Going Undercover In Venezuela | Foreign Correspondent

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  • darwin lasin
    darwin lasin 7 saat önce

    I can see the future of the Philippines. Hopefully not.

  • Jorge Cabrera
    Jorge Cabrera 8 saat önce

    The people of Australia pay for this. IT is sad to see journalism used to mislead people. fake journalism.

  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson 17 saat önce

    Do people really believe this nonsense? It's like watching presenters
    living in a time warp. Don't they know we now have access to the truth
    with video evidence and no longer have to rely on their imperial
    propaganda that hid the truth of slavery and colonisation from teir
    peple. Amazing. Peace and love

  • HSB elite
    HSB elite 20 saat önce

    i didnt know that venezuelans are stupid? the crisis started with Chavez, not even started, the economy is worst during his time and with no way out in 20 years but STILL stupid Venezuelans treat him as their God, savior.

  • sbarmiueenl
    sbarmiueenl 22 saat önce

    Why do I get the impression that some of the interviewed people are reciting a script?

  • Michael Drew Prior
    Michael Drew Prior 2 gün önce

    How can anyone tolerate the U.S. proclaiming an absolute pretenderto be President? Even people totally duped should recognize that that is UGLY, unpardonable sickness. The massive plot against Maduro is very ugly. Maduro won the fair election hugely. You coup-creators will get your reward--all of you.

  • Michael Drew Prior
    Michael Drew Prior 2 gün önce

    Very heavy U.S. economic sanctions strangle Venezuela--capitalist pigs can not stand there being a good example of the good socialism can do. And the duped American people are blinded. Our corporate media is 24 hour propaganda.

  • wun hung lo
    wun hung lo 2 gün önce

    Watching people have no food.thats sad(as I take a bite of my in and out Burger)

    NSDAP 4 LIFE 3 gün önce

    A good way to fix the issue is to ban international Jewry and having Anglo/Saxon Rulers only! Also the United States should take DNA testing for the whitest most beautiful women and bring them to America for BREEDING! They should ONLY HAVE THIS POLICY WITH THE white American men with The 100 plus IQ levels and return the illegals and blacks. Venezuela should try to follow the policy of Argentina to bring in the Germanic master races in the country and breed them with the whitest People! Sterilization should be a mandatory for the lowest and ugliest citizens! This will make the country extremely intelligent and extremely beautiful and that is truly the best situation for the world population! Keep the blacks for working the fields AND production OF MANUAL LABOR!

  • Private Private
    Private Private 3 gün önce

    Lol at blaming Trump. My God. Could be a documentary about cancer in dogs and these globalist liberals would find a way to loop Trump in.

    This socialism garbage is what the left wants in the USA not Trump

  • yourmom705
    yourmom705 3 gün önce

    Wow i can make the same documentary about los Angeles skids row

  • Macio Luko
    Macio Luko 4 gün önce

    So everyone is a miserable millionaire?
    And no diversification of the economy at all? Any renewables? Coming from a former socialist country - Poland- I can tell you the exact same problems plagued all Polish people until the Solidarity movement gave Moscow a huge hairy middle finger.

  • Cuckerdoodle
    Cuckerdoodle 5 gün önce

    23:50 was that the so called interm President all the way to the right of the screen???

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 5 gün önce

    So you did an entire video without mentioning the sanctions? Maduro did not destroy the market economy. It was choked out by sanctions. Politcal biased BS media. BOOOOO ABC BOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just report the facts and stop manipulating people.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 5 gün önce

    This will never happen in the US because Trump is not a socialist . This is propaganda. If anything the socialistic Democrats in the US would be the ones to bring this future .

  • Taylor Reeves
    Taylor Reeves 5 gün önce

    Their poverty is serious. But uhhh why are the potholes in mu town in Michigan 10x worse?

  • Random Cat On The Internet

    so if everyone equal , doesn't that mean it also mean it everyone fault which also mean if that person poor all also need to be poor so everyone dying equally not to mention if that 1 person have a cancer, than EVERY one must have a cancer EQUALITY

  • TheTrigger00
    TheTrigger00 6 gün önce

    The U.S. and its allies should unfreeze Venezuelas assets. They froze the accounts related to oil revenue.

  • Wayward News
    Wayward News 6 gün önce

    Inflation because you know, sanctions by the US and dropping the price of petrol by Saudi Arabia... dirty games. Socialist vs. fascist.

