Selena Gomez Talks Bad Liar, 13 Reasons Why and Paparazzi

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  • subir mukherjee
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    Lol, mor binayako kon sura baje...

  • Басанг Бадмараев

    Selena Gomez sexy interview and only one sex nation from the interview Zach Sang Show

  • Ronald Robben
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    I'm done trying anymore okay goodbye forever

  • Andersoncantor Moreno

    Ok selena

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    Just be genuine

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    Thinking about a perfect vacation

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    Miss you :)

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    Hi sister

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    That's perfection

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    All for you only you

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    What happened everyone

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    fade nix 2 ay önce

    Look at her checks 🤢

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  • LLBsmooth6
    LLBsmooth6 2 ay önce

    Love her!! And Zach you're such a good interviewer.

  • Bob Stokley
    Bob Stokley 3 ay önce

    who the fuck is zack sang??????

  • savannah wtf
    savannah wtf 3 ay önce

    She is so genuine and when she speaks she sounds so educated and intelligent. She truly is a walking goddess 😍

  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo 3 ay önce

    Why does she have to be the most beautiful the kindest smartest rare those cheeks ! I love her so much honestly I gotta take breaks watching cause it will keep me up and I'll think about things too much and start assuming or thinking negative and that shit needs to stop ! Trying to cut out all negativity ! We only live once ! And more importantly is the sun isn't coming up in the morning for some of us ! Don't put off the things you can get done today ! One day all of us will look back and regret the precious time that we lost and wasted when the answer was right in front of us the whole time ! Don't take life for granted ! Being alone and isolated isn't cool and not something that anyone battling any kind of mental illness or especially in recovery with a family that can't speak English ! And what do y'all do ? When someone in trouble begs for help and needs attention ? Turn away ? Who is that helping ? Rich folk ? Donny trump ? What is the point ? Seems kinda silly at this point in time ! But I'll play the game ! It's all good you won't ever break me tho ! 😘🤣 no chance I'd rather rot in hell than give in or change a fucking thing ! You will learn English ! ! 😘😳🤣 play on playa ! Sit back relax and enjoy the show cause ain't nobody going anywhere ! Yipeee ! Genius's !! Must feel good to ignore an innocent family and someone that needs help ! I can only imagine ! Good thing for daemon and the subsystem ! 666 999 7777 444 565 555 333 rocket science ! Wicked cool ! The country is flourishing ! Must be cause of daemon ! 666 obviously ! Remember I got 19 case numbers and police reports and 911 reports ! Reference numbers ! And y'all are spending two million a day ! 🤣😳😂🙄 I knew you guys were wicked smart ! Must be daemon ! 666 aww Oleg ! 😘 is Donny a rocket scientist ? No my bad he's the history buff ! Obviously ! Anyway I love you Sel ! Wish we weren't wasting time and we're together tonight ! Being separated sucks I'd rather panic for an hour and then be happy forever ! Delaying the inevitable ! For ? 🙄🤣😳🤷‍♂️😒😭😘 no more reasons to not get things settled and just deal with the reality of the situation ! If anyone really thinks that I'm magically going to stop or not love Sel anymore I think it's time to do your do diligence and look into the issue and history of this ! Cause there's a better chance of the world blowing into a billion pieces before I ever stop loving Selena ! Or sit quiet without her ! With her' I'll sit very quiet and do whatever ! Anything or nothing doesn't matter as long as she loves me I'm good ! Nothing will phase me ! That's literally impossible ! Wouldn't matter if there was a nuclear bomb going off - at all if I'm holding hands with her let it rip ! I have never loved anything as much as I love her ! I never will either ! Not even close ! I'd walk to her right now ! I'm landing the plane right now so hopefully Sel will marry me ! I'd ax her but no communication !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's the deal with that ? What's the excuse ? Crazy dems ? A coup ? 