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First time plant owners sometimes struggle with the term "low light". Plants are categorized into low - high light requirements and its not that easy to understand ...
Easiest Houseplants For Beginners | My Top 5 Easiest Houseplants To Care ForThe Practicing Planter
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Learn how to make more plants from your existing indoor plants! In this video I will show you how to propagate the18 plants listed below. The Timecode can be ...
Top 5 Low Light HouseplantsNick Pileggi
1 hafta önce
The best LOW light (not NO light!) houseplants that I grow in my home. I grow all these plants in the darkest corners of my home and they seem to not only ...
Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide on Houseplants! | Hydrogen Peroxide for Root Rot & Pest Management!Harli G
2 hafta önce
Hydrogen Peroxide is the perfect medicine for houseplants! The extra Oxygen in the Peroxide provides plant roots a boost of oxygen so they are able to absorb ...
My Top 6 Houseplants + Care TipsBebee Plants
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These are some of my favorite houseplants at the moment. I also give you my care information for all the plants mention. This is how I personally care for these ...
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Houseplants are not going to help you clean the dishes, or fold the laundry, but air purifying house plants might actually help clean the air inside your home.
Houseplant tour! All of my Houseplants and How to Keep Them Alive!Camilleiam
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Guys! I think I have a problem! I have way too many houseplants! I haven't counted them but I think I have around 50? Who else is loving the houseplant trend ...
How To Care For Indoor Plants + GREENIFY YOUR SPACERachel Aust
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5 easy house plants you (probably) won't kill ➡ My Insta @rachelaust Not spon Check out Pop Wilder because they're great: ...
Living with 700+ Houseplants and a Hen in Brooklyn, NYC 🌿🐥 | House Plant TourEpic Gardening
11 ay önce
Today's episode is truly EPIC. I met up with Summer Rayne Oakes doing an in-depth tour of her incredible house in Brooklyn, NYC. Summer is known for her ...
7 New and Upcoming Houseplants for 2019Nick Pileggi
4 ay önce
In this video I discuss seven “new” plants you can find at plant shops that you couldn't find before. Thanks for watching, and be sure to leave any questions for ...
A Tour Of My PlantsJennaMarbles
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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie These are the fun and helpful youtube channels ...
I have over 150 Houseplants!!! - Late Summer UPDATED Houseplant TourMy Clean Leaves
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I honestly couldn't believe it when I counted. YIKES!! How many houseplants do you have??? **A portion of all things bought through this KIT link will go towards ...
Houseplant Update | Popular House Plants | Summer 2019Crazy Plant Guy
2 ay önce
In this video we do a houseplant update on four of my top favorite house plants right now. The Thai Constellation Monstera, Sansevieria Whale Fin, Pilea ...
Best Indoor Plants | Cute House Plants That Clean The Air 🌿Lavendaire
1 yıl önce
What are the best indoor plants for your home? Here are 10 house plants that are beginner-friendly, beautiful AND purify the air. Thanks Ecosia for sponsoring ...
MY INDOOR JUNGLE TOUR (Living with 300+ Houseplants)DouTube
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Hey fam! My name is Dou. I am a • plant parent • minimalist • Hmong-American • advocate Here are three good reasons to subscribe: ✓ Evidence-based content.
Collective Houseplant Haul! | HUGE New Houseplants Haul!Harli G
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Today I am showing you a whole lotta new houseplants I have collected over the past little while! I go houseplant shopping quite a bit so I just decided to do a ...
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OPEN FOR MORE INFO ON THE EASIEST HOUSEPLANTS: Plants in Video Order: Snake Plant ZZ Plant Chinese Evergreen Spider Plant Pothos...
Rare plant haul at Lowe's | Houseplants & SucculentsRuthie's Succulent Obsession
5 ay önce
Join me for a Rare plant haul at Lowe's | Houseplants & Succulents. I had together to Lowe's to try and pick up a plant I left on my last visit. I was amazed to find a ...
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A friend of mine inspired me to make this video so I can help him out and others like you out there who want to bring house plants into their lives but you're just ...
A NASA study explains how to purify air with house plantsQuartz
1 yıl önce
How do houseplants clean the air? A 1989 NASA study explains exactly how plants remove toxins from air by trapping them in their leaves, soil, and roots, and ...
Why Millennials Love Their Houseplant Jungles | Annals Of Obsession | The New YorkerThe New Yorker
4 ay önce
The plant expert Summer Rayne Oakes cares for a vast collection of indoor foliage—more than a thousand plants, from pothos to succulents. She explains why ...
How To Get Rid Of Bugs (Spider Mites) On Your HouseplantsErika Lodes
3 gün önce
I Recently Purchased A Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma and there was some webs around the soil so just to make sure To Kill Possible Spider Mites I put Neem Oil ...
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You've got some beautiful new house plants. The only question is, where do they go and how are you going to display and style them? What type of pot should ...
How To Hang Houseplants! | BEST Hanging Indoor Plants!Harli G
5 ay önce
Today I am sharing with you the steps to hanging houseplants from the ceiling, safely. The steps for hanging houseplants from the ceiling are simple ...
Top 10 Easy RARE Houseplants + Care Tips! | AroidsKaylee Ellen
4 ay önce
I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful! Let me know if you have any other easy aroids in your collection :) Follow me on instagram: ...
