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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug 1 yıl önce


    Comment down below if your school has a bunch of FaZe Rug fans and I might surprise you in class ;)

  • Yo_Just7
    Yo_Just7 11 saat önce


  • Yo_Just7
    Yo_Just7 11 saat önce


  • Mohammed Al-Majid
    Mohammed Al-Majid 15 saat önce

    8:18 hoy he meant hi

  • Mohammed Al-Majid
    Mohammed Al-Majid 15 saat önce

    Pennywise will get you

  • Larissa Perez
    Larissa Perez 22 saat önce

    Lol at 8:18 the boy


  • janrick ph
    janrick ph 1 gün önce

    Yo this guy is sooo rich but your attitude is best❤ your not like evry rich person, you still have a humble attitude

  • eggziting life
    eggziting life 2 gün önce

    It's because you are causing noise in public obviously, come on! You even turned your Lambo in sport mode which made it to cause more noise. I know you want to show off but please do it appropriately, the kids are watching you considering you want yourself to be an inspiration!

  • Blindave
    Blindave 2 gün önce

    American policemen are to the last one all fucking retarded it seems.

  • AwsomedudeOHH !!
    AwsomedudeOHH !! 3 gün önce

    I got the flu...

    Please wish me luck to get better

  • Janell Floravit
    Janell Floravit 3 gün önce

    My fish grade friend his a black hurricon I saw on Friday

  • Everything Bros
    Everything Bros 3 gün önce


  • Ivy Besmonte
    Ivy Besmonte 4 gün önce

    Those cops were jealous about it. They just want to take your car away. He wants you poor. I know you guys don't like this comment but I was just guessing.

  • Infernus ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ

    6:58 "They helped me graduate high school" Lol because you needed a degree to become famous. Teachers usually tell you how shit and worthless you are. And you have to prove them wrong.

  • Johnny Games
    Johnny Games 1 hafta önce

    Badgers spring middle school

  • daimondwolfpack 6
    daimondwolfpack 6 1 hafta önce

    That one dude hi

  • Tom Beierle
    Tom Beierle 1 hafta önce

    The cops are just jelly bro

  • Giancarlo Caballero
    Giancarlo Caballero 1 hafta önce

    wats your purpose on this bruh?’ i mean you just an arrogant guy. for real? is that your money buy that car? its your mom or dad sweat.. dont own a car.
    so stop saying thats you F car. b humblee man.

  • joel haunga
    joel haunga 1 hafta önce

    that cops an ass

  • Tony Call
    Tony Call 1 hafta önce

    I want to get picked up in a lambo in my school it's at southeast middle school in Ohio

  • Keegan Smith
    Keegan Smith 1 hafta önce

    The cop was jealous of yo Lamborghini 🚗🤣😂👍👍👍👍👌👌👋👍👍

  • Stephanie Arce
    Stephanie Arce 1 hafta önce

    I love all of you re videos no lie

  • Stephanie Arce
    Stephanie Arce 1 hafta önce

    Pls come to neava Esperanza pls I'm begging u pls😤😭😭

  • Ermyas Berhe
    Ermyas Berhe 1 hafta önce


  • Jonathan Ruvalcaba
    Jonathan Ruvalcaba 1 hafta önce

    can u come to bellflower mayfair

  • TheFake King
    TheFake King 1 hafta önce

    hi linkmon99

  • Brayan Martinez
    Brayan Martinez 1 hafta önce

    faceeeerugg! you should come to my school in alabama alotttt of peopls knoa u over here your famousssss!!!!

  • PRO GAMER 1,000,000,000
    PRO GAMER 1,000,000,000 1 hafta önce

    It is not a high school it is a school

  • PRO GAMER 1,000,000,000
    PRO GAMER 1,000,000,000 1 hafta önce

    illinois chicago st.gerald I don 't know if you can go to chicago we have a lot of fans we are out of school at 2:30

  • shreyas c
    shreyas c 1 hafta önce

    U can't come to pick me because I am in India 😂

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix Lestrange 1 hafta önce

    I only got detention twice this year...

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix Lestrange 1 hafta önce

    “This is not ok”
    ~ 🎈Faze Rug🎈

  • Atomic Blader
    Atomic Blader 1 hafta önce

    I go to hereford middle

  • Fortnite figueroq19 Jeffry Jeffry

    This guy looks like mold rat big fan tho

  • Jim Papazoglou
    Jim Papazoglou 1 hafta önce

    you look good with ear rings

  • José Rivera
    José Rivera 1 hafta önce

    Kenton elemantary

  • Adam elmhdati
    Adam elmhdati 1 hafta önce

    5:20 😍😍😍 NAV🔥🔥

  • jamison ewoldt
    jamison ewoldt 1 hafta önce

    I lost my mom in the twin towers event

  • carlos pereira
    carlos pereira 1 hafta önce


  • Crystal Vidal
    Crystal Vidal 2 hafta önce

    Starr King Elementry