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How to Propagate Pepper Elder (Pepperomia Pellucida)Inside Green
3 yıl önce
Music: All Star Trio, Oh By Jingo For more info go to:
Growing Ripple PepperomiaWindyArbor
2 ay önce
My Emerald Ripple Pepperomia care and story behind its recovery, Binomoial Nomenclature: Peperomia caperata.
How to Grow and Care Pepperomia Plant || Fun Gardening || 7 Nov, 2017Fun Gardening
1 yıl önce
Facebook : -------------------------------------------------------- Short Guitar Clip by ...
3 ay önce
Join me today as I update you on my Watermelon Pepperomia Plant. I have had this plant approximately three months and so far my Watermelon Pepperomia is ...
PepperomiaLSU AgCenter
7 yıl önce
Some once-popular plants have faded from common use today. But occasionally one of those plants will make its way back into marketplaces and landscapes.
1 ay önce
Peperomia obtusifolia makes an excellent & easy care houseplant. Here's how to prune & propagate the Baby Rubber Plant. Sign Up For Our Bi Monthly ...
Ep 114. Houseplant Unboxing + Peperomia PropagationSummer Rayne Oakes
1 ay önce
Since my first unboxing of Steve's Leaves back in November 2017 (, I've seen many more unboxings of ...
1 ay önce
Hey everyone join me today as I share my new Pepperomia Incana Plant. This plant is fast growing and easy to care for. It requires medium to bright light and ...
3 hafta önce
Hey guys join me today as I repot my Watermelon Pepperomia Plant. This plant came to me in a bit of a bad condition but is doing much better now.
Pepperomia Collection. Part 1 💚The Jungle Down The Ave
2 hafta önce
Part 2** over on my channel.
4 hafta önce
Hey everyone join me today as I give you an update on my April Indoor Plants. These plants have been doing wonderful and are growing amazingly.
How to propagate Pepperomia ObtusifoliaHouseplants Dream
1 yıl önce
Hey guys here's to show you a super easy way to propagate Pepperomia Obtusifolia. Happy propagating:)
Gorgeous Baby Pepperomia Review - - Affordable & Cut houseplants - ONLY $12.00 !Muriel Perez
4 ay önce
Hey Yall, Welcome to my channel! I just got my 2nd "houseplant" from Wanted to do a very quick product review. Hope you all enjoy, if so ...
Starting my pepperomia collection!!Ady Garden
8 ay önce
instagram :adybabiessucculents.
Peperomia obtusifolia 'Variegata'Abdul Shani
6 yıl önce
Piperaceae Known also as Variegated Pepperomia.
Peperomia pellucida | Silver bush | pepper elder | little heart plant #plants #herb #englishvlogJOSPEDIA
1 ay önce
Everything about the rare plant of India! Stay tuned for more exciting videos!! Check out the best dish you can make with Pepperomia Pelucida or pepper elder: ...
Salad pepperomia / crab claw herb are growing at my house. Chicken cooked with fish sauce .Health and Beauty
1 hafta önce
Salad pepperomia / crab claw herb / peperomia pellucida are not only delicious food but also medicinal plants that can treat many diseases. Used in the form of ...
Great house plant haul pothos ferns monstera pepperomia and more wowThe Dave
3 ay önce
This place is awesome and I had to buy more plants.... A great trip and beautiful plants.
Huge April 2019 Houseplant🌿 & Pot Haul || Kreatyve LaydiieeKreatyve Laydiiee
1 ay önce
Check out all the plants I bought this month! I started out on a 'no-buy' April 1st & ended up adding 14 more plants to my collection!! Leave me a comment ...
Come with me: Plant shopping + tour | Fallbrook, CA | March 2019 | ILOVEJEWELYNilovejewelyn
2 ay önce
I do not mention the name of the nursery/business featured in my come with me series unless it's a sponsored or partnered video. I hope you understand that I go ...
MNEMOSYNE- Origine partie 5, Colère, bonjour tristesse.wmvPepperomia
8 yıl önce
Colère: tout le monde Slam : florian.
Moss Terrarium 1Rogue FJ
5 yıl önce
It's been three month since I started this moss terrarium and it looks like it's doing pretty well. I added the pepperomia plants on the bottom as the cobra lillies and ...
2 hafta önce
Hey everyone join me today as I share my top 5 indoor plants. I have many plants on my favorites list so choosing 5 was very difficult. Each of these plants are so ...
What's That Herb Ep01 - Peperomia Pellucida (rau càng cua)Khang Starr
6 ay önce
I love growing Peperomia Pellucida (rau càng cua) becuase they are beautiful and delicious. This plant is considered a tropical herb and prefer lots of moisture ...
Phonix palm लगाएं घर के अंदर हरियाली और सुंदरता दोनों बढ़ाएं, how to care and maintain Phonix palmanvesha,s creativity
1 hafta önce
Phonix palm लगाएं घर के अंदर हरियाली और सुंदरता दोनों बढ़ाएं,how to care and maintain indoor Phonix palm,anvesha,s...
Peperomia'lara Yakından Bakış 👀 Bitkileri Tanıyalım - Labofemlabofem
1 ay önce
Peperomia'ları Pilea ile karıştıranlar buraya buyursun! Piperaceae (Karabibergiller) familyasına mensup Peperomia türleri ne ister, neye benzer, nasıl bakılır ...
3 hafta önce
Join me today as I go plant shopping. Spring is definately the best time to get the best plants. Lowe's carries a great selection of your favorite plants. I ended up ...
Summer Garden Overview || Fun Gardening || May Garden OverviewFun Gardening
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Facebook :
Tour My PeperomiasLiquidambar Girl Gardening
7 ay önce
I don't have too many, but I'd love to show you which Peperomias I have...Join me!
My Succulent Collection with their name /#succulentaddict/ My Succulent plant collection tour(Hindi)Go green with Arti
4 ay önce
succulent #succulents #succulentlover #succulentcare #dishgardening #succulentplatter #succulentarrangements #fairygarden Topic : My Succulent Collection ...
Just another houseplant haul and some random Hoya/anthurium tipsPlant Utopia
3 ay önce
A plant haul of 4 houseplants from a local nursery (Oakland Nursery) and a plant I just got from eBay.
#planthauls #plants Houseplants, Plants Accessories, & Surprise Haul 2019Odeliza
2 ay önce
plantshauls #plants #plantsofinstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #flauntyhourleaves #pepperomia #succulentshaul @mrs.raiter #odeliza Oi tudo mundo!
How to propagate houseplants by taking whole-leaf cuttingsRHS - Royal Horticultural Society
2 ay önce
Presenter, writer and gardener Ellen Mary, shows you how to propagate your houseplants by taking whole-leaf cuttings. You can do this for various plants such ...
MNEMOSYNE- Origine partie 4 - Premiers hommes, contacts.Pepperomia
8 yıl önce
jonglage: Pierre, Antoine, Simon Portés: Eve, Adeline Musique: Florian, Axelle, Mathieu.