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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug 1 yıl önce

    I SURPRISED MARCELL GUYS!! After reading all your comments and all the positive feedback I got on the video with Marcell, I thought I should surprise him with a HUGE GIFT! He was in shock.. Hope you enjoyed the video and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON FOR MARCELL!!

  • Andrew Suarez
    Andrew Suarez 4 saat önce


  • Jade Noel
    Jade Noel 15 saat önce

    I love,love,love,love,love Marcell!!! He should start a youtube channel!Suprise him with a Rolex!!!

  • Jazveen Kapoor
    Jazveen Kapoor 1 gün önce

    Is the colour white??

  • James Bond
    James Bond 1 gün önce

    Part 2

  • Hisheem King
    Hisheem King 1 gün önce

    He gave you that to 🔥 brother

  • StarFury
    StarFury 2 gün önce

    He said shit

  • Ant cotchu._.
    Ant cotchu._. 3 gün önce

    The crows meant itachi was there

  • Diego Magana
    Diego Magana 3 gün önce

    That dog tho

  • Alicia Lynn
    Alicia Lynn 4 gün önce

    Bosley seems a little bit crazy 😂

  • BallisLifeJay 777
    BallisLifeJay 777 4 gün önce

    That show that she really cares about you bro she a good mom she dont need to change

  • brian muise
    brian muise 4 gün önce

    don't go to the clout house that suck soon much

  • Tomasz Marczyk
    Tomasz Marczyk 4 gün önce


  • Jashan Sahi
    Jashan Sahi 1 hafta önce

    What happened to marcel ??

  • Inderpal Dosanjh
    Inderpal Dosanjh 1 hafta önce


  • Grecia De La Torre
    Grecia De La Torre 1 hafta önce

    Sliver and with gucci

  • Bradley Resnick
    Bradley Resnick 1 hafta önce

    The color of your car is gonna be gucci

  • Raven M
    Raven M 1 hafta önce


  • Kati Grishey
    Kati Grishey 1 hafta önce

    U better get him sommmmmeeeeeeeee SUPREAM

  • Waleed Elkhaled
    Waleed Elkhaled 2 hafta önce

    It takes long to find out cause he’s leaving his home

  • Waleed Elkhaled
    Waleed Elkhaled 2 hafta önce

    Who ever unsubs cause of that are losers

  • Waleed Elkhaled
    Waleed Elkhaled 2 hafta önce

    No one ☝️ disrespect mama rug understand

  • Evan Judd
    Evan Judd 2 hafta önce


  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 2 hafta önce

    But him a car

  • Alan kenai
    Alan kenai 2 hafta önce


  • King Of Fortnite Clips
    King Of Fortnite Clips 2 hafta önce

    He is soo kind and i like him he is soo fun too

  • Annette Infante
    Annette Infante 2 hafta önce


  • Evan Clough
    Evan Clough 2 hafta önce

    2019 anyone

  • Young Savege
    Young Savege 2 hafta önce

    your gonna have bad luck

  • JungKun
    JungKun 2 hafta önce

    literally one of the best youtube videos of all youtube history. and channel.

  • Nathan Mason
    Nathan Mason 2 hafta önce

    Faze rug is definitely a homosexual

  • John Uy newton
    John Uy newton 2 hafta önce


  • Kang Andrew
    Kang Andrew 3 hafta önce


  • Lilly Hurst
    Lilly Hurst 3 hafta önce

    My dog is named Bailey and is the same breed

  • Exile 24.5
    Exile 24.5 3 hafta önce

    2019 Btw

  • lil' cobra
    lil' cobra 3 hafta önce

    Not unsubscribing

  • Mhark Andrei Belleza
    Mhark Andrei Belleza 3 hafta önce

    You two are so cute to see on a video hope you make more video with your bestfriend

  • Lance Wayman
    Lance Wayman 3 hafta önce

    Faze rug your so nice

  • Fun RJ Brothers
    Fun RJ Brothers 3 hafta önce

    I like marcel so much

  • Abishek Tmg
    Abishek Tmg 3 hafta önce

    You're such a nice person bro clean hearted appreciate bruh