#4: Julio Jones (WR, Falcons) | Top 100 Players of 2018 | NFL

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  • Ish Elian
    Ish Elian 3 gün önce

    Hoops I didn’t mean that I met Julio Jones is my favorite player

  • Ish Elian
    Ish Elian 3 gün önce

    Oh you’re Jones is my favorite player

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw 2 hafta önce


  • deonax
    deonax 3 hafta önce

    I come back to this video just to here Slay's country ass saying, "He feel like a runnin back when you tackle him. Dat boi dere all muscle."

  • Nathan iel
    Nathan iel 1 ay önce

    “He’s a man amongst men” ummmm what??

  • fatboyej
    fatboyej 1 ay önce

    I’m Here After He Got Paid 66 Milli🏈❤️🖤💰#THEBESTINTHEGAME.

  • chris zanotti
    chris zanotti 1 ay önce

    Still not calvin, next best since

    JZZYNZ 1 ay önce

    1:32 is disgusting

  • Screamin A Smith
    Screamin A Smith 1 ay önce

    Alshon is better

  • JayGotDatDrip_22 Stevenson

    "He's like a man amongst men," kind of the same thing Doug😑

  • Chris Ortega
    Chris Ortega 1 ay önce

    My boy hill said that's like me but 6'3, lmao no credit

  • Black Dean
    Black Dean 1 ay önce

    Brady wanted Julio Jersey goat stuff

  • Money Game 374
    Money Game 374 1 ay önce

    I am a Steelers fan but he is still one if not my favorite receiver

  • Anish Gaonkar
    Anish Gaonkar 2 ay önce

    “He is a man amongst men”- Doug Baldwin 😂😂

  • Kay Ross
    Kay Ross 2 ay önce

    He that dude .....yall got to see my Falcons this year

  • Maddux Long
    Maddux Long 2 ay önce

    Ahhh I dont know nathan peterman should get this spot

  • Vasily Maltsev
    Vasily Maltsev 2 ay önce

    ending song: king of Detroit

  • wificlinc 100
    wificlinc 100 2 ay önce

    Why do I hear the laser sound from jet pack joyride

  • Dr. Beyonder
    Dr. Beyonder 2 ay önce

    Odell is better

  • Ryan Cure
    Ryan Cure 2 ay önce

    How is this guy ranked above Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman?

  • The Savage Gamer
    The Savage Gamer 2 ay önce

    His entire team this season period.

  • Cliffton Norflet
    Cliffton Norflet 2 ay önce

    Imagine if Tom Brady had Jones 😤😫

  • Play boy TJ 21 Nance

    When double move that corner had ice on the bottom of his cleats

  • MR. BIG
    MR. BIG 2 ay önce

    HALL of FAMER!!!

  • 6rofoni 5lim
    6rofoni 5lim 2 ay önce

    Top 5 player of 2019?👀🐐

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 ay önce

    A tall tyreek hill lol da fuc gawd they all impressed. Nuff said.

  • Railey Hernandez Vlogs

    “hes basically me, but 6”3” mannn tyreek hill somethin else

  • Rock n Roll Gigolo
    Rock n Roll Gigolo 2 ay önce

    Tyreek Hill, just like you? When you grow up you MIGHT be like him. Course the last one like Ju was Megatron.

  • Pile of Poop
    Pile of Poop 2 ay önce

    Julio is only focused

    ⓌILLY 2 ay önce

    “He is a man amongst men”

  • Lina Kratzert
    Lina Kratzert 2 ay önce

    HaHa I loved watching him when he played college ball!!

  • Bleached Beast
    Bleached Beast 2 ay önce

    Ok I watched it again you can get get out of my recommended now.

  • Idontlikethatshit
    Idontlikethatshit 2 ay önce

    If 12 had 11 during his career they would have all fingers covered

  • T Lee
    T Lee 2 ay önce

    I wish the insane super team trend was happening in NFL

  • Kvng_Carlos
    Kvng_Carlos 2 ay önce

    Lmao man amongst men

  • Demetrius Jones
    Demetrius Jones 2 ay önce

    Doug Baldwin was the perfect man to say what he said

  • Fly solo 28
    Fly solo 28 2 ay önce

    Wow he ripped off a facemask with his foot

  • Javier Arroyo
    Javier Arroyo 2 ay önce

    Julio is GOAT
    Second would probably be MEGATRON.

  • Lion Tamer
    Lion Tamer 2 ay önce

    3:30 he really broke the mans facemask