😂 if I were y'all I'd listen up - there's one person out of more than seven billion that has the Evidence - if y'all don't want to get caught up in this and remain where you are - then Someone has better start opening up their mouth and either say something or help or bring attention to this or do the right thing and be human beings and help one another - stop lying and making excuses or being selfish and greedy and reach out and get things settled - honestly I'm not gonna get started but how can anyone wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and actually say or think it's ok and that you did your best to help humanity today ? Just answer that ! I'll stop and won't say anything just answer it ! Then ask why ? Why didn't I make a difference ! All I had to do was say something ! Look at your eyeballs in the mirror tomorrow morning and ask yourself that question ! Then ask why ? Or comment or make a video and answer why you as individuals and as a collective group didn't act or help ? Don't worry about feelings or who gets offended or why or anything it's not important just answer the question ! Why didn't anyone just call or text ? He has the evidence and can help u all out so why is this continuing ? It's very simple and not hard to answer that question ! Then it's over ! I'll accept the answer ! All day long ! What I won't accept is silence and it's going to end up backfiring big time ! Each second that goes bye the situation gets more dire and more relevant ! Is it worth destroying your own lives and careers ? I guess maybe ! I think it's gone quite far enough ! Or not ? Just answer the question ! Then your free from worry or blame ! Plus you will be able to hold your heads high ! All eyes are right here ! Don't be on the wrong side of this ! Listen to my words ! Or go back and step by step look what I have told you and what I said would happen ! Month by month ! Go check ! Whatever big huge fat massive mistake not to help or say something believe me I haven't been wrong yet ! Go check ! Watch what will be next !! Wait and buckle in ! It's about to get really bumpy next week ! Enjoy your last weekend of not helping or saying anything ! I'll get this will be the last weekend ! Before consequences rain down ! Watch what happens ! Keep it up and smiling ! Yipeee ! No problemo remember it's April 27th - 2019 keep an eye on this footprint ! This was your decision ! I think u may have picked the wrong guy ? Get you wish you would have just walked away ! Oh well ! It's gut check time ! Some people run for cover and stand up people stay and face the fire ! Are you a game changer or a coward ! Just ask yourself that at the same time ! I'll change the world one person at a time ! Rest assured I will change it tho and not sit like a mope & mute ! Yeah I'm not blaming anyone it's all of us and our future so step up go big or go home ! It's that simple stop lying stop excuses and play hard ! Any other way - maybe you shouldn't be playing ! Go sit on the bench with Donny trumpet and people like Paul and roger ! Good luck ! Plus I wouldn't ever show my face again staying silent ! Cause I'm five years people are gonna point and say hey there's the coward that said nothing and could have saved the world ! Books and movies and magazines all written about this mentioning the cowards and people that had the world by the balls and gave everything up to remain silent and cowardly ! That's something I'd want to tell my children and have them tell their children ! Most def they can say my dad or my mom was the biggest coward in American history ! Dang ! I'd be really proud of that treason ! Conspiracy to defraud America ! Congrats it's only a seven to ten year sentence and empty your bank account ! Doing a bang up job third party ! Good work ! Anyway fuck y'all ! I miss my baby girl and love her so much ! Whatever I'm not going to leave her ! So say whatever the fuck you want ! None of it means a fucking thing ! She's my soldier ! Ya dig ! My sweetheart - 😘 can't wait to kiss those cheeks ! 😘🤫😔😍 angel ! I like when she laughs that's funny !! So sweet kind unlike you dopes ! Pull over for safety sake & please don't text and drive ! Get off the road ! Out of the way ! Go to timeout go stare at the wall and think about things ! My love baby I'm going crazy without talking to you or hearing from you !! Please come see me or talk to me and I'll do anything you ax me to do ! I'll be your hero ! Just promise I can hold your hand ! Yup no matter what - you gotta give me your hand for the night ! That's fair ! Lol 🙄😘😘😍🤣🥓 your all I can ever think about ! Seriously ! Even when I don't say anything I still can't go an hour without thinking of you ! Can you post something and say if you will give me a shot at the title ! If you miss me and love me ? You can say whatever is in that beautiful big heart of yours - baby there's nothing you could do or say to ever make me not love you or be a huge fan of the things you do ! I love everything about you and just studied your life for two plus years I'm kit going to have a change of opinion ! Not ever ! I just want to know how you feel and if you would be with a regular guy and marry a regular guy like me or not like me but only me ! We know each other well enough so I just want to build up the courage to ax you the big question ! And your family ! Sunshine !!😘baby I get really mad or start running my mouth and then see you and it stops and I start smiling right away and nothing is wrong anymore ! 🤷‍♂️😳😔🤣 that's whacked idk what's happening but I get deeper and more caught up each day and I try not to fall to much but the harder I try to stay away the worse it gets and more I love you and can't stay away at all ! I'm anxious ! Nervous excitement but all I need is a kiss and to talk to you and everything is all better ! Honestly 🤷‍♂️ I'm listening to my dilemma ! Baby listen to your words ! Go take me there and end this madness ! This is crazy and stupid ! I want my girlfriend !!!!!!! 😘😍😔🤣🥓🥓😇

