2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix​: Race Highlights

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  • It’s Vizor
    It’s Vizor 16 saat önce

    Even the Merc team looks bored

  • Sriyan Gaming
    Sriyan Gaming 3 gün önce

    That was a sick 180 2:11

  • Parrot Beats
    Parrot Beats 3 gün önce

    Val bottaz

  • Kithsiri Ekanayake
    Kithsiri Ekanayake 3 gün önce

    I was lucky to experience this live. What a wonderful race.

  • CS:GO Peak
    CS:GO Peak 4 gün önce

    How is Riccardo still allowed to drive f1?

  • Ahmed Khattab
    Ahmed Khattab 1 hafta önce

    انا الاسد في زمن الضباع

  • RoYaL_Kim 115
    RoYaL_Kim 115 1 hafta önce

    For Bottas, this is DEFINITELY payback from last year.

  • Icelandic Potato
    Icelandic Potato 1 hafta önce

    I would pay to have this as a ringtone.
    “It’s lights out and away we go!!!”

  • Explore17
    Explore17 2 hafta önce

    2017 Bottas: Puncture
    2018 Bottas: Puncture
    2019 Bottas: victory

  • Katy Campbell
    Katy Campbell 2 hafta önce


  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 hafta önce

    why is kimi so slow this season

  • Treeezplz
    Treeezplz 4 hafta önce

    He's coming late! He's coming late! We all know what happens when a Red Bull is coming late! But he doesn't crash into the car ahead! This time.. bahahahh.

  • William Merkle
    William Merkle 4 hafta önce

    at the end of the video look how totos face changes

  • Jay Msv
    Jay Msv 1 ay önce


  • Jay Msv
    Jay Msv 1 ay önce

    Azerbaijan Baku ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  • Mathias Gerhardt
    Mathias Gerhardt 1 ay önce

    Voll langweilig fast immer gewinnt Mercedes

  • Enny Ndut
    Enny Ndut 1 ay önce

    Gk prnah tyang lgi d tv

  • Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell


  • Xezer Memmedov
    Xezer Memmedov 1 ay önce


  • Jean Pagé
    Jean Pagé 1 ay önce

    am I the only person that thinks that drs is stupid?

  • Relisa Lisa
    Relisa Lisa 1 ay önce


  • MegaSturrup
    MegaSturrup 1 ay önce

    What’s up with the Ferrari cars..I believe Vettel is a better driver than his car a machine

  • Juho Seppänen
    Juho Seppänen 1 ay önce

    Fuck you james

  • thomas payton
    thomas payton 2 ay önce


  • Салон красоты Жасмин

    Azerbaijan - land of fire,
    The country of hidow and friends,
    Country of open doors.

  • Leman Mesiyeva
    Leman Mesiyeva 2 ay önce


  • Abdulrehman Seferov
    Abdulrehman Seferov 2 ay önce

    What your feel in Baku? Its nice and cultural country in the world. Azerbaijan

  • manoj tewatia
    manoj tewatia 2 ay önce

    Keep moving forward Kimi

  • dokerjams
    dokerjams 2 ay önce

    I miss the ominous sounds of the big blocks. These things sound like weed wackers! It's a shame really, little motors for little kids, it's hard to watch, I've always loved F1 and had high hopes for this package but it's been a letdown right of the blocks. IMHO

  • Euse Esau
    Euse Esau 2 ay önce

    Formula Boring

  • L.A. Prodigy
    L.A. Prodigy 2 ay önce

    This is Bottas year

  • aspire
    aspire 2 ay önce

    Stop using that stupid "lap number' sound and animation. It's so fuckin annoying. Do you even watch the video after render? Fire the editor guy.
    Half of the video is retarded animation. Just edit the fucking race as it goes, we can read what lap it is in top left corner.

  • Merlim1500 Arthur
    Merlim1500 Arthur 2 ay önce

    Hamilton. O melhor

  • Kameha Four
    Kameha Four 2 ay önce

    Is this season rigged? It’s so hard to be a Ferrari fan and a American one too...

  • J Adams
    J Adams 2 ay önce

    Wow...what a cliffhanger season...i wonder whos going to win.? Mercedes won??? No...you dont say...wow...i never thought that could happen.....

  • İlqár Miŕżałiēv

    kim Azerbaycanli 🇦🇿 like edin gorek:-$

  • Robin Raphael
    Robin Raphael 2 ay önce

    Why can no one beat the mercs this is b s. So f f1 n f the German monopoly slot of money in f1 I wonder how much really goes to engineering some people are dipping into the ferrari funds I think what a shame tarnished the sport with botas as a bitch last year good to see him try this one

  • sdry
    sdry 2 ay önce

    How close Bottas was that wall at first corner. Jus wow....

  • Celso Mollo
    Celso Mollo 2 ay önce

    Watching the highlights I am glad I did not watch the race