OCULUS (2013) Ending + Lasser Glass Explained

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  • Hex Draven
    Hex Draven 10 saat önce

    Nuke the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure

  • Dominic Cruz
    Dominic Cruz 1 gün önce

    Shit!! That band-aid/nail shit is fucked up! Goddamn!

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 2 gün önce

    The mirror did not bend reality in these movies, it was bending the human perception of reality. As far as bringing it to a big open space and challenging people to smash it, like in a carnival game, goes, I wouldn't suggest it. The mirror could easily kill every single last person at the carnival, it would be a huge blood bath, of people trying to kill the mirror but ultimately failing killing each other in the process.

  • Notmy realname
    Notmy realname 4 gün önce

    They weren't lucky as kids. The mirror was ALWAYS in control.

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra 1 hafta önce

    Place a mirror. Walk out of its sphere of influence. Shoot it with a gun.

  • A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain

    I remember how much I hates this movie. I swear and curse lots of time while watching, and the ending let me had a bad mood for 3 days straight...... Smh.

  • killerskyhawk
    killerskyhawk 1 hafta önce

    Mmmmmmmm lightbulb yummy

  • V Lyrica
    V Lyrica 1 hafta önce

    I got a question... what happened to the other tapes recorded on the camera(s)?

  • Muffins lawl
    Muffins lawl 1 hafta önce

    wait is katie the same actor as nebula

  • Fellow 9yr/o
    Fellow 9yr/o 1 hafta önce

    I just turned my mirror to the wall....no mirror is gonna get me 😎

  • Fellow 9yr/o
    Fellow 9yr/o 1 hafta önce

    Bloody hell....even the narration of the review is scary

  • Anime Viral Funny Moments

    imagine a fight between thanos & the mirror

  • Nickisadankmeme
    Nickisadankmeme 1 hafta önce

    | ||
    || |_

  • Revive Fortnite
    Revive Fortnite 1 hafta önce


  • Having Tea With the Devil

    So all of this could of been avoided had she just of never bought the damn thing home, and just went to therapy like any other adult with childhood trauma, and how did the bandaid get on his middle finger at 8:38 when his cut was on his first finger? Lol

  • logan lapoint
    logan lapoint 1 hafta önce

    the mirror is actually powerless when covered if anything only barley having any power and u even said that looking into its reflective mirror surface is what gives it power.

  • Anjelo Whebb
    Anjelo Whebb 2 hafta önce

    Doesn't anyone else see this movie as a sad story about schizophrenia?

  • neolight67
    neolight67 2 hafta önce

    It's not so much bending reality but messing with people's sense of reality. The moment you look at it, it gains control of all 5 of your senses.

  • Hope Gallows
    Hope Gallows 2 hafta önce

    Now here’s a thought. Get the mirror, get a boat, boat out at least 3km from shore and scuttle the boat.

  • Hearty Smacker
    Hearty Smacker 2 hafta önce

    So this thing sucks negative energy but plants get sucked really fast does that mean plants are actually evil

  • Keitra Sanders
    Keitra Sanders 2 hafta önce

    Damn this movie is probably what one would see if you were able to record your dreams and play back and watch it

  • MoonPies 24
    MoonPies 24 2 hafta önce

    “Sure you’re playing golf. Hole in one, buddy.”

    dies laughing

  • Ultima Heartless
    Ultima Heartless 2 hafta önce

    Just cast Dispel Evil and Good on it. Boom. All spirits gone.

  • KineticCat
    KineticCat 3 hafta önce

    You know what would've been a better end to the movie? At the very end you see a flashback to right before the family got the mirror. You see the father about to play with the kids before taking a pill bottle and taking the last pill inside and setting it on the counter. The bottle falls off the counter and rolls toward the camera where you can clearly see the name of the prescription. Marisol: for schizophrenia

  • UJ da vinci
    UJ da vinci 3 hafta önce

    U r really smrt

  • TheDeadGunslinger
    TheDeadGunslinger 3 hafta önce

    30ft radius, right?
    buy a gun that can shoot over 30 feet, some general explosives, etc.
    hire some people to put the mirror in a field that;s been rigged with said explosives and such (cause clearly she hired people to move it from the auction house)
    stand 40 feet away.
    blast the fucking mirror to shit.

  • LikeUhVillain
    LikeUhVillain 3 hafta önce

    0:57 The kids both go from being ugly ducklings to gorgeous supermodels over the course of a few years. Good job with that casting.

  • twinslive
    twinslive 3 hafta önce

    Stand 30ft away and shoot it.

  • Christian K.
    Christian K. 3 hafta önce

    Literally set the kill switch, then leave before reality bends to bad.

  • 101 owlman
    101 owlman 3 hafta önce

    Karen is so pretty

  • καυλι καυλι
    καυλι καυλι 4 hafta önce

    Hey dude tip: stop screaming . Just get a mix closer . You sound like those annoying reporters on tv.

  • Sampurna DuttaGupta
    Sampurna DuttaGupta 4 hafta önce

    They could have have tried to break the mirror when they had initially covered and brought it inside the room 🤷

  • level1 Doodle Dude
    level1 Doodle Dude 4 hafta önce

    Mirror: I can bend the world that you see you have no control
    Me:*puts on headphones and oculos rift* the future is now old man

  • level1 Doodle Dude
    level1 Doodle Dude 4 hafta önce

    6:50 PINATA

  • Rebekah Lindh
    Rebekah Lindh 4 hafta önce

    The mirror tricked itself and got smashed while thinking it didn't

  • Jtracy1698
    Jtracy1698 4 hafta önce

    Bruh i'm fat AF gimme dat mirror.

  • Joel CleanEye
    Joel CleanEye 1 ay önce

    Its cool that once they had uncovered the mirror, they were already dead. They wouldnt be able to actually leave or destroy the mirror because it would just trick them into staying there

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew Cooper 1 ay önce

    In short, the ending is bullshit.

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 1 ay önce

    She should've just blindly hit the kill switch and devoid the house of all animals except people

  • Brian Cisto
    Brian Cisto 1 ay önce

    "sure... hole in one."