Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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  • Mr. Cornbread
    Mr. Cornbread Biraz önce

    I feel like Toyota should have made a cheaper car (not BMW), with an engine that would be easy for modding, and let kids have their fun, rather then put high tech Beamer fun in it, if their intent was to make it a tuning car. The BMW parts will, no doubt, make it to where you have to take it in to a shop and pay $$$, rather than letting people do it in their garages.

    You really can't make a tuner car but have finicky, maintenance intensive, German parts in it. Pick one approach, don't try to combine them.

  • spookanide
    spookanide 2 dakika önce

    The thing is some people are fans of Japanese designed and built sports cars, not BMW. I'm sure it's a fine car on its own merit, but they had to slap the Supra badge on there for marketing hype. Besides that a lot of this pre-tunable bullshit is just awful in my opinion.

  • You Can Do It!!!
    You Can Do It!!! 5 dakika önce

    That's not a Toyota

  • The Last Orca
    The Last Orca 9 dakika önce

    Lol $100k for this? 😂😂😂. What a joke

  • TheSoundOfSilence
    TheSoundOfSilence 15 dakika önce

    So, basiclaly, it is a mediocre little sports care, nothing is really shit but nothing is great either. Figures.

  • Alex Bonk
    Alex Bonk 23 dakika önce

    You expect it to be perfect after having not been made after over 2 decades? Lmao

  • Der König
    Der König 25 dakika önce

    All for the low price of over 100k....😂

  • Vadim Bellous
    Vadim Bellous 26 dakika önce

    I have a Mark 4 Supra and this thing is a monstrosity. They have mutilated a legend but how could anyone expect them to do beter then perfection.

  • Willie Jones
    Willie Jones 35 dakika önce

    Turn on the damn ac Doug 😂

  • cl_Frog
    cl_Frog 38 dakika önce

    how could it be better? not be a bmw
    i just saved you 27minutes

  • bimmermac
    bimmermac 40 dakika önce

    So do you have to replace the window actuators every 2500 miles? Does the Stability control system go bad when it rains? If you own this car for 10 years, do you have to replace half of it during that time?

  • Chris Pinto
    Chris Pinto 41 dakika önce

    Its all BMW inside lazy Toyota couldnt come up a unique cabin.Fail.Wont sell many.....

  • Nahuel Ranieri
    Nahuel Ranieri 44 dakika önce

    7:53 it's just a matter of lifting the hood and seeing that it's a BMW Supra. Incredible

  • E Jackson
    E Jackson 46 dakika önce

    Toyota: This new supra design isn't working for us, someone get BMW on the phone....

  • Spirited Drive
    Spirited Drive 50 dakika önce

    Was was hoping he was gonna also say "they left a hole in a center console, so the tuning companies can manual swap it"

  • Daniel Okada
    Daniel Okada 58 dakika önce

    It's a $50k car. Temper expectations realistically. The A80 MkIV was an $80k car in adjusted for inflation dollars. An $80k MkV Supra wouldn't sell today; not in commercially significant numbers.

    Spoiler alert: it is just the start. Unless the car tanks commercially, even with the modest $50k entry price, the car was clearly engineered for performance enhancements and higher tuned/priced models. Unless BMW only mates that power plant to slush boxes, more engaging transmission options aren't out of the realm of possibility.

  • GEMfanatica
    GEMfanatica 1 saat önce

    Your supra broke down?

    You'd need to go to a BMW repair shop for it...

  • GEMfanatica
    GEMfanatica 1 saat önce

    I hope this car fails

    So toyota knows not to copy and paste the legendary car onto an exact Z4

    Buying this car is like a pay-to-play game... Want more? Pay more!

  • john d
    john d 1 saat önce

    need to do engine swap with old supra i dont need crapy bmw

  • Daniel Okada
    Daniel Okada 1 saat önce

    The Toyota engineers are doing owners a solid with all the air restrictors and unused mount points. A) cost control. Extra ducts, spoilers, wings, braces add to the base cost B) insurance purposes. If you don't want a 600hp tune (or even a more realistic 400+HP tune), you don't have to pay to insure a 600hp sports car. Factory HP is lower than the comparable Z4 BMW. Intentionally very comparable to a factory '94 2JZGTE tune. So the tune is lower; assuming same internals and fuel system... Sticker price is lower. Off the dealer lot, you get exactly what you pay for before unbolting a single vent cover.

