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  • Obesity ostrich 123
    Obesity ostrich 123 4 saat önce

    I guess he Doesn’t want to show his face in youtube

  • Obey scythe
    Obey scythe 5 saat önce

    He said yeah and his mouth didn’t even move

  • Matix Cruz
    Matix Cruz 5 saat önce

    Face revel not Logan paul

  • Priya Dua
    Priya Dua 5 saat önce

    Yes wow

  • Joshua_da_best
    Joshua_da_best 5 saat önce

    I just love how this video has no discription

  • Windows 98Dragon
    Windows 98Dragon 6 saat önce in 0:24 of this video u can see his body that doesn't looks like him

  • Irma Castillon
    Irma Castillon 12 saat önce

    The scream is umm off I guess you can say it's not so high pitch

  • Tank Fighter
    Tank Fighter 12 saat önce

    Just to get this clear, he isn't shark puppet, if you go to 0:27 He doesn't move his mouth. And if you say he is ventriloquist then look at his adams apple, if he was one the bulge on his neck would move. Also, #JakePaul #LoganSucks.🤣🤣

  • Tiger 7
    Tiger 7 12 saat önce

    0:26 it’s not him. When he says YEAH! Logan’s mouth wasn’t moving

  • Bird Gogi
    Bird Gogi 13 saat önce

    You ruined it. You ruined it and I'm leaving.

  • Icysantiago 10
    Icysantiago 10 14 saat önce

    Its not logan becayse when he took the mask off he said yea and login didnt move his lips

  • Efrain Pablo
    Efrain Pablo 14 saat önce

    He doesn't scream like shark puppet

  • Bear The Goldador
    Bear The Goldador 14 saat önce

    He’s actually a kid....

  • sara marquez
    sara marquez 14 saat önce

    Is not him because when the shark puppet talk he didn't talk

  • Ella Hattum
    Ella Hattum 14 saat önce

    Pls do real face Reveal i now its not him when shark puppet talked logan didnt open his mouth

  • the real 5000
    the real 5000 15 saat önce

    How much money did you pay him

  • GachaGamer
    GachaGamer 15 saat önce

    I actually don’t want a face reveal it would make the suspense go bye bye lol

  • Lucanous
    Lucanous 15 saat önce

    logan paul sounded like that screaming goat change my mind

  • Blackdragon6897
    Blackdragon6897 16 saat önce

    Lmao he stretched the hand puppet over his face. Why is nobody else talking about this?

  • John Carl
    John Carl 16 saat önce

    Jk I know it’s not you
    After he takes off the mask he moves the puppet and makes it say YEAH but his mouth don’t move

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega 16 saat önce

    No youre not

  • Christiano Younis
    Christiano Younis 17 saat önce

    When shark puppet says yea Logan Paul doesn’t move his mouth that proves it’s fake

  • yobamos og
    yobamos og 17 saat önce

    when shark puppet said yeah after logan took the puppet off his head his mouth didn't move

  • Maddypuppy
    Maddypuppy 18 saat önce

    I WISH

  • TrEvOr WeNdLeR
    TrEvOr WeNdLeR 18 saat önce

    If this was true I'm unsubscribing

  • Samantha Tulsih
    Samantha Tulsih 19 saat önce

    Hang me plz i wanna die after seeing this so logan can record me for views

  • soy mexicano
    soy mexicano 19 saat önce

    0:24 I:The end

  • Millo Sonic
    Millo Sonic 20 saat önce

    Is that jake Paul
    That’s not shark puppet

  • Spiderxtra
    Spiderxtra 20 saat önce

    Anyone else see logan

  • Peter Marshall
    Peter Marshall 20 saat önce

    Voice reveal

  • yendri1
    yendri1 20 saat önce

    I bet $99999999
    He will never do a face reveal like HowToBasic

  • McFunnigan55
    McFunnigan55 21 saat önce

    such a joke

  • CriticalFalling.
    CriticalFalling. 21 saat önce


  • Sky Lie
    Sky Lie 23 saat önce

    He look like jake Paul

  • stupid head
    stupid head 23 saat önce

    Is that Logan paul

  • Im The Gameboy
    Im The Gameboy 1 gün önce

    Not him because when shark puppet said yeah logan didnt open his mouth 0:25

  • Loudgamer 2000
    Loudgamer 2000 1 gün önce

    0:26 Logan Paul

  • Aiden V
    Aiden V 1 gün önce

    Really dude show us your real face

  • Hashim Mryan
    Hashim Mryan 1 gün önce

    This has to be a joke

  • Hashim Mryan
    Hashim Mryan 1 gün önce