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    BBKDRAGOON 2 ay önce

    Halo MCC is coming to PC ON STEAM and Halo Reach is coming to Halo MCC. Halo MCC on PC will receive FOV Slider support, support for Ultra-Wide resolutions, and have two studios working on the PC version of Halo MCC. Halo Reach is coming to Halo MCC later this year. We will get to experience 4k 60fps HDR Halo Reach, with the multiplayer coming free to all Halo MCC owners and the Campaign & Firefight being sold as a premium digital add on. If you have Halo MCC on Xbox Game Pass than you will receive all of it for free! I can't believe it's happening and that Halo MCC is coming to Steam. This is honestly a dream come true and seeing the amount of effort going in to create a proper PC version gives me so much confidence about the future. Huge day for 343 and for Halo fans!

  • Andrew Thiselton
    Andrew Thiselton 3 hafta önce

    Is it going to be og reach or reach anniversary?

  • EdgeOf1996
    EdgeOf1996 1 ay önce

    What I really want is the ability to move the weapons around on your hud like in Eldewrito. Some guns it felt like they took up a lot of space. So I would slide things like the Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser down to the corner so it freed up the screen.

  • Potis Sandvich
    Potis Sandvich 1 ay önce

    Halo reach coming on mcc who’s ready to cry again

  • DeathClaw13
    DeathClaw13 1 ay önce

    I might actually play Halo again if Reach is as good as it was back in the day

  • Damien Martinez
    Damien Martinez 1 ay önce

    I know the x version of reach on MCC will be 4k 60fps, but what about for people who have the og xbox one/s? Will it be 1080p 60fps?

  • Garry M
    Garry M 2 ay önce

    Could you imagine steam workshop support for forge maps, that would be fucking insane

  • Ascension Relapse
    Ascension Relapse 2 ay önce

    Halo 3 odst firefight with johnson charactar and rookie with out helmet

  • SnakiestCarrot
    SnakiestCarrot 2 ay önce

    Unlocked framerate is a must-have for me

  • Emperor Gao Zu
    Emperor Gao Zu 2 ay önce

    not 60FPS BRO 100+

  • Fahad_Nomna7
    Fahad_Nomna7 2 ay önce

    i know they already mentioned ultrawide support but hopefully doesn't mean just 21:9. I wanna replay all my childhood favorite game to my samsung 32:9 monitor as well :P

  • EEHI Or Evan
    EEHI Or Evan 2 ay önce

    Are we going to be able to rank up on reach through MCC??

  • Derp Mcderpinton
    Derp Mcderpinton 2 ay önce

    Now we can finally finish the fight

  • Ryder1266
    Ryder1266 2 ay önce

    I've been playing reach since i was 3

  • Skeg
    Skeg 2 ay önce

    Reach Is my childhood. I never had online but couch gaming was the shit. 2v2s were so jokes. This im defo buying and im defo gonna cry cause of the nostalgia

  • Josh Daniels
    Josh Daniels 2 ay önce

    why in the world are people so in love with halo reach? halo 2 mf halo 2

  • OccipitantX
    OccipitantX 2 ay önce

    They NEED to have unlocked framerates. 60 FPS on PC is too low to be acceptable. This is the one thing that could really hurt the MCC population and player interest on PC. People will still buy for the hype and campaigns, but will probably not stick around for the multiplayer in large numbers.

  • Archer Rofe
    Archer Rofe 2 ay önce

    I think they'll release reach at e3 and every other game a month after each other.

  • lalapeanutbutter
    lalapeanutbutter 2 ay önce

    This should have opt-in crossplay. I don't see it happening right away, since not everything will be available out the gate, but once everything else is in place, definitely expect to see it.

  • Randomman111
    Randomman111 2 ay önce

    I hope they add armor effects in MCC, and the blue and red flame and full customization. I am a simple person, that's all i want

  • Sasoushii
    Sasoushii 2 ay önce

    here its is! https://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=Halo i mean in " COMING SOON" mode

  • Looter Penguin
    Looter Penguin 2 ay önce

    144 fps would be a dream come true

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 2 ay önce

    Ok so my b day is June 1st. My plan is to get the MCC and I might try and get xbox game pass because it makes it all cheaper and that’s how I also got halo 5 a while back. It also makes halo ODST cheaper too so if I get game pass, get Halo ODST and get MCC I’ll have Halo combat evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo 4, Halo reach, and Halo 5. What a time to be alive boys!

  • SmokeyTheMouse
    SmokeyTheMouse 2 ay önce

    Halo Ranking system over all of Halo MCC? That would be killer!

  • red hidra
    red hidra 2 ay önce


  • AstrozRipp 55
    AstrozRipp 55 2 ay önce

    I yearn to play reach again. But I got ps4. Sad time.

  • American Soldier365
    American Soldier365 2 ay önce

    Hopefully they fix the customization in mcc and make where you can actually customize your Spartans Elbow pads ,knee guards chest plates, Helmet, visor, attachments if they did this Halo would be booming because everyone loves customization.

  • Anirudh Malik
    Anirudh Malik 2 ay önce

    Will split screen be available?

  • Drifto-kun
    Drifto-kun 2 ay önce

    I've been wondering these days. Will this be cross platform?
    Will it link to the Xbox live account?
    If I have the digital Xbox version, do I get everything for free on the Microsoft Store on Pc?
    And, if so, could I play with people on Steam?

  • Lolzqulion
    Lolzqulion 2 ay önce

    Can u imagine if epic took this game and made it exclusive too? I'm pretty sure they would make interesting results

  • Madfire
    Madfire 2 ay önce

    Suicide rate has dropped to 0.0%

  • Ed
    Ed 2 ay önce

    Campaign split screen?!

  • Brace Land
    Brace Land 2 ay önce

    I reckon play original Halo 1 and 2 on Xbox then play the HD ones on PC

  • une personne particulierre

    Pretty sure its coming april 14.
    Reach came out september 14

  • Swifter46ter
    Swifter46ter 2 ay önce

    I may be alone, but I want to lower my weapon in multiplayer. That's it.

  • fuck avengers endgame watch avatar

    Really the only thing that 343 needs to do is show us the halo infinite elites and hopefully the game is rated M and if all goes well im sold

  • Sean Myers
    Sean Myers 2 ay önce

    I hope that in reach you can actually customize your spartan, instead of the presets that halo 4 had

  • Berreta Escueta
    Berreta Escueta 2 ay önce

    Can you do a upcoming multiplayer fps games list

  • Gamerboy9013
    Gamerboy9013 2 ay önce

    Nice. Now they can fix the JUGGERNAUT GAMEMODE

  • Mitch lol57
    Mitch lol57 2 ay önce

    FOV needs to be able to do 120+, Framerate should be unlocked too