    The questions that beg answering is 1) Does BMW engine/parts mean BMW repair costs? 2) Does BMW engineering mean BMW reliability? In other words: disposable car, not intended to be owned more than 5 years before being traded in for the latest model.

    People want Toyota reliability and Toyota dealership priced maintenance and repair. Nobody wants to pay BMW repair and maintenance prices and BMW reliability decorated with a Japanese hood ornament.

    If enthusiasts aren't still driving these cars in 20 years and there's no active fanbase, it would be hard to say in retrospect that the MkV was a success.

    Reality: Most MkIV Supra fans were not going to be appeased unless the MkV had a 2JZGTE engine mated to a 6 speed Getrag transmission, which is nice for pipes, but not very realistic. But someone's going to swap one in.

  • RSC
    RSC 1 saat önce

    Cool car but auto only is a deal breaker for me

  • DSWorks Creativehaus
    DSWorks Creativehaus 1 saat önce

    Wait for the Toyota Supra S63 Engine Swap

  • eXampL
    eXampL 1 saat önce

    I just dont understand why they didnt re produce the legendary 2jz... thats what really makes the supra supra... it was never about cars appearance it was always about the engine and how well you could tune the engine... shame real shame

  • Nate Brindabella
    Nate Brindabella 1 saat önce

    I love the old supra but this is just cringe

  • Psy Dog
    Psy Dog 1 saat önce

    >no manual option
    In the trash it goes

  • mdnlr26
    mdnlr26 1 saat önce

    z5m in gr's toyota trim, wolf in sheep clothed sin

  • Bryan Charles
    Bryan Charles 2 saat önce

    The real 2020 Supra? It's actually called the Lexus LC 500.

  • Ilham Kadir
    Ilham Kadir 2 saat önce

    I'm poor but this car is just so disappointing

  • daymenfruit
    daymenfruit 2 saat önce

    When I read the title for the first time I thought it would be worse

  • Mahesh Chinthaka
    Mahesh Chinthaka 2 saat önce

    Toyota did alot of reliability and fixes to the engine so chill out, its BMW platform with Toyota reliability. And the Transmission ZF 8 speed is just perfectly fine, even better with a tune, they use these transmission in literally the high power sport cars

  • L S
    L S 2 saat önce

    It's like a open sourced BMYOTA car :-) lol.

  • transnd
    transnd 2 saat önce

    How about a light, rigid frame with an absolute minimal amount of features and electronics which would not only make it a purer and therefore more enjoyable driving experience but also provide a lower price point and lower cost of ownership due less components to replace and overall wear from a leaner build?

  • sabrin Hos
    sabrin Hos 2 saat önce

    من شفت شكل اللي دا يحجي سدها لنفسي عن السوبرا 😒

  • will i amnot
    will i amnot 2 saat önce

    It could be a Tesla

  • Ash Horse
    Ash Horse 2 saat önce

    Maybe it is to keep the price down because it is Toyota , the point is to keep the price down because it is somewhat affordable with potential of a lot of power. Just like the older one.

  • Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE
    Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE 2 saat önce

    I don't care if it's a BMW,
    I don't care if it's an automatic,
    as long as it's a Supra,
    I'll still love it.

    It's great and it will be a great car much more legendary than the previous one.

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 2 saat önce

    Auto wow

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 2 saat önce


  • Sitanshu Sai
    Sitanshu Sai 3 saat önce

    Next time a new car comes out I am gonna first watch your review

    WARMACHINE 3 saat önce

    If you really want a honest opinion about any car, don't ask a journalist or any car mag editor, ask a tuner ,drag racer, drifter, track racer etc. They want the best to secure the win, to set records, I dont see anyone doing B58 bmw motor swaps, plus think of the costs....Go ask Jay form Real street what he thinks or the guys from That Racing Channel, Motive dvd or 1320video. This car sucks