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History of Every K-Pop Scandal with JYP EntertainmentDareDB KPop
2 hafta önce
Well, this finally closes this series on KPop Scandals with the Big 3. YouTube doesn't seem to like me doing these videos because they violate their monetization ...
J.Y. Park(박진영) "Who's your mama?(어머님이 누구니) (feat. Jessi)" M/Vjypentertainment
4 yıl önce
J.Y. Park(박진영) "Who's your mama?(어머님이 누구니) (feat. Jessi)" M/V Download J.Y. Park(박진영) album "24/34" on iTunes: ...
Jimin Park "Stay Beautiful" Live Spoilerjypentertainment
3 gün önce
Jimin Park "Stay Beautiful" Live Spoiler Listen to Jimin Park "jiminxjamie" iTunes & Apple Music : https://goo.gl/7FfBNn Google Play Music ...
JYP Special - TWICE, GOT7, DAY6, Stray Kids [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]KBS World TV
7 ay önce
2018 KBS Song Festival Play List https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMf7VY8La5RHDcwdIWJgV6kqp4ADfJVil * MC : Chanyeol(EXO), Dahyun(TWICE), ...
JYP's Checking ITZY's Dalla Dalla Choreography [Master in the House Ep 61]KOCOWA TV
5 ay önce
Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web ▷https://bit.ly/2HNSsiS Want to watch on your phone? Install our app ...
JYP is so weird and unique 😂😂😂Relaxfying
4 ay önce
The best CEO of kpop entertainment industry, the one that we all admire, also is the one that so extra, weird, funny and kind at the same time! Hi guys, I ...
ITZY "ICY" M/Vjypentertainment
3 hafta önce
ITZY "ICY" M/V Find ITZY "IT'z ICY" on iTunes & Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/itz-icy-ep/1473678000 Spotify https://spoti.fi/2OrbLSL [ITZY ...
Is JYP About To Make His Biggest Mistake EverInternetsNathan
6 ay önce
A little editorial on my thoughts of JYP Entertainment Reportedly Planning On Debuting 4 New Groups In 2019, JYP Publishing Is Expanding Their Songwriting ...
J.Y. Park(박진영) "Still Alive(살아있네)" M/Vjypentertainment
3 yıl önce
J.Y. Park(박진영) "Still Alive(살아있네)" M/V Find J.Y. Park(박진영) "Still Alive" on iTunes & Apple Music ...
J.Y. Park "Fire" feat. Conan O'Brien & Steven Yeun & Jimin Park Official M/VTeam Coco
3 yıl önce
Conan & Steven team up with J.Y. Park & a pack of K-pop superstars including the Wonder Girls and TWICE for "Fire." Watch every second of #ConanKorea and ...
(ENG SUB) We've Visited the JYP Cafeteria! | Legend of BobblessU JYP 구내식당 직접 가보았다! 생생리뷰 JMT | 먹방모음집Olive
2 ay önce
어서와 JYP BOB은 처음이지? 자라나는 연습생들을 위해 유기농과 친환경 식자재만 사용한 구내식당! 밥블레스유 언니들이 직접 방문해보았다! 거기서...
JYP - Who’s Your Mama? (Feat.Jessi) / Behind Closed Doors & more [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]KBS World TV
4 yıl önce
JYP (박진영) - Who's Your Mama? (Feat.Jessi) (어머님이 누구니) / Behind Closed Doors (방문을 닫으면) / She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) / Honey / Don't Leave ...
GOT7 roasting JYPJust whatever infires man
1 yıl önce
Because this is how GOT7 show their love (On a side note, I know some of you want the funny videos back, I want to do more fake subs and conspiracy ...
"ITAEWON FREEDOM(이태원 프리덤) (with J.Y. Park(박진영))" M/Vjypentertainment
8 yıl önce
"ITAEWON FREEDOM(이태원 프리덤) (with J.Y. Park(박진영))" M/V.
JYP 2.0jypentertainment
1 yıl önce
JYP 2.0 Find J.Y. Park "BLUE&RED" on iTunes & Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blue-red-single/id1296700699 J.Y. Park Official Facebook: ...
How to be a JYP Foreign Trainee? Audition & Training Program 2019Korea Crush
1 ay önce
KPOP NEWS! How to be YG Foreign Trainee? New Auditions & YG Academy Programs 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5JdQAqZLoA&t=11s Fast and ...
[ENG]180831 와썹맨 WassupMan 3대기획사투어 JYP사옥방문 (Visit JYP building) Stray Kids CutJue Lucidus
4 gün önce
This clip is a compilation of parts of WassupMan-channel video. [origin-channel(wassupman) URL of video] ...
