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  • NL Leinbach
    NL Leinbach 9 saat önce

    If you are going to say something isn't true you need to back it up with facts

  • Christian Almache
    Christian Almache 4 gün önce

    The Antarctic is a tiga or tundra

  • Z
    Z 6 gün önce

    There is a lot of contrary evidence to this guy's "MOON OPINION"
    Many Policemen even speak about full moon crime increase. Whether or not the moon causes it, or the people affected "THINK" it affects them, is irrelevant. If they believe it, and their actions are different from the rest of the month, then the moon has affected them, whether they cause their own actions or the moon causes them. You can't believe everything you see on youtube. Whether it is videos like this, or car mechanic videos
    Therefore, even videos like this are myths!

  • Emoji tube
    Emoji tube 1 hafta önce

    Ok I knew brain cells don't regenerate

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 1 hafta önce

    The experiment they did with the 5 second rule actually showed that you have 30 seconds. There will be a transition but not significant. Unless it’s where there’s a bunch of dust bunnies.
    The whole autism thing really pisses me off. A medical journal says they’re safe?!? Really? Who stands to profit financially from them, the medical industry. They do help but there is risk. It’s the MMR vaccine. Take it separately and autism rates drop but to say vaccines don’t cause autism consider that 1 in 64 contract autism and only in societies that insist on vaccinations. In countries that don’t vaccinate the children don’t have autism anywhere near ‘civilized’ countries.

  • Hasan Foyejul
    Hasan Foyejul 3 hafta önce

    myth no.1 politicians love Country

  • Max Valdez
    Max Valdez 4 hafta önce

    I'll have to object to the highest mountain I believe it is still Everest because Everest is above sea level

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 1 ay önce

    Son mount everest is in a middle of huge continent where sea is nowhere close and your talking about a place in underwater ... mount everest is known as highest because they include the earths crust ...

  • emccarty110
    emccarty110 1 ay önce

    GUMMY BEARS are evil

  • emccarty110
    emccarty110 1 ay önce

    Full moon makes you go nuts, no it does not is correct. I know four secretaries that worked for psychiatrists and they all said that the phone calls doubled around the time of a full moon.

  • stick Slick
    stick Slick 1 ay önce

    The lightning one is so wrong there has to be a ground for the electricity

  • Let's Do It Dads
    Let's Do It Dads 1 ay önce

    All or at least most of these feels like government cover ups, besides the highest mountain and waterfall, and 5 second rule. The others sound like cover ups, of course sugar effects you in a high then crash, immunisations can cause autism, and technology causing possible cancer i mean come on guys radiating our food and bodies. Don't be fooled by this video I beg you

  • EchoDudeGaming
    EchoDudeGaming 1 ay önce


  • LCH
    LCH 1 ay önce

    Um i never believed the vaccine autism thing

  • Santtu Ahola
    Santtu Ahola 1 ay önce

    bah semantics

  • Park Justin
    Park Justin 1 ay önce

    so stupid, waterfalls under waters, mountains under waters, desert under snow or water or w,e. so fucking stupid.

  • Anvisha Dhal
    Anvisha Dhal 1 ay önce

    Mouna kea

  • thenewfrijole
    thenewfrijole 1 ay önce

    5 sec rule ain’t a myth it just makes us feel better about eating ground food

  • B. Couture Vibes Nyc

    Everything I was lead to believe as a child is a lieeee ,it's all a lieeeeee 😢😭🤣🤣

  • Young Donut
    Young Donut 1 ay önce

    Is water wet

  • Oobiedoobs
    Oobiedoobs 1 ay önce

    "Deserts are not just a hot, dry, sandy and lifeless place"
    Dryness is the very thing that makes a desert a desert. The very definition of a desert is that it is dry.
    "These arid regions are called deserts because they are dry. They may be hot, they may be cold. They may be regions of sand or vast areas of rocks and gravel peppered with occasional plants. But deserts are always dry."

  • Oobiedoobs
    Oobiedoobs 1 ay önce

    NO. The Mauna Kea volcano in NOT the highest place on earth. Mount Everest is the highest peak above sea-level, and therefore the highest place on earth.
    The Mauna Kea volcano is the LARGEST mountain in the world. But like you said, most of it is below sea level. So despite being taller, it is lower in the atmosphere (and above sea level) than Everest.

