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    why so many dang ads?

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 3 gün önce

    I'm finna follow a hot call girl into a dollar store and say well you are in the store as pass her a dolla

  • cabbage man
    cabbage man 1 hafta önce

    holy f u c k that one about the family stealing the cat and op only finding out years later has me so fucking l i v i d

  • Pete Young
    Pete Young 1 hafta önce

    I've always thought even normal soda prices are a ripoff. I understand "shipping costs, cost of the employee, blah blah blah" but both cup and soda cost pennies on the dollar. Even selling for like $0.75 should make a profit

  • Christopher Kelley
    Christopher Kelley 1 hafta önce

    Just put it this way, now they didnt have to see the cat die at a young age

  • F. U. C
    F. U. C 2 hafta önce

    THey should have looked up a boarding kennel to watch the cat.

  • Kristi_is_weird 2.0
    Kristi_is_weird 2.0 3 hafta önce

    The story with the cat made me so mad because my cat Andy ran away at my birthday party. I was sad when we found out he was gone. So hearing this made me want to attack that mother because she literally kidnaps their cat!!!!

  • Roselin K
    Roselin K 1 ay önce


  • Mas115
    Mas115 1 ay önce

    Five dollars....For a water....o-o Wha?

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard 1 ay önce

    Kids like sandboxes, I have never met one who doesn’t like playing with sand

  • Carolina’s Thoughts Show

    With the car story why didn’t they ever think of going to her house???

  • Carolina’s Thoughts Show

    Not to mention we all know it’s for her because he clearly saw her making nasty faces at the drinks SHE didn’t like. Imagine using your kid or even an imaginary one to get a damn monster drink.

  • aterack833
    aterack833 1 ay önce

    I would be breaking windows of that EM, I mean what happened to the cat? Was it's life a nice one? Was it truly safe? Was it cared for properly? Was everyone who interacted with it nice and if not were they appropriately scolded for being mean to a cat? I'm very upset.... (For reference, I'm a cat)

  • anti cosmo
    anti cosmo 1 ay önce

    Entitled Dad doesn't know how to takr turns



  • Anxious
    Anxious 1 ay önce

    hoW daRe assUmE I' A M bOy i'M a wOmAn !

  • ItalianPokeMage
    ItalianPokeMage 1 ay önce

    Does anyone have a link to the petsitter one from 19:56?

  • Hackie Puffs
    Hackie Puffs 1 ay önce

    Hey EM!! You know that humans NEED water to live!!! 💦

  • Mell Arts
    Mell Arts 1 ay önce

    Now I hate a woman with my name, even if it is really not hers

  • Bloobs McGargen
    Bloobs McGargen 1 ay önce

    So like, did she just say "lol" out loud to this dollar store lady?

  • Adrian Dominic
    Adrian Dominic 1 ay önce

    Never heard of a dollar store open at 1am... and was it 1 or 2 dollars she was trying to give him for his Monster?

  • Elaine Adams
    Elaine Adams 1 ay önce

    I feel bad for the kid before even listening to the story about the batting cage because the first hit I got in those was a soft, curved hit at a 60 mph machine. The ball smashed my thumb, and I broke 2 bones and the growth plate, which means that I will probably have arthritis in the future. And the ball only went 2 feet. Later that month, I had the writing STAAR test, which means that I had to write a 3 paragraph essay with my non-dominant hand. But, I still got masters and was 1000 points above the district average. Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh, right. Sooo, um, I don't think it's a good idea for him to go to the faster machine.

  • Yamata no Oroshi Kirin

    ON the topic of that cat being kidnapped (or maybe eldernammed since it was old), why didn't they just think of going to their house and maybe getting to know the family they were cat-sitting for? That's a win-win: Your daughter still gets to spend time with the cat and you yourself have a few more friends.

  • Yamata no Oroshi Kirin

    "You refuse to sell a drink to a damn kid?"
    Wonder how saying that would help her when she tries to take someone's alcohol like this in a store.

  • Gamer Raichu
    Gamer Raichu 1 ay önce

    That Pineapple story is just so miserable guff...

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 2 ay önce

    Sports can be really fun for kids and can really help shape their young minds and help with discipline BUT all of that goes away when the kid is pushed to their limits and are not having fun in that sport as a experienced baseball and football player please do not push your kids so much that they do not enjoy the sport. I hate when this happens.

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard 2 ay önce

    As soon as the used the 4th token I would've punched him in the face as hard as I could and then give him a lecture about sharing and taking turns.

  • Kip Kont
    Kip Kont 2 ay önce

    the first story i would have been like
    “oh this drink?”
    opens drink
    takes a long sip
    place almost empty can on counter
    “alright that will be 2 dollars”

  • Sourdirewolf
    Sourdirewolf 2 ay önce

    OP from the Baseball story sounds entitled too lol

  • jaydawg116
    jaydawg116 2 ay önce

    I wish John wick owned pineapple.
    But really, you abduct my pet, you abduct my child. Humanity doesn’t need you anymore, time to go.