JYP Nation - Special Stage + Don’t Leave Me [2018 KBS Song Festival]KOCOWA TV
7 ay önce
Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web ▷https://bit.ly/2R1jdoj Want to watch on your phone? Install our app ...
1 yıl önce
another entertainment expose!! i dont know if this stacks up for with my YG one because honestly i still have so much more to say on him, but I hope this was ...
ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/Vjypentertainment
6 ay önce
ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V Find ITZY "IT'z Different" on iTunes & Apple Music https://goo.gl/hBD3xS [ITZY Official] http://ITZY.jype.com ...
JYP Sixteen Final Momo 모모 EN sub 트와이스다모DahMo
10 ay önce
Twice's Momo being selected as a member. 트와이스 ** I do not own this video **
[집사부일체] JYP 박진영(Park jin young) 댄스학개론 / 'Master in the House' SpecialSBS NOW
5 ay önce
박진영이 알려주는 멋쁜 춤! JYP댄스학개론~ 다 함께 따라 해봐요~ 드디어 몸치인 나도 춤! 출 수 있는거야?ㅠ_ㅠ ☞ 매주 Sun(일) 저녁 06:25PM 본방송...
J.Y. Park(박진영) "You're the one(너 뿐이야)" M/VJ.Y. Park
7 yıl önce
J.Y. Park(박진영) "You're the one(너 뿐이야)" M/V Available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spring-5-songs-for-a-new-love-ep/id521068763 J.Y. ...
#ITZY #IDOLROOM #ICY ITZY ON IDOL ROOM Dance to JYP Artist Songs (Wonder Girls , Miss A, TWICE ,Jyp)CB Tv
3 hafta önce
ITZYCOMEBACK #ICY #IDOLROOM #YEJI #LIA #RYUJIN #CHAERYONG #YUNA Please Like and Subscribe No copyright infringement intended All rights ...
(Weekly Idol EP.247) JYP legend song dance medleyALL THE K-POP
3 yıl önce
(Weekly Idol EP.247) JYP legend song dance medley.
Seong Jae's Reult of JYP Audition? [Master in the House Ep 60]KOCOWA TV
5 ay önce
Full episodes can be found on KOCOWA Watch Full Episodes on the Web ▷https://bit.ly/2HNSsiS Want to watch on your phone? Install our app ...
Former JYP trainee reveals Secret Things about TWICE and SIXTEEN you never knewABIZ ENT BUZZ
1 yıl önce
TWICE(트와이스) "What is Love?" M/V iTunes & Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/album/what-is-love/1369699737 TWICE Official YouTube: ...
JYP가 신예은을 포기하는 이유이슈피드
1 ay önce
영상이 재미있으셨다면 '구독하기'와 '좋아요' 한번씩 눌러주세요! 댓글은 저에게 매우 큰힘이 된답니다! :D 구독하기 ☞ https://goo.gl/wWcGCX ...
TWICE "FANCY" M/Vjypentertainment
4 ay önce
TWICE "FANCY" M/V "FANCY YOU" Album Official Purchase(US) Amazon https://tinyurl.com/y43c4c4z BARNES & NOBLE https://tinyurl.com/y22947bm Spotify ...
1 yıl önce
Physical sales: 1.000.000 = 10 , 500.000 = 5 ,100.000 or least = 1 Digital Sales : 1.000.000 = 3 least them 1.000.000 = 1 P(Popularity) Points JYP ARTIST ...
NCT is Fed Up, Yeri’s Dark Change, New JYP Boy GroupKPOP Junkee
3 ay önce
Talking NCT questioned about BTS, Yeri and Red Velvet's visual change, JYP's New Thai Boy Group Subscribe for KJ Live and MV Explanations/Theories!
서장훈(Seo Jang-hoon)에게 배신당한 JYP "YG의 다이아가 그렇게 좋더냐?♨" 아는 형님(knowing bros) 118회JTBC Entertainment
1 yıl önce
YG가 JYP보다 확 잘 되기 시작했을 때! 연락 안 돼서 찾아갔는데 YG와 함께 있던 장훈 미국 진출로 연락이 안 됐던 JYP… 멀어진 후니 "양현석의 다이아...
Produce 101 ′I.O.I with JYP′ 박진영과의 첫 만남 & 안무 연습 현장공개! 161012 EP.21Mnet Official
2 yıl önce
아이오아이 완전체 신곡 너무너무너무 비하인드 프로듀서 박진영과의 첫 만남과 안무 연습 현장 공개! 아이오아이 완전체 컴백 너무너무너무...
