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Kris Jenner on the family businessCBS Sunday Morning
3 ay önce
You might say the Kardashians changed the way we look at money and fame. Tracy Smith sits down with Kris Jenner, the woman who literally gave birth to the ...
Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Kim's Baby Bombshell to Kris JennerTheEllenShow
3 ay önce
Kris Jenner had the ultimate Mother's Day surprise as Ellen brought out Kourtney Kardashian, her kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and Kim's children, North, ...
Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home | Open Door | Architectural DigestArchitectural Digest
6 ay önce
Kris Jenner takes us on a tour of her Hidden Hills home! From the chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret, to the pops of color inspired by multiple contemporary ...
Kris Jenner Answers 'Ellen’s Burning Questions'TheEllenShow
9 ay önce
Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner answered "Ellen's Burning Questions," including which daughter she thinks is the smartest, whether Kylie is planning for ...
Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris JennerThe Late Late Show with James Corden
1 yıl önce
James and Kris Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions about the Kardashian family and James's career, which they must answer or eat a ...
Episode 8: Kris Jenner's ClosetJudith Leiber Couture
11 ay önce
In this episode of Dee's Diary, Kris Jenner gives Dee Hilfiger a tour of her brand-new closet and her personal Judith Leiber Couture collection, including the ...
KUWTK | Caitlyn and Kris Jenner Try to Put the Past Behind Them | E!E! Entertainment
2 yıl önce
The former couple share a drink and discuss the past when Caitlyn brings by her new book. See what happens on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." #KUWTK ...
Proof That Kris Jenner Is All Our Moms | KUWTK | E!E! Entertainment
8 ay önce
From awkward workouts to backseat driving, here is definitive proof that Kris Jenner is just like all of our moms. Watch! #KUWTK ...
Kris Jenner's Most Epic Moments | KUWTK | E!Keeping Up With The Kardashians
3 ay önce
No one can do it quite like Kris Jenner. Revisit the time the "KUWTK" momager dressed up like a mime, crashed Kim's pole dancing class & so much more.
Ellen Gets Kris Jenner Ready to Deliver Her Next GrandchildTheEllenShow
3 ay önce
Kris Jenner joined Ellen for her annual Mother's Day show to talk about how much she loved being pregnant with every one of her six kids. Plus, the “Keeping ...
Kris Jenner And The Business of The KardashiansWall Street Journal
7 yıl önce
Kris Jenner, mother and manager of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, sits with WSJ's Lee Hawkins for an exclusive interview on how the Kardashian empire ...
Kris Jenner Plays Who'd You Rather?TheEllenShow
3 yıl önce
The mother of all reality stars played Ellen's new matchmaking game!
Happy Mother's Day Kris Jenner! | KUWTK | E!Keeping Up With The Kardashians
3 ay önce
It's a hard job being a momager--but Kris Jenner handles it well. See Kris Jenner's best mom moments from "KUWTK." Watch! #KUWTK ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Upset About "Hoarding Money" Accusation in Caitlyn's Book | E!E! Entertainment
2 yıl önce
Kris sets the record straight about how she is portrayed in Caitlyn's tell-all book! Don't miss it on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". #KUWTK ...
Kris Jenner Shares Her Kylie Skin RoutineKylie Jenner
3 ay önce
My mom fell in love with my vanilla milk toner when we were developing my line. I love that I can help my mom, my family and my friends discover new products ...
Kris Jenner Talks Regret and the O.J. Simpson Verdict | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey NetworkOWN
7 yıl önce
In 1978, Kris Houghton married Robert Kardashian, a lawyer who became known in the '90s as a member of O.J. Simpson's defense team. Twelve years and ...
Kris Jenner Gets Offer to Play "Mean Girls" Mom in "Thank U, Next" | KUWTK | E!Keeping Up With The Kardashians
3 ay önce
She's not a regular momager, she's a cool momager! Hear Kris gushes to Kendall over being invited to be in Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video.
Kris Jenner Interviews Ellen to Be Her AssistantTheEllenShow
1 yıl önce
Using Bumble Bizz app, Kris Jenner interviewed Ellen to see if she has the right skills to be her personal assistant.
