Manila Luzon's 'Classic Lewk' Makeup Tutorial 💄 | RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4

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  • julia c
    julia c 48 dakika önce

    manila’s drag is ART you can always tell how much thought she puts into her looks. i love

  • 70s Brian May is my boyfriend


  • Lorna Miller
    Lorna Miller 4 saat önce


  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 4 saat önce

    Jesus Christ hair . Get back there 😂

  • Miss Drew
    Miss Drew 7 saat önce

    Manila confuses my sexuality. So gorgeous either way.

  • Emily The Queen
    Emily The Queen 8 saat önce

    Why are these the best overdrawn lips ive ever seen!?

  • Yolimer Obelmejías
    Yolimer Obelmejías 9 saat önce

    Te amo, Manila

  • TheCaliMack
    TheCaliMack 10 saat önce

    This was a detailed and passionate guide.

  • lil Cha ching Chong
    lil Cha ching Chong 21 saat önce

    His moans remind me of filthy Frank's pink guy

  • Fairy Wings
    Fairy Wings 1 gün önce

    You are FABULOUS! Love ya Manila

  • flutteringazure
    flutteringazure 1 gün önce

    This is a great tutorial, explaining exactly how highlights and contours can shape the face and why the makeup is done this way. I love all these tutorials, but this is really one of the best 😍 Thanks Manilla!

  • Keisha Iz Awesome
    Keisha Iz Awesome 2 gün önce

    I loves me some Manilla Luzon! She's fabulous baby!

    CINEMA ATM 2 gün önce

    My real ALLS4 queen <3

  • Oliwer Kubiak
    Oliwer Kubiak 2 gün önce

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks just like Gwen Stephanie ?! #twins

  • Jacob Snell
    Jacob Snell 2 gün önce

    The shade to Naomi tho...

  • алексей щербатов

    Manila -SUPER !!

  • macmusikpro
    macmusikpro 3 gün önce

    She should have been in the top 2 in the latest RPDR all star and win it with trinity !! She’s coming to Auckland. So excited to see her !! My wife and I will definitely go !!

  • Makeup440plus
    Makeup440plus 3 gün önce

    Oh I adore you! You were robbed I stopped 🛑 watching Allstars 4 when you left I was so disappointed 😞

  • ThatMixedBish
    ThatMixedBish 3 gün önce

    We love a sweet queen! Not bitter just kind! We stan

  • Julia Virna
    Julia Virna 3 gün önce

    NOW THE EYES... Mmmm the windows of the soul!...
    We love uuuuuu

  • milhouseburns springfield

    i want Manila to do her Imelda Marcos S3 Snatch Game mug XD

  • Angelie Sagadal
    Angelie Sagadal 4 gün önce

    Is Manila Luzon a Filipino? Idk cause this is one of the Capital here in Philippines. 😊🇵🇭

  • Jenny Espinosa
    Jenny Espinosa 4 gün önce

    I luv u 😍 u look like Katy Perry xD

  • Kevdall johner Taleon
    Kevdall johner Taleon 4 gün önce

    shade to naomi smalls 13.30 hahaha 👄😚💋

  • Maya Zammit
    Maya Zammit 4 gün önce

    Manila will always be my fave ❤️

  • Vixe que Fome
    Vixe que Fome 4 gün önce

    Manila, honestly, I would marry with U! Period!

  • Gabbe Rosa
    Gabbe Rosa 4 gün önce

    Gorgeous 😍

  • Connie Le
    Connie Le 4 gün önce


  • donnale williams
    donnale williams 5 gün önce

    I love you gurl

  • Glen Jones
    Glen Jones 5 gün önce

    same old makeup and that hideous skunk wig

  • blue sky
    blue sky 5 gün önce


  • Raquel Soto
    Raquel Soto 5 gün önce

    This is why I love her. Beautiful and natural and crazzzzy. Love you Manila ♥️

  • Brenda Lopez
    Brenda Lopez 6 gün önce

    Men can do there makeup better then woman can. Manila you go girl.

  • Ziggy Angelo
    Ziggy Angelo 6 gün önce

    Can this fandom please stop arguing over robberies and who deserves what and instead make the fandom about celebrating drag and having fun and being irreverent. Like these are all mens and trans women in wigs, why so serious?

  • Maluhia Taula
    Maluhia Taula 6 gün önce

    Love her!🙌🏽😭❤️

  • The Saur
    The Saur 6 gün önce

    Will Manila ever talk about her heritage

  • Adriana Aguilar
    Adriana Aguilar 6 gün önce

    who cares about reality? For me, Manila won the AS4

  • CJ Alexander
    CJ Alexander 6 gün önce

    Love you Manila

  • Nicolas Ricco
    Nicolas Ricco 1 hafta önce

    Your makeup is very boring!!! I m sorry ... kisses

  • tatiana bressan
    tatiana bressan 1 hafta önce