  • Echad Lev Shtim
    Echad Lev Shtim 1 ay önce

    This undermines peoples intelligence. Picking food up quicker will reduce the exposure rate of germs. The more the piece of cake settles on the surface area, the more germs make contact. Direct sugar that arent converted to glucose in the body are Deadly(FODMAPS). If you run out of the rain you reduce the amount of rain that hits you by not being under the rain longer. Sickness is directly related to dramatic body temperature drops, which is typical when your cloths are wet. Who are these idiots who exclude variables to conclude their own stupidity. Fluoride is ionic radiation and we digest it, lmao. You only need your cells in contact of the emissions radius of electronegative particles and you will eventually develop cancer. If you digest these particles your cells are within the radius effect. These unproffessional assessment exclude major factors to delegitimize claims. Much like if someone saw a tree fall in the forest but no one else was around to confirm its validity. You can debunk everything in existence with that lack of methodology. I cant see the narrator, so he really doesnt exist at all, lmao. This video never existed until you viewed it.

  • Dimitris Χ.
    Dimitris Χ. 2 ay önce

    I thing the mountain everest fact is wrong we learned in geography lesson that sea surface is the reference of all measurements everything above the sea is height, everything below the sea is depth. So everest has the biggest height in the world.

  • Ayy Eclipse
    Ayy Eclipse 2 ay önce

    Your channel literally sucks. I am only 1 minute into the video, and I can already tell that you are a dumbass. Yiu don't even do research. The 5 second rule has been proven multiple times by real scientists.

    THEO PERI 2 ay önce

    babe...i handle hydrochloride acid (HCL) and even worst i handle considerated and warm sulferic acid (H2SO4) in high school nonetheless :D while yea both are dangerous,the 2nd one its really dangerous...one drop if u apply water right away,at worst case its just a burn.... (do not try this at home)

  • John Bester
    John Bester 2 ay önce

    Before you believe that cell phones are not dangerous to your health, I suggest you do this search in youtube and take to time to watch the videos: "research on effects of cellphone radiation". Secondly, if you think that sugar does not in any way affect your behaviour, you would be better served by talking to experienced teachers of juniors (such as grade 1) before you believe a study where someone tried to prove some connection by using science. If scientists knew everything there was to know about the human body, there would have been a cure for cancer and a fail-safe way to avoid it. To further illustrate my point, 98% of scientists believe that global warming and climate change are real threats, but there is also 2% that does not - and they provide proof of their view point as well. No research on the effects of sugar and microwaves can provide you with mathematical certainty, so to say that sugar rush and effects of cellphones and microwaves is simply a myth is dangerous.

  • D R O
    D R O 2 ay önce

    Is that why when I run to my car I feel like the rain is just crashing against me

  • Patrick T
    Patrick T 2 ay önce

    Ya sure vaccines might not give autism but if my sister got a vaccine she would have deadly allergic reaction on her skin and kill her. Oh and the sugar might effect people but artificial sugar and die will.

  • Cosmicifint
    Cosmicifint 2 ay önce


    The EPIC GAMER 2 ay önce

    Antarctica a desert wtf

  • Rhys Tal Cernunnos
    Rhys Tal Cernunnos 2 ay önce

    You have never been a healthcare worker dealing with many patients during a full moon...
    Yes, the full moon DOES affect people.

  • Potato God
    Potato God 2 ay önce

    At 9:58 pm

  • Potato God
    Potato God 2 ay önce

    I am literally on my bed and drinking chocolate milk

  • Trinayan mohanraj
    Trinayan mohanraj 2 ay önce

    You are wrong MT.everest is the tallest mountain.but not in height,the height which can be seen above the sea.since we can only see the upper part of MT.kea it is not the tallest mountain above the sea.we only count the part which is above the sea not underwater.so he is a lyer lyer pants on fire.if anyone agrees with me smash that like button.

  • Dakota Hardin
    Dakota Hardin 2 ay önce

    Please just take this video down. While a few things on the list are correct, most of them give false pretenses and mislead the public eye. This video caused me to get a headache because of how inaccurate it was at times.

  • Dillon Tebia
    Dillon Tebia 2 ay önce

    snowing is included under preciptation

  • Dillon Tebia
    Dillon Tebia 2 ay önce

    snowing is included under preciptation

  • tec lo
    tec lo 2 ay önce

    FACT, this video is narrated by a mister, or is it a MYTH

  • DJ PJ
    DJ PJ 2 ay önce

    Straight outta Mythbusters. At least give them credits