Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 5, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  • Hurricane Dorian brings heavy downpours, flood waters and even tornados to the Carolinas, American woman accused of trying to smuggle infant onto flight, and why people falsely confess to crimes. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). 1:37 Hurricane Dorian Batters Carolinas Coast, Spawns Tornadoes 3:39 Dorian Pounds South Carolina, Flash Floods In Charleston 5:06 Hurricane Dorian Threatens Landfall Along Carolinas Coast 5:59 North Carolina Braces For Possible Hurricane Dorian Landfall 7:29 Desperate Search & Rescue In Bahamas, Death Toll Rises To 23 9:36 One Acquitted In Deadly Ghost Ship Fire, Hung Jury On Second 10:24 Walgreens & CVS Ask Customers Not To Openly Carry Guns In Stores 10:37 Wegmens: 'We Prefer That Customers Not Openly Carry Firearms' 10:45 American Woman Accused Of Trying To Smuggle Baby Onto Plane 12:28 False Confessions: Why People Admit To Crimes They Didn't Commit 16:32 Inside Lab Investigating Mystery Illnesses Linked To Vaping 18:33 Inspiring America: High School Football Player Wowing Millions » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: Connect with NBC Nightly News online! NBC News App: Breaking News Alerts: Visit Find Nightly News on Facebook: Follow Nightly News on Twitter: Follow Nightly News on Instagram: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and engaging news stories. NBC News Digital features,,, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and the existing apps and digital extensions of these respective properties. We deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism and segments from your favorite NBC News Shows. Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 5, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
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  • *Itz Zoe XoXo*
    *Itz Zoe XoXo* 3 hafta önce

    Oh dang...... it was my birthday on Sep 5

  • Travels World
    Travels World 1 ay önce

    God love drama 👍💃👙good news stories again lol 😂

    I AM THAT I AM 1 ay önce


  • Tammy Powell
    Tammy Powell 1 ay önce


  • Ed Kendrick
    Ed Kendrick 1 ay önce

    High pressure zone that appears to be man-made 'parked' Dorian over Bahamas.

  • Lilly De Jesus
    Lilly De Jesus 1 ay önce

    cops can lie detectives can lie but you can't not lie this is why you need to call an attorney don't answer any questions call a lawyer. Take the five.

  • Irma Gonzalez
    Irma Gonzalez 1 ay önce

    88899olgnu hy=Houdini&u[

  • Tide Cruz
    Tide Cruz 1 ay önce

    As a filipino i feel sorry for the woman, she has no idea of the condition of our jail.
    If she filed for bankruptcy how was she able to afford to buy a round trip ticket.

  • Beverley Lumb
    Beverley Lumb 1 ay önce

    Why was this woman that was a bankrupt trying to smuggler a infant out of the phillapines

  • st marine
    st marine 1 ay önce

    70 percent of justice workers are scummy and desperate .

  • Theresa Dalrymple
    Theresa Dalrymple 1 ay önce

    Mercy Lord, mercy.

  • Lidette Micciche
    Lidette Micciche 1 ay önce

    we love you guys and your not alone help is on the way god bless you 🇺🇸

  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith 1 ay önce

    Sorry To See People Go Through This

  • Eleven X
    Eleven X 1 ay önce

    personally, i don't see pot smokers as "pillars in our community", so let them smoke. let them die. i don't think pot heads will be curing cancer any time soon so no big loss hahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes 1 ay önce

    @13:59 I find it sickening that there is a Pfizer advertisement in the bottom bar. Pfizer manufactures torture drugs and has trade agreements with other manufacturers and suppliers that also manufacture torture drugs used on terrorist suspects during interrogations at extraordinary rendition sites like Guantanamo. Torture drugs can elicit false confessions. Torture drugs are a real thing. They are more unpleasant than starvation and dehydration and, as unpleasant as beatings and waterboarding, and suffocation. These drugs are also used in USA and other mental hospitals.

  • Forrest Shalom
    Forrest Shalom 1 ay önce


  • Escape From Zombie Island

    Weather warfare/ agenda 21

  • David The Mechanic
    David The Mechanic 1 ay önce

    Come on Al you're supposed to say Alabama

  • Curly Cruz
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  • DOF Lucifer
    DOF Lucifer 1 ay önce

    Ya I sent another 🙄

  • Eang Thai Ngov
    Eang Thai Ngov 1 ay önce

    Hello there!
    Some laws requires you to have a residence in order to vote in the Presidential race.
    I believe that when you become homeless after category 5 Hurricanes,
    You are not able to vote in any elections because you have a homeless status.
    Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

  • Egypt Son
    Egypt Son 1 ay önce

    hmmmm.... i saw another video about the vitamin e thing and asked.. why would vitamin e be dangerous? it's a technicality..... you guys are naughty word benders... its the oil period. what your REALLY saying is that it's the oil cooling and causing a shield around the alveoli stopping the oxygen exchange... okay... i can dig it. imagine pouring motor oil on a cars air filter y'all... i think that's where this is going.