  • Irelia?
    Irelia? 2 ay önce

    Man trust me, if that was my cat, an entitled parent's head would soon be found rolling across the road
    Oh or better, I'll let the cat do it if it can :D

  • grace mastorakos
    grace mastorakos 2 ay önce

    sports parents can be hella tough on their kids. my friend wrestles and gets a hard time from his dad if he loses. i’ve been on house league hockey teams with coaches who had a child on the team. they suck honestly

  • pocket sized lucifer

    Idk if it’s a Florida thing but most places with fountain drinks will give you free water. Tip it anyone visiting Florida

  • Calum Fong
    Calum Fong 2 ay önce

    hey idk if you'd believe this and I don't use reddit much so i'll post it here
    so I was friends with this kid and he was such a normal guy but he acted weird sometimes. He didn't like talking he was anti social and stuff. Well there was a game where you poke people in the stomach, and yea it got out of hand. One day I was drawing a poster for the anti-drug week (idk the real name it happened long time ago) yea and he poked me in the stomach real hard, forced tears came out, but I laughed it out and wiped my eyes. So I got him back while he was working, and he freaked out he took out scissors and tried to poke me. I moved my hand in shock and it hit my hand. My hand started bleeding, I was in pain but I was so freaking pissed. I just clenched my hand and started hitting him. We ended up fighting till a teacher came by. Thinking back it must of been weird seeing 2 year 5 students just bashing the hell out of each other. Being young I was sobbing but didn't want to give up. I hit really hard and he fell to the floor. He was conscious but it pain. I went to the teachers office and my mom was called. She seemed pissed at first but realised I was in the right. So she acted as if she was gonna give me a punishment. I took it and still kinda sobbing, said sorry. Well nothing much happened, no one got suspended or expelled, no one was charged with anything, no one wanted to see a manager. We just moved along with our lives. We actually got together and became friends. AND THEN OUT OF NOWHERE EVERY SINGLE STUDENT FREAKING CLAPPED (jk).

  • Nyte Gaming
    Nyte Gaming 2 ay önce

    Ok buddy will you stop with the 2 minute explanation after each story

  • cmm3699
    cmm3699 2 ay önce

    God I feel so bad for that cats family, but also for Katy. She truly thought she was in the right and to learn what a horrible thing she had done (by proxy of her mother) must've been devastating since it sounds like she loved the cat too and knew of the pain she put her friends family through on her moms behalf. Honestly made me cry for all people involved, besides the entitled mom.

  • Police Doggo
    Police Doggo 2 ay önce

    Hey atleast ED is trying to help him

  • Julia Scasny
    Julia Scasny 2 ay önce

    As a softball player, hitting 50 mph pitches are hard. And I’m going into high school. I can’t imagine a 8-9 year old hitting 80 mph pitches.

  • Luna Equinox
    Luna Equinox 2 ay önce

    26:38 This is my nightmare

  • 4lpHa_steel
    4lpHa_steel 2 ay önce

    If RNG_mrfreshasian had spin offs this would be it

  • maggPi Prime
    maggPi Prime 3 ay önce

    I actually believe the cat theft story. People do WEIRD things when it comes to pets. Add to that the skewed viewpoint of pets being property/family members. I've seen really off behaviour over the years, but nothing as concrete as this story. Always just suspected shenanigans.
    The only solid outcome/situation I know of was for one of my parents' cats. Warning: This story is about abuse and abandonment.
    That cat used to live with another family on their street. Parents and children alike did horrible things like swing the poor cat by the tail. (This is the only thing I was specifically told about.) They eventually moved away, leaving the cat behind. He became the neighbourhood's cat, everyone calling him to place a meal for him. Leaving food out just encouraged the raccoons. Winter came and my parents turned their porch into a shelter. But winter in Toronto can go down to -40°C. So they started letting him into their furnished basement (in at night, out during the day), away from their other cats, as he was too crazy and vicious for that kind of socialisation.
    Over the years of him "not being their cat," he has become almost completely socialised and spends lots of quality time upstairs watching tv with my parents and the other kitties. The basement is his special space, with only one other cat permitted down there (a little girl he bonded with, I think). He can be petted, but still stay away from his tail.
    The psychological damage done to this poor guy is blatantly evident. He is so full of love, but is so messed up. He's attacked my parents, their cats, other people's cats, probably a few raccoons too. He wants the love, but is so afraid to trust anyone. I've taken care of their cats for them on occasion while they've been away, and I baby talked him, even gave him cute rhyming nicknames. Gave all kitties lovey-dovey attention. I'd like to think that I helped him to feel like an equal amongst his adopted siblings, keeping consistent with my parents' love for him. His behaviour has vastly improved, he's now able to accept the attention he craves, doesn't go into jealous fits over the other cats, and can even hang out in their company.
    What my parents did for him is something I truly admire. Because of them, this cat finally has the family he deserves. He's still messed up. He can still lash out. He's still somewhat distrustful. But slowly, he continues to mellow and relax and love and live. He was taken in, not left to die on the street or be put down in an animal shelter. He was given love and a chance. He's happy. He's definitely "their" cat.

    (Were I to ever win a lottery, I'd set up a special shelter complete with permits, vets, admin personnel etc for them to be able to save all the kitties! It'd have a safe outdoor garden run with all sorts of cosy niches and grand climbing areas. And... okay I'd better stop now.)