Finally purchased my dream houseplants! 🥰 | rare plants!Julie Nicole
5 ay önce
Plants Featured ------- Variegated Monstera Borsigiana Monstera Thai Constellation Variegated Monstera Deliciosa ---------Camera and Gear Used To Shoot ...
20 Easy Houseplants To Propagate! | 20 EASY INDOOR PLANTS YOU CAN GROW FOR FREE!Harli G
1 ay önce
Hey guys! Today's video is one of my most frequently requested videos to make! I hope you like it. I love houseplant propagation & it brings me so much joy.
My Top 10 Favorite Houseplants | Fall 2018Crazy Plant Guy
10 ay önce
I have about 98 plants today and it was very hard to pick my top 10... I should have done my top 50 favourite houseplants, but that would of been a long video. lol ...
Why Many Houseplants Are Not Suitable For IndoorsExotic Tropical Houseplants
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Houseplant 101: Tips for People Who Overwater Houseplants — Ep 121Summer Rayne Oakes
3 ay önce
We've already covered watering pretty extensively in the last two videos—Ep 120. Houseplant 101: How to Water Houseplants Properly and Ep 119. Houseplant ...
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Top 10 Houseplants | Autumn 2018Nick Pileggi
11 ay önce
Thanks for watching! 1. Peperomia tetragona (formerly Peperomia puteolata) 2. Sansevieria "Bantel Sensation" 3. Ceropegia woodii AKA String of Hearts 4.
Houseplant 101: How to Water Houseplants Properly — Ep 120Summer Rayne Oakes
3 ay önce
In the last “Houseplant 101: Back to Basics” episode—Ep. 119—we discussed utilizing techniques to know when to water plants, but in this episode, we'll learn ...
Episode 018 - BEST LOW LIGHT HOUSEPLANTS!The Houseplant Chronicles By: Mina Brinkey
4 ay önce
Are you living in a dark corner? Don't fret! This video is here to help you greenify that space!! Listed below are the plants mentioned and their time stamp (if you'd ...
Rare Plant Haul! | 7 New Rare Houseplants! | 2019Kaylee Ellen
6 ay önce
UPDATE!! : We have since figured out that the Philodendron Atabapoense is in fact likely a Hybrid of Philodendron Atabapoense and Philodendron Billietiae ...
Indoor Houseplants "Some Viable Information For Beginners To Intermediate Growers"Exotic Tropical Houseplants
2 yıl önce
Indoor Houseplants "Some Viable Information For Beginners To Intermediate Growers" Here I talk about the importance of houseplants. I also talk about the A-Z ...
Houseplant 101: Complete Guide to Fertilizing Houseplants — Ep 122Summer Rayne Oakes
3 ay önce
As part of the Houseplant 101: Back to Basics series, I decided to do a fairly robust overview of fertilizing houseplants, including what fertilizer is, why to fertilize ...
Top 10 Trailing HouseplantsNick Pileggi
1 ay önce
Looking to turn your home into a jungle? Trailing AKA vining plants are the easiest step to achieve that goal! I share 10+ of ones that are not only my favorites but ...
DJ Houseplants - Where We MetEELF
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houseplants: party lo-fi: afterparty lo-fi: ...
My Top 5 Favorite Houseplants | Summer 2019Nick Pileggi
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Thanks for watching! What are your top 5 favorite houseplants? Instagram: @phillyfoliage #phillyfoliage #top5.
My Cleaning Routine with 300 Houseplants! | My weekly cleaning routine!Harli G
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Today I show you my house cleaning routine with 300 houseplants! Keeping a space clean with so many plants can be tough, but we got this friends! I'd love if ...
My Top 10 Favorite Houseplants Winter 2019Harli G
7 ay önce
I have so many houseplants that I love so much, but at times some of my plants I love even more than others! Here is a list of my top 10 favorite indoor plants for ...
Top 5 LARGE Houseplants! | November 2018Kaylee Ellen
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Six Easy (and Underrated) Houseplants for Beginners — Ep 111Summer Rayne Oakes
5 ay önce
I know a number of you who watch this channel are just starting out and want some easy plant recommendations but may not want the "normal" plants that you ...
Easy Houseplants for Beginners + Care Tips! | EASY CARE INDOOR PLANTS FOR BEGINNERSHarli G
2 ay önce
Here are 15 of the easiest houseplants to take care of for beginners! There are so many beautiful varieties of EASY houseplants to take care of & here are a few ...
Repotting Houseplants and Q&A With Crazy Plant GuyCrazy Plant Guy
5 ay önce
Hey Plantaholics. Get to know me and my house plants more in this video. I'll be answering some of your questions from Instagram while I do some repotting of ...
Houseplants You Can't Kill | The Dirt | Better Homes & GardensBetter Homes and Gardens
1 yıl önce
Remedy a black thumb by choosing these easy-to-care-for houseplants. Once you have established a houseplant, make sure you know the warning signs of ...
Houseplant 101: How Often to Water Your Houseplants — Ep 119Summer Rayne Oakes
3 ay önce
The “Houseplant 101: Back to Basics” series continues, but this time with the question: How often should we water our houseplants? It's easy to spout off general ...
NEW My FAVORITE Houseplants | Aglaonema Care | Bob Ross DayStef Hall
6 saat önce
Aglaonemas are thee GREATEST HOUSE PLANTS! There are so many different varieties of Chinese Evergreen houseplants. They have beautiful variegated ...