    LORENA MURGUIA 1 ay önce

    OMG I'm so glad emissions don't live over there I live in USA thank god I hope everyone else over there safe

  • Genevieve Baldwin
    Genevieve Baldwin 1 ay önce

    My body is a temple like the God of heaven said. These lower land, so called gods can keep their drugs and poison. Go natural, go organic, go clean.

  • Genevieve Baldwin
    Genevieve Baldwin 1 ay önce

    DAs can lie, but the general population can't because it's perjury. A Sick Nation.

  • Kurt Brewka
    Kurt Brewka 1 ay önce

    Boycott the usa.

  • Meg
    Meg 1 ay önce

    That woman.. a creepy spider preying on babes - there it is, on video, folks- as bold as can be, USA citizen woman. Trafficking, and out of Utah. WHO wanted that child and for what purposes. Follow the silk of that nasty spider to her lair to find out who ordered up an infant. GROSS secretive spiders.

  • Rebecca Martinez
    Rebecca Martinez 1 ay önce

    Wait, wait there are White ppl living in Charleston? I thought racists Dorian would pass those areas!

  • Joni Widmer
    Joni Widmer 1 ay önce

    I live in phoenix, Arizona and I am sick and tired of false allegations towards innocent people that have never had been in jail or even has so much as a traffic ticket. My son has been wrongfully convicted and held in the county jail for what will be five years at the end of January of 2020. Lost his wife, his business and missed out on all three of his sons lives. I am so disgusted. We are poor and cannot afford a lawyer they know it. The judge found that these accusers had been lying and has found one creditable. The only reason for that is that the state will in no way admit that they were wrong because if they did that would mean that they would have to pay for his stay in there lovely jail. Innocent til proven guilty does not exist in a poor persons world. The prosecuting attorney cant even remember what page she lied on its pathetic and I am so sick of it all. I have lost all confidence in the justice system since I was 13 when I was sitting in ICU in the hospital all beaten up by a boyfriend of my moms they took me and said I was the one in the wrong, are you kidding me I was only thirteen years old and half dead on the table, after that I knew I was on my own. What a crock of crap its all about the pride of the state and the money. The minute my oldest grandson turned 18 they threw him in prison because of a girl that he was dating years before he got 4 years in prison a straight A student. Who's next? The poorer the economy the more of us will be in jail it is a money making machine for the state. For a country who is supposed to be free we have more prisons than the whole world has and they are all full to capacity. I don't see how these people sleep at night knowing how many families that are being torn apart, I don't think they even care. I grew up here I used to love this state, now its all I can do to live in it I am praying and waiting that they will let my son go with his name in tact which I doubt seriously they have threatened him with 102 years if he take it to trial now they want to say time served no contest. What a joke to go through life with a name that has been muddied by the state and he has to pay for all of it. What about all of those liars who know that their accusations are false and have admitted it. The state does not care they will pick up the charges as if it were them anything to get what they want. There is no justice it falls into the street!

  • i have seen things
    i have seen things 1 ay önce

    Why do you want open carry??? Oh yeah, show off....

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen 1 ay önce


  • Kirk Steele
    Kirk Steele 1 ay önce

    CONVICTED..something to think ABOUT..🐑🐑🐑

  • scott mckenzie
    scott mckenzie 1 ay önce

    lester u r a snake

  • Carmela Szymanski
    Carmela Szymanski 1 ay önce

    Amazing..Simple American People taking care if one another..

  • Marla Holt
    Marla Holt 1 ay önce

    becky becky becky

  • dan lou
    dan lou 1 ay önce

    Wish everybody be safe

  • Kevin Dunleavy
    Kevin Dunleavy 1 ay önce

    We can't bring all those Bahamians here.We can help give them the resources to rebuild their country.

  • Mickey C
    Mickey C 1 ay önce

    Let's just remembers studies can be botched and incorrect.

  • Mickey C
    Mickey C 1 ay önce

    No one's died from smoking just plain good old marijuana. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️