JYP Nation "This Christmas" M/Vjypentertainment
8 yıl önce
JYP Nation "This Christmas" M/V.
Stray Kids [선공개] 시/선/압/도(!) JYP vs YG @ 댄스 배틀 171128 EP.7Mnet Official
1 yıl önce
[선공개] 시/선/압/도(!) JYP vs YG @ 댄스 배틀 JYP 연습생들의 조금 특별한 자생 리얼리티 매주 화요일 밤 11시 Mnet <Stray Kids.
PRODUCE X 101 [직캠] 일대일아이컨택ㅣ윤서빈(JYP) _지마 190314 EP.0Mnet K-POP
4 ay önce
[직캠] 일대일아이컨택ㅣ윤서빈(JYP) _지마 당신의 소년에게 투표하라! 글로벌 아이돌 육성 프로젝트 프로듀스 X 101 국민 프로듀서님, 잘 부탁드립니...
Stray Kids "부작용(Side Effects)" M/Vjypentertainment
2 ay önce
Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "부작용(Side Effects)" M/V Stray Kids SPECIAL ALBUM "Clé 2 : Yellow Wood" iTunes & Apple Music: https://apple.co/2KpEEvN Spotify: ...
SM vs JYP vs YG! 3 minutes summary of 3 major Ent companies idol! What is your choice?퇴경아 약먹자
1 yıl önce
Thank you for watching :) If you like it, please subscribe my channel and like it. Thank you! Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/xhlrud Twitter ...
Pre-TALK "JYP X 3RACHA"jypentertainment
5 ay önce
Pre-Talk(프리토크) "JYP(박진영) X 3RACHA(방찬, 창빈, 한) Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH" iTunes & Apple Music: http://goo.gl/rWq6bu Spotify: ...
190820 ITZY(있지) random Cover dance (BTS TWICE CHUNGHA TAEMIN JYP)studio PARN
4 gün önce
ITZY #coverdance #TWICE K WORLD FESTA - CELUV TV LIVE SHOW BTS - I need you Chungha - Gotta go TAEMIN - move TWICE -Fancy JYP.
Beberapa perbedaan antara JYP dan YGKorea Reomit
4 ay önce
Video Pembicaraan JYP dengan Twice: https://youtu.be/pTTd9EGm3Vs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hansoljang110/ Bisnis enquiries/비즈니스 ...
JYP NATION Artist Stage Compilation ㅣ JYP 역대 가수 무대 모음MBCkpop
2 ay önce
JYP #소.취 #소나무취향_소속사취향 ♪TIMELINE♪ 00:00:14 박진영 - 난 여자가 있는데 (J.Y.Park - I Have a Girlfriend...) 00:04:16 진주 - 난 괜찮아 (Jinju - I...
[ENG] PRODUCE X 101 Reaction to SM YG JYP EntranceJOChill
3 ay önce
YT: JOCHILL Instagram: @_jochrim241 Twitter: @_jochrim241 https://curiouscat.me/Jochrim No copyrights infringement intended. Credits to MNET and Produce ...
Preseason 2019 - 2020: Tappara vs. JYPJyP B
19 saat önce
Jääkiekon B-Nuoret Preseason ottelu 2019 - 2020: Tappara vs. JYP Ottelu pelattu Haka 2 jäähallissa Tampereella 23.8.2019.
JYP nation members on Knowing brotherBirgitte
4 ay önce
Funny and cute moments with JYP members on Knowing brother episodes used: GOT7 - Episode 118 Bambam - Episode 141 TWICE - Episode 27, 76, 152 ...
[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [1회] YG에 이은 JYP 등장! 술렁이는 연습생들 (feat.1등 자리의 주인공) 190503 EP.1Mnet K-POP
3 ay önce
당신의 소년에게 투표하라! 글로벌 아이돌 육성 프로젝트 <프로듀스 X 101> 국민 프로듀서님, 잘 부탁드립니다! 매주 금요일 밤 11시 Mnet 방송...
JYP 여자2팀 무대+평가 (ITZY 데뷔조)왑뚜
9 ay önce
엠넷 171017 스트레이키즈 1화 반영분 中.
前JYP大樓賣不出去的原因?地下室有鬼?!定延跌倒?TWICE ONCE
5 gün önce
娜璉生日應援物資訊請參見IG twiceonce56251020 歡迎大家多多支持.