Kris Jenner On Her Kardashian-Jenner Family Christmas Holiday Décor | Architectural DigestArchitectural Digest
2 yıl önce
We've been keeping up with the Kardashian family for 12 seasons, but there's one moment we've never seen until now: how Kris Jenner turns her home into a ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner & M.J. Eat Marijuana Gummy Bears | E!E! Entertainment
5 yıl önce
To alleviate Kris' mom's chronic back pain, M.J. uses edible medical marijuana and urges Kris to try it. See how papa Bruce reacts on "Keeping Up with The ...
Kris Jenner on O.J. SimpsonTheEllenShow
3 yıl önce
With her history with the Simpson family, and the notorious murder trial back in the spotlight with the hit series "American Crime Story," Kris had plenty to talk ...
Kendall Jenner Gets a Scare from Her Mom ‘Kris Jenner’TheEllenShow
6 ay önce
Kendall Jenner admitted to Ellen she was feeling a little left out after her family members were getting scares on the show, so Ellen happily spread the scare love ...
Kris Jenner Talks Khloe, Lying About Kylie, and Literally Keeping Up with the KardashiansTheEllenShow
1 yıl önce
Kris Jenner chatted with Ellen about Khloe's crazy delivery, lying about Kylie's pregnancy, and admitted even she can't keep up with the Kardashians.
Kylie Jenner Talks About Her New Home with Kris | Architectural DigestArchitectural Digest
6 ay önce
We go inside Kylie Jenner's new home and discuss her recent design admirations with her mom Kris Jenner. We see photos of her new glam room along with ...
Kardashians Don't Trust Kris Jenner's Boyfriend & Kourtney Moves Out: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S16, Ep7)Keeping Up With The Kardashians
2 ay önce
Kourtney K. overstays her welcome at Kendall Jenner's house after being evacuated due to wildfires. Plus, Kris invites Khloe on an uncomfortable girl's trip.
KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Does a Makeup Tutorial on Kris! | E!E! Entertainment
5 ay önce
Want to know how to get that famous Kylie Jenner lip? Here are the tips from Kylie herself! Then, watch the season premiere of "KUWTK," March 31 at 9|8c on E!
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Confronts Kim Kardashian Over Nasty Feud | E!E! Entertainment
2 yıl önce
Is Kim K. a traitor to her mother? Find out why helping Caitlyn Jenner is causing a major headache for Kim on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". #KUWTK ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Prank Calls Random People | E!E! Entertainment
1 yıl önce
While wine tasting with Khloe, Mama Kris decides to have some fun--and Khloe can barely contain herself. See the hilarious moment on "Keeping Up with The ...
Met Gala 2019: Kris Jenner Says Kylie Picked Her Blonde Hair (Exclusive)Entertainment Tonight
3 ay önce
ET was with Tiffany Haddish and Kris Jenner at the 2019 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's annual benefit. More from Entertainment Tonight: ...
KUWTK: Kris Jenner Snaps at Khloe and Kim Kardashian for Disrespectful Comment About Corey Gamb…Entertainment Tonight
2 ay önce
The Kardashian sisters have questions about Kris Jenner's boyfriend. 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' airs Sundays on E!
Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian Managed By Mom: Kris Jenner Nightline Interview (07.26.11)ABC News
8 yıl önce
Daughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have been working since they were teenagers. For more on this story, click here: ...
KUWTK | Kim & Khloe Plot Revenge on Kris Jenner for "Scamming" | E!E! Entertainment
1 yıl önce
When Khloe and Kim discover Kris tricked them into buying her a new toaster, they plot and plan 'sweet revenge' on momma Kris. Watch the "KUWTK" moment.
Kylie & Kris Jenner On Baby Kendall's Hilarious Hairdressing Skills | GLAMOUR UKGlamour Magazine UK
11 ay önce
Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner sit down during Kylie's GLAMOUR UK cover shoot to reveal their beauty secrets. From the hilarious story about Kendall Jenner ...
