2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix​: Race Highlights

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  • ShineStreet
    ShineStreet 1 hafta önce

    I'd much prefer watching the 2017 version

  • LegendarySnipez 7000
    LegendarySnipez 7000 1 hafta önce

    No one even talked about how good Gasly was doing until his driveshaft stopped working

  • Martijn van Kan
    Martijn van Kan 1 hafta önce

    Crofty is to damn loud, always!

  • crime face law
    crime face law 2 hafta önce

    Lewis give his team mate a win, that is how good of a heart Lewis has!

  • cinegraphics
    cinegraphics 1 ay önce

    Both Vettel and Verstappen are better than Hamilton. It's unclear to me why Mercedes didn't take Vettel. Because in inferior car (Ferrari), with tons of malfunctions, Vettel is still keeping Hamilton on his toes. But now we have Verstappen in the game. Mercedes shouldn't miss the opportunity again. They should get Verstappen while he's still relatively "cheap". Offer him 50% of the Hamilton's salary. I bet in the same car, he would wipe the floor with Hamilton.

  • NothingToSeeHere It's just a noob.

    2:50 and onwards
    Daniel : fastest way to parallel park, pull up beside the car you want to park in, slam it into reverse, don't look in your mirrors, just whizz it in, say hey how are ya, and line it up.
    I'm really good parallel parking

  • Veeti Pyöriä
    Veeti Pyöriä 1 ay önce

    4:34 "Lewis will never give up."
    Lewis in German GP: "cAn wE jUsT rEtIrE"

  • Freakson
    Freakson 1 ay önce


  • tan116A
    tan116A 1 ay önce

    "Valtteri, it's..... Bottas, bitches!"

  • mahluk mars
    mahluk mars 1 ay önce


  • MrClawz
    MrClawz 1 ay önce

    Eminem has a new rival.

    David Croft.

  • g0neplatinum
    g0neplatinum 2 ay önce

    Why is Hamilton always at the top somewhere

  • Ed Mahn
    Ed Mahn 2 ay önce

    First F1 race with zero crowd stands what a joke.

  • Jeffrey du 9256949375

    A oublier cette course

  • Ivaylo Parvanov
    Ivaylo Parvanov 2 ay önce


  • Tero Savikuja
    Tero Savikuja 2 ay önce

    Bottas was too friendly at the start and let so much room for Hamilton. That is maybe one of his problems. He respects too much his teammate. Because of his kindness Hamilton almost overtook him.

  • lief me
    lief me 2 ay önce

    2:58 i didn't know women drivers were allowed in the F1

  • Wong Wai leong
    Wong Wai leong 2 ay önce

    What happened Toro Rosso Danill Kvyat and Renault Daniel Ricciardo are reverse corner track?

  • ucheucheuche
    ucheucheuche 3 ay önce

    How many cameras film a formula 1 race?

  • Mostly an F1 fan
    Mostly an F1 fan 3 ay önce

    0:06 Like how they assumed there'd be crashes with the yellow flag graphic straight away.

  • mia haskurti
    mia haskurti 3 ay önce

    Great Reaction From David Croft!
    For Mercedes Battle

  • Xristos G.
    Xristos G. 3 ay önce

    4:13 tel u wat boi

  • gottabump
    gottabump 3 ay önce

    Mercedes just isn't fair at this point

  • Krtin Narayanan
    Krtin Narayanan 3 ay önce

    5:26 - Merecedes is getting BORED of this ! Get em some competition FIA !

  • It’s Vizor
    It’s Vizor 3 ay önce

    Even the Merc team looks bored

  • Sriyan Gaming
    Sriyan Gaming 3 ay önce

    That was a sick 180 2:11

  • Bytemosery
    Bytemosery 3 ay önce

    Val bottaz

  • Kithsiri Ekanayake
    Kithsiri Ekanayake 3 ay önce

    I was lucky to experience this live. What a wonderful race.

  • CS:GO Peak
    CS:GO Peak 3 ay önce

    How is Riccardo still allowed to drive f1?

  • Ahmed Khattab
    Ahmed Khattab 4 ay önce

    انا الاسد في زمن الضباع

  • RoYaL_Kim 115
    RoYaL_Kim 115 4 ay önce

    For Bottas, this is DEFINITELY payback from last year.

  • Icelandic Potato
    Icelandic Potato 4 ay önce

    I would pay to have this as a ringtone.
    “It’s lights out and away we go!!!”

  • Explore17
    Explore17 4 ay önce

    2017 Bottas: Puncture
    2018 Bottas: Puncture
    2019 Bottas: victory

  • Katy Campbell
    Katy Campbell 4 ay önce


  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 4 ay önce

    why is kimi so slow this season

  • Treeezplz
    Treeezplz 4 ay önce

    He's coming late! He's coming late! We all know what happens when a Red Bull is coming late! But he doesn't crash into the car ahead! This time.. bahahahh.

  • William Merkle
    William Merkle 4 ay önce

    at the end of the video look how totos face changes

  • Jay Msv
    Jay Msv 4 ay önce


  • Jay Msv
    Jay Msv 4 ay önce

    Azerbaijan Baku ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  • Mathias Gerhardt
    Mathias Gerhardt 4 ay önce

    Voll langweilig fast immer gewinnt Mercedes