Neon Pothos Propagation in Water by Cuttings & Turned Into Table Top Water Garden

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  • pie pie
    pie pie 2 ay önce

    Why r mine turning soggy and brown at the bottom?

  • 다육이도자기
    다육이도자기 3 ay önce

    안녕하세요 👍😘😊

  • Janaya Peoples
    Janaya Peoples 3 ay önce

    Please help my neon pothos has some red stripe tint to the leaves and also a very light pale greenish White tint to it when new leaves sprout what does this mean? And also the leaves are droppy and wilted all the time that's how I got it from the store what could be wrong it's growing fine very fast if I might say and there are very bright neon colored leaves as well I'm just curious as to the reddish colored leaves thanks

  • sheetal kanwar
    sheetal kanwar 4 ay önce

    i do it with neon with cuttings..the cuttings do get roots in the water but when i put in the soil it dies...does anybody knos why ...its pothos neon

  • Jayy B
    Jayy B 4 ay önce

    How do you change water?

  • Avril Brathwaite
    Avril Brathwaite 5 ay önce

    This is just beautiful thanks for the idea will give it a try

  • RoAcH812
    RoAcH812 6 ay önce

    song??? sounds familiar.... Van Fleet???

  • Moon Chy
    Moon Chy 7 ay önce


  • Lidya diya
    Lidya diya 7 ay önce

    wow beautiful

  • Tiffany N
    Tiffany N 7 ay önce

    Mosquito paradise

  • Usha Ramaswamy
    Usha Ramaswamy 7 ay önce

    How often the water need to change? How about mosquitoes breeding in that water?

  • Usha Ramaswamy
    Usha Ramaswamy 7 ay önce

    Elephant watering is awesome. Where is it available? Please.

  • одинокая волчица

    Я бы посадила черенки в керамзит, замаскировала бы сверху камнями и облажила бы живым мхом сфагнумом....

  • I love simbaa
    I love simbaa 7 ay önce


  • Rita Rani
    Rita Rani 8 ay önce

    sir December mahine Laga sakte hain

  • Sabrina Paredes
    Sabrina Paredes 8 ay önce

    Can you do an update video on this water garden?? :) I want to see how it's doing ^_^

  • jim tañala
    jim tañala 8 ay önce

    hi there! what rock did you use?

  • Carmela Ciavarella
    Carmela Ciavarella 8 ay önce

    Molto interessate ?

  • Brhtu Seasonone
    Brhtu Seasonone 8 ay önce

    how often do u chnge ur water?

  • Bd Dream
    Bd Dream 9 ay önce

    Nice plant success.

  • Gerald N.
    Gerald N. 9 ay önce

    Very nice. Very creative. Very informative.

  • Lucia Lucia
    Lucia Lucia 9 ay önce

    Love this💞

  • Anna
    Anna 9 ay önce

    question i am ale to get all this new roots in my pothos in water but no new leaves.. how do i get new leaves?

  • Josefa Sanchez
    Josefa Sanchez 9 ay önce

    Hola me encantan las plantas y encontré tu canal es muy lindo.
    por favor nos puedes mostrar como an cresido tus photos porfavor?😀

  • julieta verdugo
    julieta verdugo 9 ay önce

    Hermoso arreglo , cuantos días en agua para que salga raiz..? Gracias

  • Hero Hour
    Hero Hour 10 ay önce

    Can you add fishes in there?????

  • Maria Valdes
    Maria Valdes 10 ay önce

    Si me lo dices es español lo entendere👎👎👎👎

  • hayder Bio
    hayder Bio 10 ay önce

    I hope to see my channel

  • hayder Bio
    hayder Bio 10 ay önce

    Do you change the water during propagate?

  • Ekta ekta
    Ekta ekta 10 ay önce


  • Liza Anwar
    Liza Anwar 10 ay önce


  • Hiten Gohil
    Hiten Gohil 10 ay önce

    Hiii..i have also done the same..but theres no sign of improvement at all. Just one leave only. It been 2 3 weeks.. routes might be growing inside but no new leaves comming..what should be done???? I have used soil

  • peekaboo
    peekaboo 10 ay önce

    I tried to progate photos on water using the same technic few times. But it didnt look as healthy as yours. They grew slowly and the leaves were getting smaller by time. Some said to put a pinch of salt. But sadly,mine were always rotten and died in just a few days. Any solution?

  • somprabha singh
    somprabha singh 10 ay önce

    Pls avoid making the video long unnecessaryly!

  • عطر اللافندر


  • Zarin Hossain Zara
    Zarin Hossain Zara 11 ay önce


  • Gardening With Pleasure


  • Nety Novita
    Nety Novita 11 ay önce

    how many days is the water replaced??

  • Vijayalakshmi Menon
    Vijayalakshmi Menon 11 ay önce

    Waisting lot of time