Can 60-Year-Old Kris Jenner Get Pregnant? | KUWTK | E!E! Entertainment
3 yıl önce
Kris freaks out when she thinks there's a possibility she can be pregnant because of her period. Find out if she's still fertile on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Hopping Mad at Daughters | E!E! Entertainment
3 yıl önce
When Kris buys a house for Rob, it doesn't sit well with Kim and Khloé. See the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star refuse to be judged by her daughters!
Kris Jenner Calls Khloe's Boyfriend 'Daddy'TheEllenShow
1 yıl önce
Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner chatted with Ellen about her growing family, including (possibly pregnant) daughter Khloe and her boyfriend Tristan ...
Kris Jenner Dishes On the Kardashian Xmas Card FightThe Late Late Show with James Corden
1 yıl önce
James asks Kris Jenner about the blow-up over the family Christmas card between Kim and Courtney Kardashian on the latest season of "Keeping Up With The ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Loss of Bruce | E!E! Entertainment
3 yıl önce
The "Kardashians" star has a difficult time going through Bruce's old clothes with Kim. See how the family will keep the memories alive. #KUWTK ...
Kris Jenner Explains The Kardashian's Crazy Christmas Cards | GlamourGlamour
2 yıl önce
Kris Jenner takes us through the last 10 years of Kardashian holiday cards. Still haven't subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ▻▻ Kris ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Receives Emergency Call From Kendall | E!E! Entertainment
1 yıl önce
Kendall Jenner calls her mother in a panic during one of her anxiety attacks. Hear how Kris comforts her panicking daughter on "KUWTK". #KUWTK ...
Kris Jenner On Kylie Cosmetics And Keeping Up With The Kardashian Retail Empire | CNBCCNBC
1 yıl önce
Kris Jenner, reality TV star of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and Jenner Communications CEO, speaks with CNBC's Courtney Reagan about the ...
Kris Jenner Breaks Silence on Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson ScandalEntertainment Tonight
4 ay önce
The ultimate momager opened up to Ryan Seacrest on his 'On Air' radio show about the alleged cheating scandal that rocked her famous family. Exclusives ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Furious Over Caitlyn's Book | E!E! Entertainment
2 yıl önce
The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is pissed about how she's portrayed in Caitlyn Jenner's tell-all book. Take a look. #KUWTK ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Criticizes Khloe Kardashian's Driving Habits | E!E! Entertainment
10 ay önce
After a couple of close calls while driving home from softball practice, the "KUWTK" stars get into an argument about Khloe's driving habits. Watch the bonus clip!
KUWTK | Thieves Steal Kris Jenner's Luggage! | E!E! Entertainment
5 yıl önce
Kim and Kris' Vienna trip goes south when Kris finds her bags ransacked and things are missing on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," Sundays on E!
Exclusive: Kris Jenner on Kim's 72-Day Marriage | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey NetworkOWN
7 yıl önce
Kris Jenner, mother and manager of Kim Kardashian, says she watched Kim grow increasingly unhappy in her 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.
Kim Kardashian Hijacks Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve Party | KUWTK | E!Keeping Up With The Kardashians
2 ay önce
See how the "KUWTK" momager reacts when Kimmy commandeers her annual holiday party--and she's outnumbered. Watch the emotional moment! #KUWTK ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Slips Tracking Device in Mom's Shoes | E!E! Entertainment
1 yıl önce
Mama Jenner wants to know where MJ is at, at all times. See Kris' gift in disguise on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." #KUWTK ...
KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Feeling Her Icy Blonde Hairdo | E!E! Entertainment
1 yıl önce
Is that Miranda Priestly or mama Jenner rocking a brand-new look? See Kim Kardashian's reaction to Kris' new 'do on "KUWTK". #KUWTK ...
Creating Cultural Moments | Kim Kardashian West & Kris Jenner | #BoFWestThe Business of Fashion
1 yıl önce
The final panel at BoF was hosted by Imran Amed with Kim Kardashian West and Jenner closing the summit, where they spoke about working together as a ...