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PepperomiaLSU AgCenter
7 yıl önce
Some once-popular plants have faded from common use today. But occasionally one of those plants will make its way back into marketplaces and landscapes.
How to Grow and Care Pepperomia Plant || Fun Gardening || 7 Nov, 2017Fun Gardening
1 yıl önce
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How to Propagate Pepper Elder (Pepperomia Pellucida)Inside Green
2 yıl önce
Music: All Star Trio, Oh By Jingo For more info go to:
4 hafta önce
Join me today as I update you on my Watermelon Pepperomia Plant. I have had this plant approximately three months and so far my Watermelon Pepperomia is ...
Starting my pepperomia collection!!Ady Garden
6 ay önce
instagram :adybabiessucculents.
Peperomia Plant Care Tips & Tricks | Peperomia Houseplant Care!Harli G
4 hafta önce
This video will teach you tricks & tips for keeping your Peperomia houseplant healthy & happy as an indoor plant! The care needs for the peperomia are simple.
How to propagate Pepperomia ObtusifoliaHouseplants Dream
1 yıl önce
Hey guys here's to show you a super easy way to propagate Pepperomia Obtusifolia. Happy propagating:)
Gorgeous Baby Pepperomia Review - - Affordable & Cut houseplants - ONLY $12.00 !Muriel Perez
2 ay önce
Hey Yall, Welcome to my channel! I just got my 2nd "houseplant" from Wanted to do a very quick product review. Hope you all enjoy, if so ...
1 yıl önce
Join me and get new ideas for your indoor or outdoor plants from my home to your home. I also experiment in rooting many plants. I Look forward in seeing you ...
Houseplant Haul & Repotting! Repotting Indoor Plants & Pottery Haul!Harli G
1 ay önce
Today we will be repotting a bunch of houseplants I recently hauled! I love repotting plants, as I find it so therapeutic. Putting houseplants into cute pottery really ...
Great house plant haul pothos ferns monstera pepperomia and more wowThe Dave
1 ay önce
This place is awesome and I had to buy more plants.... A great trip and beautiful plants.
#planthauls #plants Houseplants, Plants Accessories, & Surprise Haul 2019Odeliza
1 hafta önce
plantshauls #plants #plantsofinstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #flauntyhourleaves #pepperomia #succulentshaul @mrs.raiter #odeliza Oi tudo mundo!
Peperomia obtusifolia 'Variegata'Abdul Shani
6 yıl önce
Piperaceae Known also as Variegated Pepperomia.
3 hafta önce
Today I am unboxing my Monstera Deliciosa or also known as Swiss Cheese Plant is $24.99 with $6.99 shipping. I will also be unboxing my Split Leaf ...
Just another houseplant haul and some random Hoya/anthurium tipsPlant Utopia
1 ay önce
A plant haul of 4 houseplants from a local nursery (Oakland Nursery) and a plant I just got from eBay.
Watermelon Peperomia Care & How To Propagate! 🌱💚Tropical Plant Addict
3 ay önce
Hope you find this care tips and propagation method video useful! I bought my Watermelon Peperomia from here in the UK VIDEO ...
Peperomia CollectionHouse Plant Apothecary
4 hafta önce
My very first video from House Plant Apothecary. I have been literally growing house plants my entire life and for much of that time I felt like I was the odd man out ...
L'espace autogéré des tanneries dijonPepperomia
1 decade önce
film réalisé dans le cadre de nos TPE.
Plant Tour. REALITY --- Bedroom and Officelinda may
1 ay önce
Hi guys a lot is changing on my channel. Grab a snack this is a very long plant tour video! Also some IMPORTANT CHANGES for spring-summer. Sandsavaria ...
What's That Herb Ep01 - Peperomia Pellucida (rau càng cua)Khang Starr
4 ay önce
I love growing Peperomia Pellucida (rau càng cua) becuase they are beautiful and delicious. This plant is considered a tropical herb and prefer lots of moisture ...
Mini Vivarium Build Part 3Luke P.
2 yıl önce
Here's part 3 of the mini Vivarium build :) Here's the plant list, (keep in mind that this will probably evolve a bit as time goes on) ORCHIDS Haraella retrocalla* ...
Dicas Para o Cultivo Da Peperômia MarromFlores em vida
8 ay önce
Boa tarde a todos, nesse vídeo dou dicas para o bom cultivo da Peperômia Marrom, espero que gostem curtam e compartilhem bjs e fiquem com Deus.
Quick Walmart Haul | Pot + Plant StandHeyits Davy
1 ay önce
Hey its Davy, I went to Walmart today & my local Walmart is starting to have spring stuff out. I decided to pick up some pots & plant stands. If you enjoy this video ...
Plant Tour Summer 2018 | Indoor Houseplants | HouseplantsSharina Tallada
6 ay önce
Welcome PLOMIES (Plant-Homies LOL)!!! You're here because you LOVE Plants, Plant Tours, Indoor Plants & Houseplants just like I do! This is my my very first ...
ड्रैगन ट्री, Madagascar Dragon Tree Cutting Propagation And Care, Be the Creator, Feb. 19BeThe CREATOR- Bonsai Gardening
1 ay önce
Easiest cutting propagation of Madagascar Dragon/ Dracaena Marginata Tree and how to care it. Soil preparation, Watering, Fertilizing and Transplantation of ...
Planting with Jewelyn: Propagating from my Pilea Peperomioides | Dec 2018 | ILOVEJEWELYNilovejewelyn
3 ay önce
Propagating my Pilea: Unboxing my Pilea: Meet my original ...
Moss Terrarium1George Vega
5 yıl önce
This is the moss terrarium about 4 months later. It's looking pretty good. The cobra lillies and pennywort didn't make it. I added some pepperomia and it seems to ...
“Amazing Health Benefits of Pepper Elder Plant”Dr. Paul Haider
1 ay önce
Great for Pain, Arthritis, Gout, Anti-inflammatory, Powerful Broad Spectrum Antibiotic, Great for Lowering Cholesterol, Cleansing Agent for the Kidneys, Great ...
Peperomia Plant 🌱 Care & Propagation Tips.Nature at Home
2 ay önce
Pepromia Plant Care & Propagation Tips.
Enjoy beautiful flowers in Good👍 living garden|| Garden Management Ideasgood living
3 ay önce
Enjoy beautiful flowers plants with all caring and growing tips and tricks.
How to Repot Cactus Plant || Cactus Plant || Fun Gardening || 10 Nov, 2017Fun Gardening
1 yıl önce
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Pedilanthus Plant | Low Maintenance Plant | Devil's Backbone Plant (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening
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