Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History

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  • Epic Rap Battles of History Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin Steve Irwin and Jacques Cousteau go at it! Want to help ERB? Support us here: http://patreon.com/erb Download this song here: ► http://hyperurl.co/COUSTEAUvsIRWIN Special Thanks to all of our current Patrons. We love you! To join our Patreon go to: http://patreon.com/erb G’day friends, Thanks for tuning in. This episode has been caged up for years now and it feels great to finally set it free into the wild. Special thanks to all of you who participated in the #trashtag and sent us videos of yourself doing a little something for good ole Mother Nature. You are ERB spirit animals for sure. Stay tuned for more outreach programs in the near future and follow us on the social media links below to join in. Thanks again, see you next month. np & eL Watch the Behind The Scenes: here: http://bit.ly/2Z7TWrL Official ERB Website: https://erbofhistory.com Official ERB Merch: https://erbmerch.com And don't forget to subscribe to our channel: https://bit.ly/2zBQU53 Thank you! np & eL #epicrapbattles #steveirwin #jacquescousteau #scuba #crikey CAST ========== Steve Irwin: EpicLLOYD http://www.youtube.com/EpicLLOYD IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd Jacques Cousteau: Nice Peter http://www.nicepeter.com http://www.youtube.com/NicePeter CREW ========== Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist Producer: Atul Singh Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin, Robyn Lynne Norris, Rich Baker, Chris Turner and the many excellent contributors to our Patreon Writers Crew. Beat Produced by Tristan on the Track: https://bit.ly/2NcTEgQ Music Mixed and Mastered by Nice Peter Directed by Nice Peter Assistant Directed by EpicLLOYD Director of Photography: Jon Na Gaffer: Andy Chinn Department Make Up Head: Ashlyn McIntyre Make Up and Hair: Brittany White DIT / Playback: Josh Best Costume Designer and Property Master: Morgan Christensen Production Assistant: Andy Sandoval Video Editors: Daniel Flesher, Josh Best, Nice Peter VFX: Josh Best and Nice Peter Produced by Atul Singh Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe! ======== http://instagram.com/erb http://facebook.com/erb http://twitter.com/ERBofHistory https://erbofhistory.com http://erbmerch.com
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  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 21 dakika önce

    Damn the new ERB episodes are fire

  • Ali mun
    Ali mun 29 dakika önce

    Noah Vs. Aquaman

  • Ali mun
    Ali mun 42 dakika önce

    Malcolm X vs. DMX

  • Trevor Griffin
    Trevor Griffin 47 dakika önce

    Loved this one!!!!

  • DJ Bunny
    DJ Bunny 2 saat önce

    I came back cuz I was slightly disappointed by the newest one

  • S. Vijaychander Iyer
    S. Vijaychander Iyer 4 saat önce

    Steve irwin won that one hands down broo..#insane

  • Rory R
    Rory R 4 saat önce

    Mowgli vs Tarzan

  • dantakeoff
    dantakeoff 4 saat önce

    Die Antwoords Ninja vs the Joker

  • Ewan
    Ewan 5 saat önce

    How is everyone missing the "you better run, you better take cover" line. Direct quote from 'Down Under' and also good advice on what you should do when having an encounter with ANY animal in Australia.

  • Patty Ice
    Patty Ice 6 saat önce

    Good gosh, Irwin's lines were genius. Lol.

  • pattrick fontenot
    pattrick fontenot 7 saat önce

    Gotta give it to the crocodile hunter

  • Zach C.
    Zach C. 7 saat önce

    Steve Irwin, God bless!

  • Dylan D Fleck
    Dylan D Fleck 7 saat önce

    Andrew Yang Vs. Kim Jong-Un

  • Sneaky snek 2005
    Sneaky snek 2005 7 saat önce

    Undisputed fact that Steve Irwin won

  • Depressed breakfast
    Depressed breakfast 8 saat önce

    Dick warlock (second actor to play Michael Myers) vs Dick Pound (former president of WADA) vs dick wolf (executive producer)

    They have no relations apart from having funny names

  • lordcommander
    lordcommander 8 saat önce

    kinda dissapointed in the last battle, came back to this one its easily the best from this season

  • Laura Doan
    Laura Doan 9 saat önce

    Dude, you don't come for Steve Erwin... that's just... no

  • Xavier Cadieux
    Xavier Cadieux 10 saat önce

    Steve Carell vs Jim Carry

  • Mike Poulin
    Mike Poulin 11 saat önce

    ABBA vs Metallica

  • Asunerdy
    Asunerdy 11 saat önce

    I need Mussolini Versus Caligula in my life

  • Sophie Dunooon
    Sophie Dunooon 11 saat önce

    RIP Steve Irwin
    Lots of Love From Australia 🇦🇺

  • NYRangers0623
    NYRangers0623 12 saat önce

    1:10 WWII jokes are always the funniest 😂.

  • The Reddragon
    The Reddragon 12 saat önce

    as an ozzy from down under i am pleased at how well u handled the hunter from down under :) 9/10

  • OmgWtfLolFtwBrb
    OmgWtfLolFtwBrb 13 saat önce

    Steve & Blue (Blues Clues) vs. Shaggy & Scooby-Doo
    Both have been parodies of Detectives!
    Both have been accused of doing drugs!
    Both have a talking dog (Blue's Room anyone?)

  • thomas wrightson
    thomas wrightson 13 saat önce

    power rangers vs voltron paladins

  • DragonRuler _
    DragonRuler _ 13 saat önce

    Punisher vs John Wick Please!!!!


    Steve won definitely

    WHITE SAVAGE 14 saat önce

    Steve won

  • Jehsu Plummer
    Jehsu Plummer 14 saat önce

    "Hake I look at this salty fella, his face looks like it's made of pure leather!" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Theant19
    Theant19 14 saat önce

    Oy vey. Oy gevanlt. Aj waj.

  • Jehsu Plummer
    Jehsu Plummer 14 saat önce

    Am I the only one that listened to this like ten times?

    The beat is awesome and the rhymes are 🔥 fire 🔥. Loved Steve Irwin's show when i was younger

  • Joseph Ardine
    Joseph Ardine 14 saat önce

    Holy crap - Steve Irwin, the frickin' champ hands down!

  • Markel1970A Gamez
    Markel1970A Gamez 14 saat önce

    Steve won!

  • The Sedaiv
    The Sedaiv 15 saat önce

    Jacques got better but Steve was consistent in how savage he is

  • Coaster Academy
    Coaster Academy 16 saat önce

    C4 on the Seafloor, now that's a good line.

  • Rasmus Eichler
    Rasmus Eichler 16 saat önce

    Steve’s “surrender” joke won it lmao

  • Jonathan Camargo
    Jonathan Camargo 16 saat önce

    I think Stevie Irwin is better so funny. He is best of world! Rest In Peace.

  • xd SnipezYT
    xd SnipezYT 17 saat önce


  • August Schou
    August Schou 17 saat önce

    That intro by Jacques has me coming back

  • Alice Stockli Stockli
    Alice Stockli Stockli 17 saat önce


  • Lulaire Noroub
    Lulaire Noroub 17 saat önce

    Lol I'm an ass. Spent the whole vid judging the Aussie accent, only to realize at the end that it was probably way better than the French and I didn't even notice :p