Michael Negotiates Salary In Women's Clothing - The Office US

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  • fghfghgg ffghv
    fghfghgg ffghv 1 saat önce

    "Im declining to speak first" the face he makes as if he was thinking "im the boss" 😂😂

  • 끼워라 나의틀니
    끼워라 나의틀니 3 gün önce


  • Red Rain
    Red Rain 4 gün önce

    I never would have caught that unless they pointed it out.

  • Five Cents Matter
    Five Cents Matter 5 gün önce

    Wikipedia is my Bible!

  • kkkfts
    kkkfts 5 gün önce

    MissTerious. Buttons are on the wrong side. That's the mistery.

  • surg ramirez
    surg ramirez 6 gün önce

    I feel like you could go high to the office everyday and you’d seem normal

  • Be1smaht
    Be1smaht 1 hafta önce

    If youre are wrong in wikipedia someone will change your reaponse and eventually that person will be an expert becaus3 of the people that read it.

  • Be1smaht
    Be1smaht 1 hafta önce

    Actually sounds silly but wikipedia is great for that reason.

  • Caylin Dela Cruz
    Caylin Dela Cruz 1 hafta önce

    "Italians dont wear pockets"

  • crackheadkellyy
    crackheadkellyy 2 hafta önce

    omg craig was in an ad before this video started <33

  • Ben Tracy
    Ben Tracy 2 hafta önce

    Using this as a visual aid for a presentation on nonverbal communication 😁

  • ajr993
    ajr993 3 hafta önce

    The funny thing is that Darryl didn't get the raise after all and in fact he convinced michael to get a raise for himself. Its a win win win situation.

  • utkarsh s
    utkarsh s 3 hafta önce

    Jim was a bigger sycophant than Dwight

  • Darius
    Darius 4 hafta önce

    1:10 batman pose

  • 4merXtian
    4merXtian 4 hafta önce

    I cant help in declining to speak first. That face he makes.....just perfect

  • Brandon Shaw
    Brandon Shaw 4 hafta önce

    I'm a rabid office fan and I know Michael deserves every bit of shit the workers give him but when Darrell said he was calling Roy Michael should have ended the meeting I know it's to continue the story but hey it's wrong for Darrell to do that

  • Kyle Vin
    Kyle Vin 1 ay önce

    hahahaha genius tv

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 1 ay önce

    not that there's anything wrong with that

  • The King Of Norway
    The King Of Norway 1 ay önce

    4:07 Nikki Minaj- Anaconda

  • carson11100
    carson11100 1 ay önce

    Does nobody love the line “I do not buy woman’s clothes..... I will not make that mistake again”.... so this has happened before 😂

  • Jon LaFontaine
    Jon LaFontaine 1 ay önce

    The funny thing is that, I think on some level, even though they're relatively tacky bits of advice, they do seem like they have the potential to be effective if executed correctly. Hilarity always ensues whenever Michael takes the wheel because you know he's going to find SOME way to screw up the delivery.

  • Jon LaFontaine
    Jon LaFontaine 1 ay önce

    Jesus... I never really realized it before, but, upon learning about the trivia that John Krasinski had to shave his head for a movie role he had, and thus had to wear a wig for a few episodes... it's becoming increasingly apparent which ones those were... 0:34

  • Beni
    Beni 1 ay önce

    Not gonna lie to you, I couldn't tell. Then again, I hate suits in general.

  • N - Aera
    N - Aera 1 ay önce

    Say what you want, but that absolutely cancelled the negotiation, the woman suit distracted the conversation and got him out of the situation

  • Shubham Gujare
    Shubham Gujare 1 ay önce

    Doug judy !!!

  • Dwin
    Dwin 1 ay önce

    Phyllis is the cutest when she's pointing out aspects of the suit hahaha

  • Lucas Loy
    Lucas Loy 1 ay önce

    Been wearing women’s jeans since I was 13. No problems here, or complaints.

  • Ahmir John Jasper Reyes

    Darryl is the PONTIAC BANDIT

  • Mr Scratch
    Mr Scratch 1 ay önce

    Are you wearing lady clothes 😂😂😂😂😂

  • netbookeater
    netbookeater 1 ay önce

    Michael summing up Wikipedia lmao

  • jason brazier
    jason brazier 1 ay önce

    "Italians don't wear pockets."

  • rwest1833_MGTOW
    rwest1833_MGTOW 1 ay önce

    Hilarious they compared his suit to HIllary Clintons pant suit wearing dumb ass murdering cunt

    sorry.........got carried away there for a moment

  • VZ Matthews
    VZ Matthews 1 ay önce

    "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information."

    The obliviousness of Michael is hillarious 😂

  • d00mer 34
    d00mer 34 1 ay önce

    0:11 i know its meant as a joke, but its kinda true too.

  • Carson Flowers
    Carson Flowers 1 ay önce

    Oh how the turn tables...

  • upallnight1992
    upallnight1992 1 ay önce

    Karen or pam??

  • Dtrollmancan
    Dtrollmancan 2 ay önce

    I know Michael is like a goof and wants to be cool that he will put up with so much, but Darle needed to be fired for that behavior

  • Zege
    Zege 2 ay önce

    This show is legendary man up there with Seinfeld

  • The Technoclast
    The Technoclast 2 ay önce

    I would totally wanna come over and raid Karen's closet.

  • Testimony Of Rafel
    Testimony Of Rafel 2 ay önce

    Darryl's delivery was perfect.