  • Sabrina Sophia
    Sabrina Sophia 4 ay önce

    nobody kill me i luhv her like acting wise but in interviews she just comes off so boring 😞

  • Giuseppe Lamanna
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  • 김김
    김김 5 ay önce

    This interviews shows that she really knows herself. That would be the start of everything.

  • 김김
    김김 5 ay önce

    My fans are younger and they going through the same things I am going through ← this is so impressive that she doesn't just sing, she always tell the stories, thoughts and share positive effects to all generations... I really like her.

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 5 ay önce

    You guys are awesome, but you've GOT to get twenty one pilots on the show!

  • Mirissa Regent
    Mirissa Regent 5 ay önce

    She is good 😊
    She is my favorite. A true friend is worth more than 100 fake freinds.

  • Hxm00n_light
    Hxm00n_light 5 ay önce

    I loooooovvvveeeeee her spech. (Does that makes sense?, I'm still learning English)

  • Diosina Gomez
    Diosina Gomez 5 ay önce


  • Karolina Wilk
    Karolina Wilk 5 ay önce

    we miss u :(

  • Vanessa Chavez
    Vanessa Chavez 5 ay önce

    I love Selena so much ♡

    DEEPAKKUMAR G 5 ay önce

    I LOVE YOU.....SELENA MARIE GOMEZ................!!!

  • Diminnie
    Diminnie 5 ay önce

    her voice sounds like a computer’s voice in some type of way

  • X. V.
    X. V. 5 ay önce

    When she commented on being one of the most emotional people in the world, I discovered that her sidereal ascendant is in Cancer, a water sign, known for its big heart energy, emphasized love of home and family and (mothering) friends, and a tendency towards privacy, or needing to retreat on occasion.
    The axis energy with Capricorn comes through in her bold business attitude, her strength is allowing herself to be in charge without being cruel, hence becoming an executive producer.
    I like Zach's interviews, I learn new angles to artists I didn't ever notice before which I appreciate.

  • Katherine Rodriguez
    Katherine Rodriguez 5 ay önce

    My cute little bean

  • Anastasia K
    Anastasia K 6 ay önce

    She is so beautiful. Wow. Inside and out

  • Alon Manor
    Alon Manor 6 ay önce

    Why didn’t I know this existed??

  • Diana
    Diana 6 ay önce

    I love her so much she’s so genuine and real, she needs to do more interviews 😍

  • clair de lune
    clair de lune 6 ay önce

    i miss Selena. 2019?

  • amina
    amina 6 ay önce

    I want you to interview her again

  • Konglover 64
    Konglover 64 6 ay önce

    Kill em with kidness insperied me too write a song called kill your meanest

  • Lucia Sosa
    Lucia Sosa 6 ay önce

    She's an old soul and gonna be a great mom if she chooses to have children