Eating A $10,000 Golden Steak (24k Gold)

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  • YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT THIS GOLDEN STEAK TASTED LIKE! BEAST APPAREL - Four people that buy merch from during the month of January will be randomly selected to compete in a "Last To Leave" challenge. If you want a chance to be in a video, buy anything off the site before the end of January! SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG Outro song remix - ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - • Instagram - --------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast 7 ay önce

    subscribe and i'll get you a golden steak

  • concorde class
    concorde class Biraz önce

    Btw century eggs dont taste of anything

  • John Coates
    John Coates 6 dakika önce


  • Grace Lyncan
    Grace Lyncan 28 dakika önce

    Does eating gold mean your ...... poo is expensive?

  • Vicki Huffman
    Vicki Huffman 32 dakika önce

    I am from the future and chandler has a win streak of more than 3

  • Warm’
    Warm’ 1 saat önce

    My fam can eat 5 century eggs strait and they love them! .-.

  • Douglas Berry
    Douglas Berry 1 saat önce

    these guys have the manners of pigs they talk with food in their mouths

    ROBIN 1 saat önce

    I am a pewdiepie, logang.😍❤

  • Love my DandyLion
    Love my DandyLion 2 saat önce


  • James Potanin
    James Potanin 2 saat önce

    highest paying jobs:
    mr beast's friend

  • Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma 3 saat önce

    Srry boi I am vegetarian but I’ll sub anyways

  • Emm Emm
    Emm Emm 3 saat önce

    wait normal people have never eaten octopus?? I'd eat it for free bc it's good tbh

  • Amy Tan
    Amy Tan 3 saat önce

    Mr beast you the best

  • simplelife artist
    simplelife artist 3 saat önce

    waching them est expensive stake while me eating my bagle and orage juice

  • Teodor Kolev
    Teodor Kolev 3 saat önce

    it cant be only me thatt wants that goooooddddd stake

  • Aiden Lu
    Aiden Lu 3 saat önce

    Chris got love
    Chandler got happiness
    Jimmy got poor

  • Chris The goat
    Chris The goat 4 saat önce

    I’m Greek and in greece people eat octopus all the time

  • Ryse Friction
    Ryse Friction 4 saat önce

    And I’m over here thinking Chinese food was fancy 😂😭

  • Lakshan NV
    Lakshan NV 5 saat önce

    Oh look. There're peeps whose sh*t worth more than my entire paycheck.

  • Canivours child
    Canivours child 5 saat önce

    I just thought are they only friends with jimmy because he gives them money

  • I taped my snail to the ceiling fan

    And I’m here waiting for Burger King to throw out some meat

  • lululemoon 980
    lululemoon 980 5 saat önce

    Why is it so gross to eat shrimp head I eat it all the time

  • Jordan Newman
    Jordan Newman 5 saat önce

    Best stake eva

  • SnubHero boy
    SnubHero boy 6 saat önce

    du grim

  • Lion R
    Lion R 6 saat önce

    Wtf octopus is delicious🤣

  • Special Bats
    Special Bats 6 saat önce

    Some of the stuff they're wimping out on really isn't that bad. The octopus and duck liver, namely.

  • Elan Kansky
    Elan Kansky 7 saat önce

    By the way the carpaccio was raw beef

  • Emirhhann Nigaa
    Emirhhann Nigaa 7 saat önce

    Nusret 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Foox Bear
    Foox Bear 8 saat önce

    I’ll eat bugs if I can eat them with ketchup

  • pewdie CAK3
    pewdie CAK3 8 saat önce

    I love how the resto prepares a bag so that when u puke hahha

  • Daisy’s world Forever

    I have I love you mr beast

  • ZE-Productions
    ZE-Productions 9 saat önce

    Australia only place you can kill and eat a national animal

  • thisisnotmynameXD 123
    thisisnotmynameXD 123 10 saat önce

    Hey Beast im poor how to buy a golden steak give me some steps

  • Chewy
    Chewy 12 saat önce

    This just made me hungry

  • Mindboggler123
    Mindboggler123 12 saat önce

    Octopus isnt that bad, then again I spend a lot of time with japanese people and enjoy takoyaki

  • WhY u AlWaYs LyIn DuDe
    WhY u AlWaYs LyIn DuDe 13 saat önce

    :no one
    :Mr Beast wakes up should i drop a metor on a car of get a gold steak

  • Ashley Lopez
    Ashley Lopez 13 saat önce

    I would go through surgery to date you

  • Dustine Alithia Quinto
    Dustine Alithia Quinto 13 saat önce


  • ichinyaatsu nya
    ichinyaatsu nya 14 saat önce

    i would eat that seafood bowl withput being paid

  • Daniel Linh
    Daniel Linh 14 saat önce

    Does mr beast secretly rob banks