Stephen A. and Max react to LeBron James' broken hand | First Take | ESPN

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  • TheBestMusicOnly
    TheBestMusicOnly 2 gün önce

    LeBron throws a childish temper tantrum and breaks his hand. Displaying incredible leadership skills. The media gave him a pass as usual and blame the series loss on JR Smith. Never again do I want to hear him called a great leader or even a good teammate. This was a selfish act that left his team without any chance to compete. Take the blame off JR Smith and put it on this so called team leader.

  • Luis Francisco
    Luis Francisco 6 gün önce

    Max is such a dumb Bronsexual its so hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • Donald Rivers
    Donald Rivers 1 ay önce

    It took lebron 3 games later for him to realize his hand is broke lollllllllllllll

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 2 ay önce

    Stephen A is right that was weak got swept now Bron crying again sympathy is what Bron want I mean GSW don't have anybody new except kd oh yeah they got boogie but they don't need him to play a game n they still want win Bron has been overrated for a while and the analyst just keep giving him a pass

  • SSG Jusblow
    SSG Jusblow 2 ay önce

    And Allen Iverson didn't get swept by the lakers

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter 2 ay önce

    Kobe played with broken fingers and shot the ball left handed. LBJ didn’t have a whole broken hand and dribble with it..

  • Mike Odunze
    Mike Odunze 2 ay önce

    Would he have come out with that cast if the Cavs won?

  • Barney Chan
    Barney Chan 3 ay önce

    It looks like you're making excuses as to why you lost. Man up. JR did.

  • 420 nibbles
    420 nibbles 3 ay önce

    Stfu smith if the man wanted to give he will give up the man give it his all!

  • Equint77
    Equint77 4 ay önce

    I cant wait for lebron to kick a tree in LA after a loss and comes to the press conference in on a wheelchair. And blame nature.

  • Wis Dom
    Wis Dom 4 ay önce

    Lebron is a huge fucking child. #BabyHuey

  • G
    G 4 ay önce

    stephen a isn't making sense to me. lebron was mad because of jr smith's blunder which resulted in a broken hand, but i think that instead of it giving the warriors an advantage, lebron knew if he sat out then the cavs would just get even more demolished.

  • Basketball God
    Basketball God 5 ay önce

    To many haters man smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Michael Land
    Michael Land 5 ay önce

    Why do these bitches keep lying? There was no overturned call in game 1. One official had a charge and the other had a block, they did their due diligence, reviewed the play and got it right which instant replay revealed. Overturned my ass!! They say Kobe had a naive fan base and to that I say bullshit!!!

  • Jt_ Ballin_23
    Jt_ Ballin_23 5 ay önce

    So many excuses for LeBron

  • Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins 5 ay önce

    Michael Jordan after "The Flu Game" in the 1997 Finals: "If you give up, then [your teammates] give up. So, I didn't want to give up."

    LeBron James after JRs fuck up: Bitch, moans, and complains. Plays passively in OT. Acts like a fucking child. Slams his hand on a drawing board like a crybaby bitch. Loses faith that he can win so his teammates lose faith as well.

  • Jay J
    Jay J 5 ay önce

    Max just lied so bad. He couldn't even believe it

  • Desadee Allen
    Desadee Allen 5 ay önce

    Max : sometimes you should realize that your arguments are trash , meaning your not saying anything...

  • Desadee Allen
    Desadee Allen 5 ay önce

    Week later lebron jumps off a cliff , with no cast on , lmao this was a weak move bron

  • Calvin Adams
    Calvin Adams 5 ay önce

    You sound like a hater.

  • Fabulos1
    Fabulos1 6 ay önce

    jordan v lebron debate is over, and now he is trying to do shit outside of bball, But we're talking about bball not schools and charities, dude is a fucking loser.

  • harvir mangat
    harvir mangat 6 ay önce

    bro there are videos of him doing pushups before game 2 and game 3 like wtf, he is a drama queen, he just super mad the warriors killing his legacy

  • Deven Lee
    Deven Lee 6 ay önce

    He got Swept he's no King, he's the Queen

  • Fred Ayers
    Fred Ayers 7 ay önce

    When you coming back 🤨

  • LucidHOOPS
    LucidHOOPS 7 ay önce

    Excuses kobe>lebron

  • john johnson
    john johnson 7 ay önce

    Mike woulda went in in overtime..lbj folds up

  • Mark W
    Mark W 7 ay önce

    I broke my hand once it was still usable especially after punching something I also didnt have to wear a cast.

  • Mobile_MaNiAc
    Mobile_MaNiAc 7 ay önce

    Not ONE game?????

  • dominatorX
    dominatorX 7 ay önce

    Lebron broke his hand by punching a white bore

  • Suween Kannangara
    Suween Kannangara 7 ay önce

    I'm a big fan of LeBron but Stephen A is right(in this case), if he really did have a broken or even a sprain on his hand, he should have ATLEAST wore a wristband or something like that. But when you do it after four games, or a sweep,it seems fake to anyone with 3 brain cells.

    I had MJ and Bron at the same level of GOAT, but this changed my mind. #Hisairnessthe🐐

  • Nvious Xpressions
    Nvious Xpressions 7 ay önce

    I remember when KD was on the foul line and missed one of em. Draymond got the board and they turned it from 1 to 3 point play..

    Bron was over there bitching at the refs.. that's two points they came back to bite that ass. They don't talk about all the other things.. They don't talk about his turnovers, they don't talk about him standing around in disbelief with his arms up while the ball still alive.

  • Nvious Xpressions
    Nvious Xpressions 7 ay önce

    Bron is the shit the man can ball dominant and athletic. Individual stat padder. That's what he does gang. He not worried about chips. Better than Kobe and Mj? Nahhj

  • Luis Francisco
    Luis Francisco 7 ay önce

    Max Kellerman is a Lebron dicksucker dont even listen to this GARBAGE!!Lebron got SWEPT take the L like a man!!😡

  • Ian Forsyth
    Ian Forsyth 7 ay önce

    Isn't max wrong when he asserted that the refs have never reviewed a call like that? I've heard multiple sources/journalists/players say that identical reverses have been made about a dozen times in the last couple of years. It was not unprecedented. Max likes to play the "smart guy" because he attended Columbia but getting crucial facts wrong to underpin a key argument is the height of unprofessionalism.

  • perkol8ter
    perkol8ter 7 ay önce

    Wow...Max Kellerman is so, SO bad at this. You can tell he's trying to be bombastic like Steven A., but failing in an epic way.

  • Mr. Invisible
    Mr. Invisible 8 ay önce

    Kobes always played with splints and casts and never complained, and jordans flu game👍👍👍👍, either the new nba generation is now a bunch of softies or full of players who need to switch to baseball with playin off the injuries

  • W P
    W P 8 ay önce

    SMH bronsexuals acting like lebron was so good but he got swept by the warriors. Who remembers when Jordan swept the warriors in a wheelchair and 2 broken arms with the team on his back

  • Joey Alph
    Joey Alph 8 ay önce

    i was with max until he said babe ruth was the greatest of all time

    JESSE RUSHING 8 ay önce

    Im pretty sure the medical staff would not clear him to play with a broken hand and im pretty sure throwing down dunks with a broken hand would be pretty painful.. If it was a legit injury that he was trying to hide, why even put the soft cast on for the post-game interview? It sounds like an excuse to me..