Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #5 Clip – Hold The Door (HBO)

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  • Indra A. Rumengan
    Indra A. Rumengan 2 gün önce

    How did he hold the door against that many wights when I couldn't even hold all these tears man

  • انس المحمد
    انس المحمد 1 hafta önce

    dripping tears.

  • Harsh Chhajed
    Harsh Chhajed 2 hafta önce

    Imagine if he said

  • nimeni86
    nimeni86 1 ay önce

    Hold my beer.

  • Sibusiso Yende
    Sibusiso Yende 1 ay önce

    Rest easy my gentle giant.

  • Anas Khayyat
    Anas Khayyat 1 ay önce

    To my opinion this is the best thing in GOT

  • Nikoloz Nasaridze
    Nikoloz Nasaridze 1 ay önce

    Red Wedding was the most shocking moment in GOT, but this moment was the saddest one

  • Eduardo Arellano
    Eduardo Arellano 1 ay önce

    Hold the door for her

  • Negative Creep
    Negative Creep 1 ay önce

    I don’t get it.... hodor got screwed up because bran entered his mind while visiting the past. How did present day hodor become hodor if bran caused it?

  • Gary Yoo
    Gary Yoo 1 ay önce

    진짜 소름..

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 1 ay önce

    I watched this episode today, and it was the best thing I saw till now in my 15 years of life.... Best man ever- Hodor,,,, love you loads😭😭😭😭 a great salute to the producers and directors for making this such a best example of true love, sacrifice, caring.....that's why Hollywood is much much better than Bollywood ,,, it is the best!!! No one is ever match for this thing.... - love from India Hodor!!!!!!!

  • Debankan Mukherjee
    Debankan Mukherjee 2 ay önce

    It's beyond my understanding that the same people who created this masterpiece of television history could also create the stupendous mess of final 3 episodes. 😑

  • hopatease1
    hopatease1 2 ay önce

    And he held !

  • Ajay K Kennedy
    Ajay K Kennedy 2 ay önce

    Hit like here, if you think Hodor should've left the door open.

  • Ashkan Khani
    Ashkan Khani 2 ay önce



  • rodylermglez
    rodylermglez 2 ay önce


  • Efrain Aguirre
    Efrain Aguirre 2 ay önce

    This shit fucking hurted 😭😭😭

  • The Sedaiv
    The Sedaiv 2 ay önce

    Wylis held the door so Bran can be the cunt to take it all... Fuck D&D.

  • TheDarkCard
    TheDarkCard 2 ay önce

    This makes me cry everytime

  • Chris Alliance
    Chris Alliance 2 ay önce

    In life you make your own destiny. In GoT you make other people's destiny

  • Paul Garrett
    Paul Garrett 2 ay önce

    This is the moment when Bran died and his body was taken over by the Three Eyed Raven, AKA Brynden Rivers. From then on he would manipulate all the events in the show so that it would all end with him as Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. Thus the show comes full circle with a Targaryen (albeit a bastard) once again ruling Westoros.

  • Maryam7862010
    Maryam7862010 2 ay önce


  • Ayoub Marzouq
    Ayoub Marzouq 2 ay önce

    when Game of thrones was Game of thrones

  • Andrew Boyle
    Andrew Boyle 2 ay önce

    This is my favourite scene, not just from GOT, but from any series. I'm not saying it is the best scene, I am saying it is my favourite.

  • Rahul
    Rahul 2 ay önce

    PRESS F to pay respect

  • Mohammad Adwan
    Mohammad Adwan 2 ay önce

    This is wear men cried

  • Edig Albert
    Edig Albert 3 ay önce

    До слез

  • Movie Analysis And Review

    HODOR should’ve sat the iron throne

  • WarMike_1
    WarMike_1 3 ay önce

    Door stuck, anyone?

  • GB vKS
    GB vKS 3 ay önce

    This scene alone is better than season 7 and 8 combined

  • Lucas Barros
    Lucas Barros 4 ay önce

    Slc, cena de arrepiar o cabelo do cú

  • GhostDeathmark
    GhostDeathmark 4 ay önce

    I hate Bran after this. I hate him with all my heart.

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 4 ay önce

    I very sad for Hodor)

  • InsertCoolness
    InsertCoolness 4 ay önce

    someone explain the joke to me

  • TheMrEpicsounds
    TheMrEpicsounds 4 ay önce

    If Hodor saw season 8, he would've punched Bran right in the throat.
    "Hold your own damn door!"

  • Andrea Peñarol Mendéz

    Hodor. Uno de los grandes héroes de esta historia.

  • Alpha1Epsilon2
    Alpha1Epsilon2 4 ay önce

    Family guy>this trash

  • Fil Aj Pi
    Fil Aj Pi 4 ay önce

    This is some back to the future stuff right there

  • Infinite Resolve
    Infinite Resolve 4 ay önce

    when you sacrifice your life for someone to sit around and play bird simulator all day

  • oma15
    oma15 4 ay önce

    This is good acting now?