM: http://twitch.tv/glplayground BUY HALO MCC HERE: https://amzn.to/2Pb5uWi Follow GLP on Twitter - http://twitter.com/glittlep ...
Halo 4 - The Revenant and DisintegratorGamecheat13
6 yıl önce
This is from a test level for Halo 4. Do not ask for this.
Halo 4 - 10 Things You Probably Never Noticed BeforeGeneralkidd
1 yıl önce
Despite being almost 5 years old now, there are probably some things a lot of you have never noticed before, here's 10 of those things. Enjoy! #10 - Tsavo ...
some idiots played halo and here's the funny parts (Halo 4 Friends Highlights)SuddenlyOranges
2 yıl önce
(there are some bad words in this video) hi. we're dudes that love halo. yeah these are the highlights of when we streamed halo 4's campaign and halo 5 custom ...
Jurassic Park! - Halo 4 Flood MapGokanaru
6 yıl önce
A much better halo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnRHpx0P864 Follow me on twitter to know when I'm doing fun stuff: ...
Rap de halo serieJose David Velazquez Cruz
3 yıl önce
Es chico y no lo puedes dejar de ver.
My Thoughts on Halo 4 | Campaign ReviewJr rizzo
1 ay önce
Timestamps: 0:00 - Prelude 1:45 - Part One - The Good 15:06 - Part Two -The Bad 28:31 - Conclusion If you'd like to see more like this, check out my ...
10 ay önce
Film complet en français rassemblant toutes les cinématiques du jeu vidéo HALO 4 sorti en 2012. Film d'animation et de science-fiction entier en français.
Fails of the Weak: Ep. 41 - Funny Halo 4 Bloopers and Screw Ups! | Rooster TeethRooster Teeth
7 yıl önce
Jack and Geoff present the 41st episode of Fails of the Weak. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2wf5zPJ » Get your Rooster Teeth merch: ...
Halo 4 Unlock ALL Armor Glitch w/ Unlimited SR (NO-BAN, Still Works in 2018)Rage__
3 yıl önce
This glitch still works. Still working on 4/1/2018. It is tested once a month by a couple of friends. Have fun with your new armor! :) Last tested on 4/1/2018.
Halo 4 All Cutscenes Spartan Ops Season 1 Episodes 1-10PhatSteve7
6 yıl önce
Click here for Halo 2 Anniversary All Cutscenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PzckxXyZmc.
Halo 4: Master Chief's Face Legendary EndingAlain Pardo
6 yıl önce
Halo 4: Master Chief's Face Legendary Ending.
Salir del Mapa PitFall en Halo 4 (Cementerio de Pelicans)AlaanVCr
1 yıl önce
Saliendo del mapa Pitfall de Halo 4. ¡Encontramos un cementerio de aviones! explorando la zona abandonada después de lo ocurrido en el mapa The pit en ...
HALO 4 All Cutscenes (Xbox One X Enhanced 4K 60FPS) Game Movie UltraHDGamer's Little Playground
1 ay önce
24/7 GAME MOVIE LIVE STREAM: http://twitch.tv/glplayground You can support us by becoming a member here!
Halo 4 Mods - AI Playground Example EncountersGamecheat13
2 yıl önce
Here are 3 poorly made AI encounters done completely in Forge on AI Playground. ○ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Sub4Cheat ○ Twitter: http://bit.ly/CheatTweet ...
Halo 4 Full Legendary Campaign and Cutscenes with Iron SkullHokiebird428
3 yıl önce
The entire campaign of Halo 4, played on Legendary difficulty, killing all enemies, using no exploits, glitches, or skips, and with no deaths. Includes all cutscenes ...
cardboard Halo4 ARMOR part 4/4Kevclip Production
2 yıl önce
this is the last installment of my cardboard Halo 4 armor videos that I started making a couple years ago. And now I am finally done with this one. (please stay till ...
Halo 4 XONE - Playthrough #1 [FR]ExVSK
4 yıl önce
Lisez la description ! Cortana est juste trop.............. *miam* Partenariat : http://acheterclecd.com/ Code Promo 5% : ExVSK Chaine Streaming ...
¿SABÍAS ESTO DE HALO 4? 😱antoClark
1 yıl önce
SUSCRÍBETE: https://goo.gl/EbkQBz CONTACTO/NEGOCIOS: antoclarkyt04@hotmail.com ÚNETE A MI COMPAÑÍA SPARTAN: ...
The Halo 4 we ALMOST got - Halo NewsHaloFollower
3 hafta önce
Gearbox almost made Halo 4, Bonnie Ross explains in an interview how Halo was almost killed off by Microsoft. Get a FREE Audio book at: ...
Halo 4 mogło powstać w Gearbox (brrr...) // Niusy PLWielkie mi Halo
12 saat önce
Subskrybuj: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-I6LNisnk8LiSvHTIyPbg?sub_confirmation=1 --- Email: wielkiemihalo343@gmail.com Facebook: ...
Halo 4 - Big Team Infinity Slayer - Multiplayer / War Games GameplayxMurderotica
6 yıl önce
WATCH IN HD! :D Some gameplay of a Slayer match on Ragnarok (Valhalla from Halo 3). Lots of power weapons in this video... Rate, Comment and Subscribe!
Sessão Spoiler - A História de Halo 4Sidão do Game
4 yıl önce
História completa de Halo 4 , do modo Spartan Ops e um resumo de Halo: Spartan Assault ! Me acompanhe nas Redes Sociais: ...
Halo 4 Campaign Walkthrough Mission 6 (Shutdown) HDGrimlock
6 yıl önce
For Entertainment Purposes Only. Enjoy! Halo 4 © Microsoft Corporation. This video was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets ...
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (Xbox One)Santosx07
2 yıl önce
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary Playthrough (Xbox One) Twitter: https://twitter.com/Santosx07 Halo 4 walkthrough - Here is my walkthrough of Halo ...
Halo 4: Ending + Cortana Deathcalloftreyarch
6 yıl önce
This ending was epic but pretty sad. I feel bad for the Chief.