  • Javier Ruiz
    Javier Ruiz 6 gün önce

    Hugo Chavez was because now his maybe in hell . he always having a false Speech about his corruption comparing the Capitalism and his way to kill his own people meanwhile his Daughters and ex wife are living in New York extremely Riches .

  • Ahmad Shahrom
    Ahmad Shahrom 6 gün önce

    I would have gone to the country side and be a farmer and fisherman. Rear chicken, goat, and fish. Since the paper money has less value, then use barter system, exchanging products same as in the olden days.

    What's the point of staying in a city with no food.

  • Ateeq Sandu
    Ateeq Sandu 1 hafta önce

    Currency sanction and capital wars

  • Yves Laurissint
    Yves Laurissint 1 hafta önce


  • Carrie Hatzlhoffer
    Carrie Hatzlhoffer 1 hafta önce

    This isn't Journalism.

  • risna rusdiyanti
    risna rusdiyanti 1 hafta önce

    Lift the sanction.. stop electrical sabotage.. stop imprealist..

  • waxed link
    waxed link 1 hafta önce

    I expected better than this from the Australian public broadcaster. Why are they following the main stream down the regime change anti-democratic path?

  • waxed link
    waxed link 1 hafta önce

    He said there was a media ban in Venezuela. Is that correct?

  • simon clarke
    simon clarke 1 hafta önce

    USA behind all

  • Anand s
    Anand s 1 hafta önce

    Take help from us

    DELEON 1 hafta önce

    Direct result of US sanctions , i lost respect for the ABC . This is typical yank propaganda full of lies . You actually forget to mention the actual facts .

  • Lupe Rodriguez
    Lupe Rodriguez 1 hafta önce

    Esta muy mal la economía,,pero las pinches viejas teniendo y teniendo pinches huercos viejas estupidas

  • JunkYard Chic
    JunkYard Chic 1 hafta önce

    So Trump faults.

  • lancesamals
    lancesamals 1 hafta önce

    We need more sanctions on Venezuela because I'm sure that will definitely fix this problem. Just wondering have we found those weapons of mass destruction yet?... Oh wait im sorry where up to Venezuela now, yea we need to get rid of this guy he's so bad let's just all disagree with the Venezuelan people who voted Maduro as their leader and replace him with democratically elected American choice guaido who is the most popular candidate in Washington...its just another coincidence maduro is the leader of an oil rich country. I'm not sure if this guy has been to skid row but poor people live every where....on today's news the riches country in the America still has undrinkable water running through its taps in Flint Michigan and 30 million Americans still with out health care but maduro is bad.

  • Kevin Ordonez
    Kevin Ordonez 1 hafta önce

    This is a bad propaganda video if I've ever seen one all over the world things are tuff even here in the estates in this video you see lots of fake stuff and the barrios we in Jersey have them we call them hoods

  • V Medina
    V Medina 1 hafta önce

    She has a 4 month old baby? If you know shit is bad, don’t have children!!!

  • Fernand Gutez
    Fernand Gutez 1 hafta önce

    If I want to make a Video of the USA, to make it look bad, I would go to all the skid roads, slums and crime infested neighborhoods and title it, the land of opportunity.

  • Fernand Gutez
    Fernand Gutez 1 hafta önce

    Taken out of context. As always, bias and prejudice corporate media is in charge here. Since Chavez, poverty has gone down from 70% to 20%. The US has refused to sell medicine to Venezuela, so Russia and China is selling over 900 tons of medications to them. Respect democracy, the majority 67% voted for Maduro and the rich and racist minority are trouble makers backed up by the good old USA.

  • Angel Coto
    Angel Coto 1 hafta önce

    Lainnorancia Mata los pueblos

  • SSimonMr
    SSimonMr 1 hafta önce

    ... about to experience what Venezuelans goe trough... REALLY? Living in hotels and spending ABC money? What a pile of crap... and some call this reporting... If your memory isn't goldfish like, you will remember exactly same strategy in Chile; Domestic private sector (ultra rich) colaborated with state department to get hands of the countrys resources again; they were bribing, creating scarcity, lied in media etc.; I recomend 3 part documentary Battle of Chile/ La Batalla de Chile.
    I. Kant said: Dare to think!

  • Rachel Cervantes
    Rachel Cervantes 1 hafta önce

    Build the wall