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  • FBE
    FBE 2 yıl önce

    Hope you're having a great weekend! Was so much fun having the YouTubers play our "GUESS THAT SONG" challenge that we do over on If you enjoy, go check out more and subscribe!

  • Kaitlin Athanasakis
    Kaitlin Athanasakis 7 ay önce

    7:30 best part of the video

  • holly styles
    holly styles 7 ay önce

    1:16 i love them😂😂🙌

  • Kyrah Malicdem
    Kyrah Malicdem 7 ay önce

    I only know all these love songs because of my mom and I'm a tween....thanks mom

  • Kristin p
    Kristin p 7 ay önce

    4:09 he did a cover of it, id be suprised if he couldn't guess it.

  • Mad Dumb
    Mad Dumb 7 ay önce

    Jack and Erin saying the same thing together is so adorable

  • Jr
    Jr 8 ay önce

    “Love me like you do by Ariana grande!” 😂

  • Kaitlin Athanasakis
    Kaitlin Athanasakis 8 ay önce

    Anyone else feel like MatPat is letting her get some cuz he had a 3 point lead?

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James 8 ay önce

    Who's watching this crying because Liza and David broke up

  • Last name First name

    Liza just say the lyrics she heard as a title😂

  • cat atmat
    cat atmat 8 ay önce

    Aww mat gets so happy when he is right

  • Georgie
    Georgie 8 ay önce

    Where's D-hizzle amd P-lizzle?

  • Lost50
    Lost50 8 ay önce

    I WIll Always Love You is by Dolly Parton. Didn't recognize the different version. IDK why most people think it's a Whitney Houston Song just because she sang a cover for it.

  • Singin Artist
    Singin Artist 8 ay önce

    Liza and David😭

  • itsme zakiya
    itsme zakiya 8 ay önce

    Its feel that liza and david didnt break up😂😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😵

  • Holly Raineri
    Holly Raineri 8 ay önce

    If you didn’t get the lion king in the first second, you’re not real omg 😂😂 such a good videoooo

  • Sir Quackerton
    Sir Quackerton 8 ay önce

    How didnt Jack get the point in 7:57 if the person right after said the same thing lol

  • Sir Quackerton
    Sir Quackerton 8 ay önce

    Good job on the editing in 1:22 !!!

  • Sarah Ruiz
    Sarah Ruiz 8 ay önce

    9:42 you were gonna say what 😂😂

  • Sip Sip
    Sip Sip 8 ay önce

    Liza and David were matching 😭💔💔

  • 0nyx 2u114v4n 2tud102

    I listen to these songs but I’m not in a relationship

  • Jasmyne Long
    Jasmyne Long 8 ay önce

    It’s cute how Liza and David were matching shirts

  • Ryan Arias
    Ryan Arias 8 ay önce

    Erin: 'We Found Rihanna.'


    Jack: F[B E E P]


  • Raylie Watson
    Raylie Watson 8 ay önce


  • Elli Mai Jenner
    Elli Mai Jenner 8 ay önce

    Liza and David are not together any more 😭😭😭

  • Kenneth Lucas
    Kenneth Lucas 8 ay önce

    Danny I love you but so off key at 7:06

  • My Son
    My Son 8 ay önce

    Quick get the divorce jokes

  • Iris Lee
    Iris Lee 8 ay önce

    DIZA IS SOOOO CUTE😩😩😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💖💖💖

  • Jolteus26
    Jolteus26 8 ay önce

    All the comments are people crying about Liza and David.

  • James Horace
    James Horace 8 ay önce

    1:19 Well sh*t Alex.

  • Amy Delany
    Amy Delany 8 ay önce

    lizaaa and daviiiid nooOOO

  • jaqwau
    jaqwau 8 ay önce

    I got the last one in LESS THAN A MILLISECONDDD

  • kongtxou s. xiong
    kongtxou s. xiong 8 ay önce

    The couple I love most is Alex and Lauren

  • Morgan Boyer
    Morgan Boyer 8 ay önce

    9:48 boi scary movie reference nice MatPat👌

  • Karina Lozano
    Karina Lozano 8 ay önce

    In the minute 1:15 , they both said the exact same things !!!! Like , if you noticed !!!!

  • Adam One
    Adam One 8 ay önce

    Love u like i do..😂😂😂

  • Bernice . Loreto
    Bernice . Loreto 8 ay önce

    Noooooo when Liza and David where together😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • _ChocolateXWolf_
    _ChocolateXWolf_ 8 ay önce


  • Clarke St. John
    Clarke St. John 8 ay önce

    Its hurts my heart that most of them didn't immediately get the lion king song

  • Fabiola Arroyo Hernandez

    When David and Liza were a couple 😭😭😭