How to navigate iPad Pro with gestures — Apple Support

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  • Subbarao GV
    Subbarao GV 14 dakika önce

    Thanks for the video.. How can we transfer data from my external hard drive or USB-A pen drive to my ipad pro 11 ??

  • Mat and Nics adventures

    I love this ipad❤️❤️ I will be buying it for college

  • Wild plays 71ت
    Wild plays 71ت 2 gün önce

    I wish I had one,but, my family does not have money for it😢😭

  • Macintosh Fan
    Macintosh Fan 2 gün önce

    And it bends...

  • Nicolas flouty
    Nicolas flouty 4 gün önce

    Omg this is Apple

    Why is this NEW ipad sooooooooo laggy

  • /\nthony 7yler
    /\nthony 7yler 5 gün önce

    I think this is a prototype, in 2018 November 5th, Apple hasn't even introduced this model yet, and the keyboard in 2:56 just gives it away, the real deal does not say: "tab", "shift", "delete", "search" and "caps lock". (seems like nobody haves the new iPad pro YET)

  • Susan Manning
    Susan Manning 6 gün önce

    After the recent IOS update, I am unable to take screen shots anymore. Why is this?

  • Eli Carpenter
    Eli Carpenter 1 hafta önce

    This video was filmed on October 17 before Apple even announced the iPad Pro

  • Ryker how to's
    Ryker how to's 2 hafta önce

    half of it is on ipad 6th gen on ios 12

  • Nahum Pulmones
    Nahum Pulmones 2 hafta önce

    What if iPhone 11 or iOS 13 will revive the Touch ID, but in a different location (in-screen)?

  • keshava allu
    keshava allu 3 hafta önce

    Does it support every HD game? Is it gud for a developer to run real programs: pls Reply
    Tnq U.

  • Gabriel Davidson
    Gabriel Davidson 3 hafta önce

    All I have is an iPhone 7

  • Reece Carpio
    Reece Carpio 4 hafta önce

    Last one was really useful. Had to force restart it when the screen just froze completely

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh 1 ay önce

    It looks like the iphone xs max

  • f96
    f96 1 ay önce

    You should use screen recording, I wouldn’t care if the red thing is there.

  • Zeke Quiles
    Zeke Quiles 1 ay önce

    I’m watching on iPhone 7 Plus

  • Jinhwan Yang
    Jinhwan Yang 1 ay önce

    Is this an official account of Apple?

  • kevin flores
    kevin flores 1 ay önce

    So swiping from the bottom edge brings up the dock... but swiping from the bottom edge also brings up the app switcher... this is bad UX I can’t bring up the dock, it only brings up the app switcher

  • Amjed Alyasseen
    Amjed Alyasseen 1 ay önce

    I have concern about Apple Pencil ,If I persistently attach of my Apple Pencil to iPad Pro 11 even it is complete charging like what happens in some cases that support Apple Pencil holder , Does this affect on Apple Pencil or affect on battery of iPad ? Anyone has an idea about this please ?

  • gamer 1000
    gamer 1000 1 ay önce

    Your iPad is bad is broken for me after a week

  • HarizshahHamin
    HarizshahHamin 1 ay önce

    How to unbend the iPad??

  • Wolfang 33
    Wolfang 33 1 ay önce

    The biggest iPhone X ever!!!!!!!

  • jun casilang
    jun casilang 1 ay önce

    Love Apple tutorial

  • Your daddy pathak
    Your daddy pathak 2 ay önce

    I love this thing.

  • angela Vazquez
    angela Vazquez 2 ay önce

    Hola buenas noches

  • Brian Grishaber
    Brian Grishaber 2 ay önce

    Why is the iPad in portrait mode?

  • Zara Rashid
    Zara Rashid 2 ay önce

    Thank you i have this iPad and i need help 😅

  • Fleming sebastian
    Fleming sebastian 2 ay önce

    The music is so satisfying

    XSTER 3 ay önce

    666 likes lmao

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball 3 ay önce

    Change the force reset to like volume down + power. Up, down, then hold power is pretty unintuitive.

  • Not Sans
    Not Sans 3 ay önce

    The apps on the new ipad seriously needs to support all screen system or it will be uncomfortable to watch,surf and play

  • Justine Ona
    Justine Ona 3 ay önce

    How do you turn it off though?

  • Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy 3 ay önce

    I want the LIGHTNING PORT back!

  • Co D a q e r t u
    Co D a q e r t u 3 ay önce

    Most of the controls are the same with the latest systems of the other iPads

  • ilham rhamadan
    ilham rhamadan 3 ay önce

    Thanks i can learn how to use an iPad I can’t afford yet.

  • DragonTechRoyale4k
    DragonTechRoyale4k 3 ay önce

    I love the iOS 12 gestures!

  • potato sin lps
    potato sin lps 3 ay önce

    Can you maybe make your products cheaper??

  • Chris G.
    Chris G. 3 ay önce

    13 FPS ??

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood 3 ay önce

    You can restart my iPad for me please I just want to have a iPad again I want you guys to reset it

  • Kexin
    Kexin 3 ay önce

    With iPad Pro, I just paid $1000 for a tablet🤪