The Cast Remembers: Lena Headey on Playing Cersei Lannister | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

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  • Nermin HBasic
    Nermin HBasic 2 gün önce

    amazing actress

  • DrCarp
    DrCarp 5 gün önce

    She so hot in real life. Never fancied her in GOT, but in real! She's so natural, so funny, and that smile just melts you.

  • sara 1996
    sara 1996 1 hafta önce

    My fav character 😍

  • Gitfiddle 7766
    Gitfiddle 7766 1 hafta önce

    Lena is so saucy. That woman oozes sex without even trying. What a gift as an actress. As detestable as her character was you still couldn’t take your eyes off her.

  • Aravind muthu
    Aravind muthu 2 hafta önce

    it is a beauty how cersei represented a lioness who could go to any extent to protect her children a good example of the Lannister sigil which is actually a lion

  • Ben Craig
    Ben Craig 3 hafta önce

    The Rains of castamere in the background is perfect

  • ma scha
    ma scha 3 hafta önce

    Does anyone know the name of the music title that is played from min 1:18 until after the scene between Cersei and Robert? It's so beautiful but I can't find it in any GoT album...

  • Macy
    Macy 4 hafta önce

    There’s no one we love to hate more than Cersai Lannister

  • Silja peters
    Silja peters 1 ay önce

    A lot og these actors say they miss Charles Dance. Me too fam.

  • Orion Watson
    Orion Watson 1 ay önce

    All I know is Lena deserved an Emmy,for all the seasons in my opinion.
    It's a shame that outstanding actors like her and Alfie didn't win, despite delivering amazing performances every time they appeared on screen.

  • C M_n_y 2020 Woo!
    C M_n_y 2020 Woo! 1 ay önce

    Happy Birthday to Lena.10-3-73.Bermuda.I think the first time i saw her was on TV show called Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles and then the movie "300".

  • Dennis MacDonald
    Dennis MacDonald 1 ay önce

    My QUEEN FOREVER, wish she didnt die

  • sawa
    sawa 1 ay önce

    She is the most stunning woman i´ve ever seen

  • A girl has no name
    A girl has no name 1 ay önce

    How did she never get an Emmy? She’s by far the best actress in the show..

  • Douglas Gray
    Douglas Gray 1 ay önce

    She was definitely at the top as far as the quality of her acting on GOT. But so was the High Sparrow, a very unique and interesting character.

  • Kate.
    Kate. 1 ay önce

    How she has never got an emmy?!She is freaking brilliant and her acting is phenomenal

  • Alice Sanderson
    Alice Sanderson 2 ay önce

    she's amazing

  • Alice Sanderson
    Alice Sanderson 2 ay önce

    she's amazing

  • Mama Bri
    Mama Bri 2 ay önce

    Ugh she’s so sweet and beautiful

  • kia Lara
    kia Lara 2 ay önce

    “If you meet a man called the High Sparrows...stay fucking clear of him” I’m dead

  • Pauline Gallagher
    Pauline Gallagher 2 ay önce

    I loved the scenes between herself and Tyrion, or any scene where she nearly betrays herself by showing empathy or vulnerability. She could do so much with a facial expression. The scene in season 2 when shes having dinner with her children and Sansa , and Sansa is pledging her love for Joffery , you can see in her eyes that she feels empathy for Sansa, but then quick as anything, her face changes and she becomes cold and mean.

  • Milos Reljic
    Milos Reljic 2 ay önce

    damn lannister theme in background of the video...amazing

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz 2 ay önce

    Until right now I thought it was kiera Knightley

  • BlackGamingDK
    BlackGamingDK 2 ay önce

    Cersei Baratheon...

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 2 ay önce

    portrayed her character via body language perfectly

  • anonymous nation
    anonymous nation 2 ay önce

    What I see is that most people including me preferred daenerys to sit on the iron throne but daenerys character's body language was more like a conqueror a liberater who is wild and epic whereas cersei was more like a queen both in her body language and her instincts.....Lena was amazing

  • Jean Germain
    Jean Germain 2 ay önce

    The only character they did justice to in season 8 was the hound. Everyone else got ruined... especially jaime Lannister

  • Drama Creator
    Drama Creator 3 ay önce

    In fact, she is the best actress (and character) in Game of Thrones!

  • Axel
    Axel 3 ay önce

    The Emmy better come to this queen

  • mvmed12
    mvmed12 3 ay önce

    My Queen ❤

  • The Lone Wolf1
    The Lone Wolf1 3 ay önce

    Love her no matter what

  • WHOT ???
    WHOT ??? 3 ay önce

    Background music?

  • foreskin assassin
    foreskin assassin 3 ay önce

    she got to play one of the most complex, amazing character ever written.
    and she fucking killed it in these last few seasons.

  • Knona Akumia
    Knona Akumia 3 ay önce

    just give her the DAMN HAT

  • Ав Он
    Ав Он 3 ay önce

    I will miss too.
    exept 8-th season

  • Hyma susee
    Hyma susee 3 ay önce

    Long may she reign

  • I used to be liberal I`m sorry

    I fcking hate her,what a great actress <3

  • JohnThe Champ
    JohnThe Champ 3 ay önce

    That song in the finale of season 6 is just phenomenal

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran 3 ay önce

    Most of the GOT , she acted with her eyes. How many of you believe it ?

  • Amalia Mufida
    Amalia Mufida 3 ay önce

    lena is so sweet but goddamn i hate cersei more than anyone