24 HOURS WITH A NEWBORN BABY! | Ellie and Jared Routine

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  • Megan Sonnenberg
    Megan Sonnenberg 1 ay önce

    Have you done a snoo review yet?

  • Barb P
    Barb P 1 ay önce


  • Simone Lopes
    Simone Lopes 3 ay önce

    hi i'm a big sis 3 boys

  • Farzana Javeed
    Farzana Javeed 5 ay önce

    How did your belly disappear??? An update on that pls

  • SimplyMilly
    SimplyMilly 6 ay önce

    I had to pause at 6.00 I thought she smoked

  • Paige DeRogatis
    Paige DeRogatis 6 ay önce

    You have such a beautiful family!

  • Dae
    Dae 6 ay önce

    oh my god i‘m too young to want a baby already 😩😍

  • Ruby Calabrese
    Ruby Calabrese 6 ay önce

    I love this channel so much

  • Adalis Reyes
    Adalis Reyes 6 ay önce

    He,s so cute God bless him and the rest of ur kids🙏😍👶👨👨

  • laurel jade
    laurel jade 6 ay önce

    love ur earring ellie.

  • shelby trotter
    shelby trotter 6 ay önce

    what kind of crib thing is that? where can i get one?

  • TelluricManx 23
    TelluricManx 23 6 ay önce

    I have that same exact rock and play lol

  • amanda rodriguez
    amanda rodriguez 6 ay önce

    Just curious do you eat a lot of diary? That could be the cause of the smelly explosive poop. He may have a dairy allergy. Anyways God bless he is a cutie pie!!

  • Kynlee Powe
    Kynlee Powe 6 ay önce

    Can you show how you give Tommy a bath

  • Linnay Westra
    Linnay Westra 6 ay önce

    I swear watching y'all makes my days smoother and happier and better doesn't matter if night morning afternoon I always love watching y'all it's so nice seeing such a well kept happy family God bless yall

  • Itz Milimoo
    Itz Milimoo 6 ay önce

    What's the babies name. Just realised its Tommy

  • jess rauschenberg
    jess rauschenberg 6 ay önce

    This video has me sooooo excited to (hopefully) have my own family one day! also the small acts of kindness from Jared make my heart melt too😍 such an adorable little family 💕

  • Makenna Robinson
    Makenna Robinson 6 ay önce

    Congrats on your new baby 👶

  • Kellie Dowell
    Kellie Dowell 6 ay önce

    Did Calvin not sleep bc he had reflux or something or do you know why he didn’t sleep well? When did he start sleeping better?

  • Ulyana S
    Ulyana S 6 ay önce

    hahahah i think you’re gonna live the rest of your life with a new born baby

  • MotherhoodWithACrunch

    So jealous he’s sleeping that well already. My son is 10 months and still wakes up every three hours 😭😭😭

  • Realtin Mclaughlin
    Realtin Mclaughlin 7 ay önce

    W what is his name

  • Sarah Holliday
    Sarah Holliday 7 ay önce

    OH. MY. LORD. IS THAT THEIR BABY?! 😭😭 I haven’t watched Ellie and Jared for so long! Please reply someone I’m in tears!

  • Alissa Carver
    Alissa Carver 7 ay önce

    I am sooo glad I am not the only one who has a pile of diapers by the bed in the morning!!😂makes me feel better😁

  • Aly M
    Aly M 7 ay önce


  • Juanita Mundo
    Juanita Mundo 7 ay önce

    No one mention that cool ass crib! whatever it's called.

  • Angie Hepp
    Angie Hepp 7 ay önce

    To the 532 people who disliked this video... WHAT is wrong with you?!? You do realize that you're only here because YOUR parents did all this for you, right?

  • Nasir Kosa
    Nasir Kosa 7 ay önce

    Woah. Jared’s hair is darker.

  • rosepetallady 1
    rosepetallady 1 7 ay önce

    He looks so bothered by people. Lol He looks like he Is saying "just put me back in the belly please. I don't have time for this." Lmbo

  • Josh Cornell
    Josh Cornell 7 ay önce

    Aw cute

  • Tony lee
    Tony lee 7 ay önce

    Anyone knows where to buy the baby-bed like the one in the video?

  • sojournes
    sojournes 7 ay önce

    Jared has a troupe of mini-mes!

  • Kady Shaw
    Kady Shaw 7 ay önce

    My cousin is called tj too but his full name is Thierry john❤️

  • Rip VanWinkle
    Rip VanWinkle 7 ay önce

    OMG Somebody throw that thing down a mineshaft !

  • Bianca
    Bianca 7 ay önce

    Ellie what is that lipstick? It's amazing 💓

  • Mike
    Mike 7 ay önce

    i only clicked on this cuz i thought here tit was gonna show when breastfeeding. i was sadly mislead

  • Everett
    Everett 7 ay önce

    What a nice homely baby!

  • Tammy Vo
    Tammy Vo 7 ay önce


  • the Corpuz famILY
    the Corpuz famILY 7 ay önce

    All of you are just so beautiful looking! 😍 Love this family! ❤️

  • Corisa Hills
    Corisa Hills 7 ay önce

    What swaddle are you using??