Mirror Polishing Aluminum Foil Ball CHALLENGE!

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  • DreaminXO
    DreaminXO 1 ay önce


  • Steven Green
    Steven Green 2 ay önce

    I think you are the best YouTuber are you ever met

  • Sergio Godinez
    Sergio Godinez 2 ay önce

    You know on your tin foil box you see that there is somewhere you can push in the box and the foil will bot move out the holes are in both sides

  • Ahmed osama
    Ahmed osama 2 ay önce

    0:27 shushushushush what the fuck

  • thecozygallery
    thecozygallery 3 ay önce

    Young robby... °_°

  • wow ar
    wow ar 4 ay önce

    f u

  • wow ar
    wow ar 4 ay önce


  • wow ar
    wow ar 4 ay önce

    robby like is robbass

  • Charanjit Charanjit
    Charanjit Charanjit 5 ay önce

    robby make horror videos

  • Tu T
    Tu T 6 ay önce

    You cussed at the beginning in this video I thought you were family-friendly

  • Gacha butter- Hollie!

    Tori looks even more kawwai without her make-up

  • wolf pack
    wolf pack 7 ay önce

    Didn't thy broke up

  • فريدة سلعوس

    And the shark

  • Naysi mlangeni
    Naysi mlangeni 7 ay önce

    U called tori the b word

  • It’s My World boi
    It’s My World boi 7 ay önce

    This is just an experiment #hi

  • Jamal Khalid
    Jamal Khalid 7 ay önce

    This was uploaded on my birthday 🎂 😁

  • black out boy
    black out boy 8 ay önce


  • Shadow Moon [LG] [MS] [SS]

    toooorrriiiie u looked so good with long hair

  • Hi I’m An E-girl
    Hi I’m An E-girl 9 ay önce

    Nice truck

  • raven
    raven 9 ay önce

    thats the walmart i go to

  • mayha1710 yes
    mayha1710 yes 9 ay önce

    Has everyone noticed that he doesn't beeped his cussing

  • 1st48Official
    1st48Official 9 ay önce

    Why tf are emos and scenes still a fucking thing

  • dee naresh
    dee naresh 10 ay önce

    When they were driving and i saw the mcdonalds sighn i am so hungry

  • Methos
    Methos 10 ay önce

    OMG that looks fun

  • david lalcawimawi
    david lalcawimawi 10 ay önce

    Robby your girlfriend is not goldigger nice girl

  • Tillthedestroyer
    Tillthedestroyer 10 ay önce

    Adventure Time outro nice choice rob

  • The big Gay
    The big Gay 10 ay önce

    She is wearing a Dan and phil dress. Yasssssssssss

  • allidog 15
    allidog 15 10 ay önce

    I enjoy how your girlfriend is taller than you


  • John Adler
    John Adler 10 ay önce

    Why you are with your girlfriend haha

  • Jonathan Vlogs
    Jonathan Vlogs 10 ay önce

    Tori you are amazing I’m surprised that you don’t have a boyfriend

    PS I love you Tori

  • Arnold Benet
    Arnold Benet 10 ay önce

    You look so different

  • Alexi Corrales
    Alexi Corrales 10 ay önce

    No, you gave Tori a tinfoil hat and now I cannot get the valuable information that I'm looking for from inside her head, Robby, you ruined my plan!!

  • Memes 4 LIFE
    Memes 4 LIFE 10 ay önce


  • Kiwi_ Baby
    Kiwi_ Baby 10 ay önce

    ι love нow нe ѕayѕ нer laѕт naмe

  • wing lee
    wing lee 10 ay önce


    A'MIYRIE ANDERSON 10 ay önce

    Pots 🤣🤣🤣

  • Abdullah Nadeem
    Abdullah Nadeem 10 ay önce

    the song that was in the and it was adventere time you kinda changed the song and the tune

  • Dagoth Ur
    Dagoth Ur 10 ay önce

    Here is myyyyy baaaaaaaallllllllll....

  • Razor Back
    Razor Back 10 ay önce

    Wait I think In one of his videos he said that he doesn’t drink and I saw a Budweiser box in Walmart like if you think he’s lying

  • L Carpenter
    L Carpenter 10 ay önce

    Why do you call her Tori Nebranski? Just call her Tori!