HCS Invitational - Day 1

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  • HCS Invitational - Day 1 live from SXSW in Austin, TX
  • Video Süresi: 08:38:17

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  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 1 hafta önce

    BTW, what's with Snakebit & Ola's brightness (or lack thereof, as it were)? Shit is so dark I am surprised they can see anything, especially on Guardian and Heretic.

  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 1 hafta önce

    "Walshy, you've been there, done that, got the jersey... and Goldenboy, you good at SOMETHING..." Lmfao. Lottie roasting ppl just makes a classic H3 tournament even better lol.

  • Austin Hoover
    Austin Hoover 3 hafta önce

    Okay so I graduate from navy bootcamp March 2nd and y’all just gonna bring back Halo 3 on me??? Tyler Blevins we better double up for old times sake if this game makes a come back!

  • Adrian P
    Adrian P 1 ay önce

    Roy hasn't changed his hair in over 10 years...

  • Daniel Claudino Perez Rodriguez Hernandez Lopez

    Cloud is a fkn bich, he kicked me out of his ffa Game 2012 in halo Reach, cause i pulled host, cloud is a hurensohn, huso cloud kid, Hurensohn wirklich....

  • Bold God
    Bold God 1 ay önce

    are there fourms for online tournaments ?

  • spartan10010
    spartan10010 1 ay önce

    why tf did construct have overshield not camo

  • Austin
    Austin 1 ay önce

    Came here for some high level h3 gameplay, stayed to watch and listen to Lotti say " Xbox game pass "

  • Jumpkic
    Jumpkic 1 ay önce

    i just watched 2008 meadowlands, and i find out they are still playing Halo 3? HEAVEN!!!!!!

  • VolantEnigma
    VolantEnigma 1 ay önce

    This is great that we're seeing more classic halo, but after playing eldewrito, and seeing what some players are doing on PC, I can't help but think the MCC coming to PC is going to hurt the competitive console scene.

  • dahwaterboy1
    dahwaterboy1 1 ay önce

    @ 5:00:02 is another example of what the Dbag GB does during commentary. He repeats pretty much everything Walsh says but adds flare to it. Walsh had JUST stated about being on top of the map and this fking Dbag just emphasizes it. What. A. Dick.

  • dahwaterboy1
    dahwaterboy1 1 ay önce

    Golden Boy is such a dick. The only thing he has that has kept him commentating is his tone of voice. Other than that he is "Captain Obvious" just like Dmaq. Except Dmaq actually knew a bit of Halo experience. Walshy would drop some major tactical knowledge and GB just shrugged it off like he knew it the whole time. Show Captain Clutch some respect!

  • GAMER 97
    GAMER 97 1 ay önce

    My favorite game (Game of halo)

  • Lo Re Gaman
    Lo Re Gaman 1 ay önce

    pistola is good but, that girl says I MEAN just 1million times is the best

  • tekgeekster
    tekgeekster 1 ay önce

    I am so happy halo is coming back.

  • Trevor Bass
    Trevor Bass 1 ay önce

    Gilkey with some of the nerdiest plays in that first series. Jumping from blue ramp out into the lift stream to play the ball just in time, preventing SQ from setting up. running the last flag and throwing it over car bubble instead of running it through, allowing them to put the last flag in just in time. I’ve loved Gilkey since hearing him yell “no fear in the dojo” while going off on the main stage in like 2010.

  • Kensword
    Kensword 1 ay önce

    Ctf: flag taken
    Ctf: flag dropped
    Ctf: flag stolen
    Ctf: flag taken
    Ctf: flag dropped
    Ctf: flag stolen
    Ctf: flag taken
    Ctf: flag dropped
    Ctf: flag stolen
    Ctf: flag taken
    Ctf: flag dropped
    Ctf: flag stolen

  • Braulio Morales
    Braulio Morales 2 ay önce

    Halooooooo forever

  • tekgeekster
    tekgeekster 2 ay önce

    I wonder how the halo esports scene will evolve with mcc releasing on pc.

  • Dominic Boucher
    Dominic Boucher 2 ay önce

    Boi wat tf

  • Username
    Username 2 ay önce

    Starts: 3:15

  • The Greatest Movies Never Made

    HALO"S BACK!! We just did an episode on the movie that was never made! Lets bring it back! https://soundcloud.com/greatestmoviesnevermade

  • ibez07
    ibez07 2 ay önce

    pappa Walsh IS HALO

  • mr darrle
    mr darrle 2 ay önce

    This was awesome !

  • Khalif Dargan
    Khalif Dargan 2 ay önce


  • Hi Millions
    Hi Millions 2 ay önce

    Man they don't stop taking I'm trying to enjoy the game

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan 2 ay önce

    Is the pro moving to pc when mcc is out

  • Omnia lecita
    Omnia lecita 2 ay önce

    Halo 3 is love

  • ZenGotBars
    ZenGotBars 2 ay önce

    Halo 3 coming back again? And on PC!? I'm hype!

  • Anthony Y
    Anthony Y 2 ay önce

    Damn, the numbers on this video pretty clearly illustrate that this fanbase and game is dead.

  • samushunter242
    samushunter242 2 ay önce

    Day two was uploaded first 🤔

  • GreatstarO9
    GreatstarO9 2 ay önce

    How many techs does this game has?

    0FFICERPROBLEM 2 ay önce

    This is bringing back memories man

  • Zach M
    Zach M 2 ay önce

    Long live halo

  • Santclare
    Santclare 2 ay önce

    I do not normally watch Competitive Gaming streams but while I was waiting for the MCC PC announcement I was not disappointed in players performance. Each match was extremely close, not a single blow out match! in day 3 at least.

  • caixista matador de sonysta

    They always plays halo 3?

  • I dream in neon
    I dream in neon 2 ay önce

    In summary, this is the longest episode of red vs blue ever...
    of all time

  • I dream in neon
    I dream in neon 2 ay önce

    Halo 3 competitions in 2019!
    I am loving this.