A Tour Of My Plants

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  • farfromkallefornia
    farfromkallefornia Biraz önce

    This is one of my favorite videos to fall asleep to because it’s so calm and relaxing 💚🌿

  • JulianaBub
    JulianaBub 9 dakika önce

    I'm glad that other people are attached to their plants. I had a succulent for ten years, but it recently died. I cried, and I need to grieve before I buy any more succulents.

  • Demaris Oxman
    Demaris Oxman 12 dakika önce

    petition for Jenna and AmazingPhil to get together and do a video talking about plants and weird childhood memories and the most confusing/entertaining things about being an Adult™ and just becoming best friends PLEASE THIS IS A FRIENDSHIP I NEED TO HAPPEN

    preferably they could discuss all these things during Phil's appointment at Jenna's Ratchet Salon but hey just a suggestion

  • Natalie Spackman
    Natalie Spackman 20 dakika önce

    Jenna's house is like a jungle, and I'm LIVING for it!

  • Graziella Ferrante
    Graziella Ferrante 29 dakika önce

    wholesome virgo plant mom energy is strong and we are HERE for it

  • FallenPrestige
    FallenPrestige 32 dakika önce

    you should name your
    "pride and joy, my favourite, most amazing, beautiful, love of my life...just the best thing in the world"
    Kentia palm, Howea
    Which is also the higher classification for the Kentia Palm, and you can pronounce it like, "How-ee"

  • amanda asti
    amanda asti 43 dakika önce

    Can I just say how much I love your dining room with all the plants and you have inspired me to do something similar! Can’t wait to start getting new indoor plants to make 👏this👏 happen! 👏

  • Allison Acosta
    Allison Acosta 49 dakika önce

    15:55, ME EVERYDAY!!!

  • k man
    k man 53 dakika önce


  • CraftyJane
    CraftyJane 54 dakika önce

    THIS IS MEEEEEEE. 100%. Propagation station and all. I am afflicted by the same disorder Jenna. And damn you, I did not know about Logees (my addition thanks you.)

  • Anya Kruger
    Anya Kruger 55 dakika önce

    Please make more plant videos

  • Kitten adventures
    Kitten adventures 57 dakika önce

    3:14 is Jenna wearing her arch nemesis ? JEEEANS?!

  • Allison Acosta
    Allison Acosta 1 saat önce

    Ok first off, 1:55 i died!!! And second, where did you get your prop station because it's SOOOOO PRETTTY!!!!

  • Addie Watson
    Addie Watson 1 saat önce

    I've watched this video like, 5 times. Thank you for helping me satiate my plant obsession when I cant actually have a ton of plants!

  • Rosa Mejia
    Rosa Mejia 1 saat önce

    My friend Alex went out and literally bought so many plants after this video

  • Jonathon M
    Jonathon M 1 saat önce

    GIVE ME THAN PALM! beach.

  • maddy
    maddy 1 saat önce

    jenna is the bob ross of plants

  • BunnyBrains
    BunnyBrains 1 saat önce

    How have I never noticed the ridiculous amount of plants in Jenna's house?

  • Mel Ann
    Mel Ann 2 saat önce

    Aww thats the shirt Julien bought you in the boyfriend buys me clothes video

  • Jennifer Hunt
    Jennifer Hunt 2 saat önce

    Man I love your videos, and when I watched this I thought it was boring but now I’ve watched it like 3 times and went and bought 7 plants today 🙃 love it!

  • Hope P.
    Hope P. 2 saat önce

    What was the name of the online websites :'( I want a plant to take care of

  • Hannah Eriksen
    Hannah Eriksen 2 saat önce

    Why am I watching this for the second time.

  • Haley Ann Chapman
    Haley Ann Chapman 2 saat önce

    Honestly this was really soothing to watch. Plus your a cute plant nerd lol

  • Lue Cifur
    Lue Cifur 2 saat önce

    Wait.... is you wearin jeans???? wtf

  • I Drink and I know things

    Me after Jenna showed the backyard plants: “awww those were some nice plants good tour”


    Me: “oh...oh there’s so much more”

  • Dom H
    Dom H 3 saat önce

    I’ve been so stressed out so I came back to this video to relax, braid my hair and enjoy some Jenna and her plants 💗

  • resiliencefa yo
    resiliencefa yo 3 saat önce

    Also all your positive talking and compliments to your plants probably makes them grow so very happy and green.

  • flowercrownsnstuff
    flowercrownsnstuff 3 saat önce

    thanks for shouting out logees, i have no idea how i didn't know that it existed?? I love it but my bank account probably wont lol

  • Lorrie Lynn
    Lorrie Lynn 3 saat önce

    Two things:
    1) that’s the shirt Julien got Jenna when he bought her clothes for a video
    2) I love her long cartilage earring

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 3 saat önce

    Im 14 and just watched this whole video I love plants now I’m an Aries btw

  • Cecilia Langill
    Cecilia Langill 3 saat önce

    Jenna you NEED to get a croton. The most beautiful plant I swear to god! Please add one to your collection

  • C H
    C H 4 saat önce

    Damm i thought you were growing dank

  • Nichole Veracity
    Nichole Veracity 4 saat önce

    Yasssss queen 🙌 will share in the plant hobbyist group! ❤️

  • Carl Tagtstrom
    Carl Tagtstrom 4 saat önce

    When people ask to see your bush, this is not what they're asking for.. Lovely vid (as always) anyways :)

  • V F
    V F 4 saat önce

    I've decided that Jenna needs a baby.

  • Jes
    Jes 4 saat önce

    It's so strange. This video really inspires me to keep trying at the things I'm still new to. You seem so knowledgable and I feel like I can be too in my own interests. Thanks for being you girl~

    BTS FANCAM 4 saat önce

    I thought this was going to be all jokes but it’s some pretty legit herbology lesson

  • SugaHoneyIcedTae
    SugaHoneyIcedTae 4 saat önce

    Purest video on YouTube <3

  • Courtney Crawford
    Courtney Crawford 4 saat önce

    Okay let’s be honest. How many of us went plant crazy after this video?🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Mr Cat
    Mr Cat 5 saat önce

    2:23 the dog looks like me in the morning on Mondays