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  • Sham Idrees VLOGS
    Sham Idrees VLOGS 6 ay önce

    Time files! Can't believe my sister is married and left last night! All the brothers did a crazy surprise for her. Thumbs up and comment below if you want the full surprise video :)

  • Sundas Arshad
    Sundas Arshad 7 saat önce

    That is so good looking..😋😋

  • Zainab Gul
    Zainab Gul 5 gün önce


  • Sadiaadeem Butt
    Sadiaadeem Butt 1 hafta önce

    AABDA 💑☺☺☺😥😭👍👌👏💙❤💜💓💕

  • Wardah Mumtaz
    Wardah Mumtaz 2 hafta önce

    is ayesha barney

  • yahya sarfaraz
    yahya sarfaraz 3 hafta önce

    sooo amazing

  • Asma shaikh
    Asma shaikh 1 ay önce

    We want the fupl surprise video

  • Carmen Ho
    Carmen Ho 1 ay önce


  • Samiya Uddin
    Samiya Uddin 1 ay önce


  • latrice ivy
    latrice ivy 1 ay önce

    Man all the women are soo beautiful 😩😍😍😍😍

  • DANISH & DAWAR World

    May allah give her very happy life and blessed her love you sis😘😘😘

  • DANISH & DAWAR World

    I want to see full surprise video

  • Ennocent Sidd
    Ennocent Sidd 2 ay önce

    We want

  • Salmaa Patel
    Salmaa Patel 2 ay önce

    Your sister looked amazing

  • Saifullah Mohammad
    Saifullah Mohammad 2 ay önce

    Where r u live?

  • N00riyah1 123
    N00riyah1 123 2 ay önce

    Mashallah Both beautiful people! 💜😘💙😘

  • BackBencher
    BackBencher 2 ay önce

    somebody plz tell me the tune name at 6:7

  • S. Khan
    S. Khan 2 ay önce

    What's frogy and sham relation ? R they committed ?

  • samura islam
    samura islam 2 ay önce

    Ma sha Allah...everyone of you was looking beautiful...a beautiful Nikkah...may Allah bless these newly wed couples...and may they have a beautiful future ahead of them

  • Nazir Bhatti
    Nazir Bhatti 2 ay önce

    Allah hamesa khush rakhe aap logoko masahaallh

  • Bilal Raja
    Bilal Raja 2 ay önce

    I don't know any of you guys personally and I actually had a tear of happiness coming from my left eye that didn't even happen on my sister's wedding

  • Naima Khan
    Naima Khan 2 ay önce

    I liked his sister husband so beautiful 😚

  • varhio
    varhio 2 ay önce

    Masha Allah congrats

  • Nora Tapsin
    Nora Tapsin 2 ay önce

    is Shawn and froggy pakistan?

  • Al-camar internet
    Al-camar internet 2 ay önce

    The beast wedding

    PUBG FOR LIFE 2 ay önce


  • Kiran Ahmad
    Kiran Ahmad 2 ay önce

    Hello sham

  • Anas Jan
    Anas Jan 2 ay önce

    Allah hamesy hush raky samad meri behran ko bhi

  • Eleeza Nadeem
    Eleeza Nadeem 2 ay önce

    why isn’t the jaffery family invited

  • cooking with adiy
    cooking with adiy 2 ay önce


  • sumaira khan
    sumaira khan 2 ay önce

    Happy married life God bless you with happiness life

  • Muhammad Aamir
    Muhammad Aamir 2 ay önce

    walaikumus salam lovely people lovely pakistani wedding 💕💕💕

  • Hamid Ali Afridi
    Hamid Ali Afridi 2 ay önce


  • Abu Tarek
    Abu Tarek 3 ay önce

    Look for sham 7:49

  • Nabeeha Asad
    Nabeeha Asad 3 ay önce

    mashallah Anna u look so pretty MAY ALLAH BLESS U

  • Sohail Nasir
    Sohail Nasir 3 ay önce

    Mashallah they look cute together they were made for each other

  • Sohail Nasir
    Sohail Nasir 3 ay önce

    May Anaa & Sarim live for a long life

  • ilyas kashmiri
    ilyas kashmiri 3 ay önce

    Allah bless your sister and she laugh all life

  • Rachel's Ray
    Rachel's Ray 3 ay önce

    Your sister is beautiful 😍😍🌷


  • MistEr mEhAr
    MistEr mEhAr 3 ay önce