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  • Watcher Lol
    Watcher Lol Biraz önce

    I'm a accident

  • kewlay
    kewlay 14 dakika önce

    the most annoying thing is that day dom said he was in toronto was the day i freaking left toronto

  • The KillerBear7084
    The KillerBear7084 1 saat önce

    18th August is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • info sandiwa
    info sandiwa 2 saat önce

    Marunong ka PA mag tagalog?
    Do you continue know tagalog?
    Pls ans. Me

  • Rico loop
    Rico loop 3 saat önce

    2:43 me when waiting to buy something...😂😂

  • Abhijit Guha
    Abhijit Guha 3 saat önce

    When you said to watch this video I chuckled it’s a Saturday for me around school

  • KAY B 14
    KAY B 14 6 saat önce

    danm just the hospital costs of the birth if you are in an uncivilised country :O

  • mind blown duck
    mind blown duck 7 saat önce

    I like milk and then cereal

  • Kimberly Romero
    Kimberly Romero 8 saat önce

    Hey Dom do you still know the Philippines national anthem

  • aldous playz
    aldous playz 10 saat önce

    Am a filipino look paano mo sinabe mataba pasok

  • Giovanni Moreno
    Giovanni Moreno 11 saat önce

    Do a video of puberty

  • Verbalkil
    Verbalkil 12 saat önce

    Get yo ass back to FATFINGER

  • Elizabeth S
    Elizabeth S 14 saat önce

    Fun fact: talking to your child like a mini adult instead of using a baby voice and small words actually helps them develop mentally a lot faster and expands their vocabulary. I know that part of the video is exaggerated but a lot of the kids of the people in my dad’s hobby were talked to in a more mature way (tone and words, not cussing at us obviously) and a lot of us tested higher in school and excelled in class because of it.

    Just to put that out there. I found it interesting when I looked into it.

  • Aiden Lu
    Aiden Lu 14 saat önce

    ( o . o)
    / > >\

  • modernwarrior24
    modernwarrior24 18 saat önce

    Is anyone else parents EXACTLY like this...

  • Mike Hannigan
    Mike Hannigan 18 saat önce

    the photo with the mother who just gave birth...priceless

  • BlueSubaru
    BlueSubaru 18 saat önce

    You can put a price black market

  • カルバンX
    カルバンX 18 saat önce

    Bean Yoda

  • maria sobrado
    maria sobrado 20 saat önce

    idk if yo are a dad but you´ll be a great one

  • Fatema Mohamed
    Fatema Mohamed 21 saat önce

    My brother and his wife to my 2 yo nephew : 4:17
    Me: thinks in Domics 😑😤

  • Daniel Davies
    Daniel Davies 1 gün önce

    I do want to say that kids are actually smarter than you’d think. I know you were exaggerating with the little skit about Samuel and his mother at tea time, but I do feel like the world dumbs things down a bit too much for kids. Movies that could be teaching them lessons they are capable of understanding at their young age are instead spending an hour and a half teaching them how hilarious fart jokes are.

    It is important to treat your kids as... well, people. Again, the skit was an exaggeration, but kids grow out of only understanding “baby talk” much earlier than you think. I know of a few people who remember when they were little, questioning why adults were still talking to them like babies but not questioning it because, like you said, they’re impressionable. And I’ve noticed this is generally a western thing; I know there are lots of other cultures out there that don’t really have this problem, at least, not to the extent that we do.

    Just keep it in mind, everyone. Kids are a lot smarter than you realize, and they deserve respect. Don’t go overboard, but don’t forget it, either.

  • Eve_chan :3
    Eve_chan :3 1 gün önce

    i have a cousin with xbox

  • Mpath 123
    Mpath 123 1 gün önce

    These comics always make me laugh!

  • Eve_chan :3
    Eve_chan :3 1 gün önce

    im, from brazil.

  • Breezy
    Breezy 1 gün önce

    do you even have a fucking ki-

  • ØTV- Awais
    ØTV- Awais 1 gün önce

    So how did you get from 600k to 6mill subs

  • Idontwannabeyouanymore
    Idontwannabeyouanymore 1 gün önce

    Its not like I was asked to be born :')

  • Zanda Cele
    Zanda Cele 1 gün önce

    Is this theodd1sout?

  • Acemi Gececi
    Acemi Gececi 1 gün önce

    Dear parents, if you are going on a airport or something, it will be sooo much easier to bring something to distract them. Like a coloring book, you can color with your kid, it would a good bonding experience too and you can teach them how to entertain themselves. Or if they have a sibling they can play with dolls, cars etc. Maybe you can give them a phone you downloaded a movie on advance, you can bring a book, a comic book maybe, you can read together too, of course. You can walk around in the airport to feed their curiosity. I'm not saying you sould be playing with them all the time, just bring someting so they can entertain themselves.

  • Noob_donate_plz Pw
    Noob_donate_plz Pw 1 gün önce

    Remember when comics was the most subscribed animation channel but the Odd1sout took over

  • Zeldris
    Zeldris 1 gün önce


  • Brianna Vargas
    Brianna Vargas 1 gün önce

    Wheres my older sibling squad at ✊✊✊

  • Katie
    Katie 1 gün önce

    I love this video 😂❤️

  • Martian 0015
    Martian 0015 1 gün önce

    the moment you realize Dominic is the reason you have an extended vocabulary

  • Team Charger
    Team Charger 1 gün önce

    My mother loves me but doesn’t give me hugs D: and I’m 14

  • Upen Graden
    Upen Graden 1 gün önce


  • nizcomix
    nizcomix 1 gün önce

    turn captions on at 4:28 ,thank me later

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez 1 gün önce

    Watch demon slayer plz

  • Stitch. A.
    Stitch. A. 1 gün önce

    I'm pretty that kid that ran into Dom he would move a few inches, if not get pushes all the way into the wall. And the kid is preparing his true form.

    DURPY GRAPE 1 gün önce

    Do you still hate the word rural??