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  • heru yoyok
    heru yoyok Biraz önce

    This new mom is kinda stupid to be honest

  • TheOneOutAlive 0w0
    TheOneOutAlive 0w0 1 saat önce

    Wanna hear something scary?

    My Grammar

  • Hope Reinoso
    Hope Reinoso 1 saat önce

    Can my name be in an episode?

  • mimi sup
    mimi sup 2 saat önce

    This girl is obssed with horror

  • Arieonna Taylor
    Arieonna Taylor 4 saat önce

    I'm Lana!im on my sisters phone tho
    Mines got tooken away
    Cause that momo challenge
    Hoe stupid

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 6 saat önce

    9:52 she looks so bootiful C:

  • Issac Granado
    Issac Granado 6 saat önce

    PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie our food of YouTube 🖕🔥 t-series

  • Issac Granado
    Issac Granado 6 saat önce

    P vs t-s

  • Lyla Halkyard
    Lyla Halkyard 8 saat önce

    Video starts at 2:56 welcome

  • Kapilkrishna Roy
    Kapilkrishna Roy 13 saat önce

    Hello, i am rocker had copied ur story with title "my mysyetious boy"

  • suicdal girl 112
    suicdal girl 112 13 saat önce

    i love all ur videos yes i may get scared but i love them

  • suicdal girl 112
    suicdal girl 112 13 saat önce

    can u put me in a video pls my name is Emma

  • Mystical Panda
    Mystical Panda 18 saat önce

    Omg this is one of the most scariest story i've heard!

  • Alia Flores
    Alia Flores 18 saat önce

    Skip thing at 3:08

  • DarkEclipsPlayz
    DarkEclipsPlayz 19 saat önce

    Noo I went to shudder and it said we're not available in ur country NOOOOOOO! 😭

  • jesse mcsm. roblox and minecraft coming soon

    Slenderman: I'm the most scariest.

    Crazy demon lady: hold my lip balm.

    Slenderman: has a heart attack

    Jeff the killer: hey slenderman what's- sees the crazy demon lady

    Jeff the killer: pulls out his knife and cuts his neck

    Me: that confirms she is the most scariest creepypasta of 2019!!!!

  • Tippy Tippulus
    Tippy Tippulus 23 saat önce

    3:06 they got internet in the spirit world? because how could Jason have submitted this, if he's in the spirit world lmao

  • official. nevaeh
    official. nevaeh 1 gün önce

    Oh my gosh , are these stories actually true ? It’s crazy how people have to go through these type of experiences ...

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt 1 gün önce

    I really like this like you're my favorite scary story or tell her honestly and also you're honestly awesome

  • Theflying Sandwich
    Theflying Sandwich 1 gün önce

    Wanna watch something scary?

    Well ads are the scariest things please don’t let there be ads on here

  • Cousin of Logos
    Cousin of Logos 1 gün önce

    Please play the game granny

  • VixennViolets
    VixennViolets 1 gün önce

    wanna hear something scary?
    almost 3 whole minutes of a video dedicated to advertising

  • nana cookie
    nana cookie 1 gün önce

    Snarled: nothing like you felt before

    Me:I am laying on one of course I felt is before

  • lil boo boo
    lil boo boo 1 gün önce

    Wanna hear somthing scary

    Logan and jake paul

  • Bette Lou Files
    Bette Lou Files 1 gün önce

    1:08 y’all better not have some weird bus toor or something

    Something scary fans would know what I mean XD

  • mugg :3
    mugg :3 1 gün önce

    video starts at 2:55

    your welcome

    MIKA GURL 1 gün önce

    That's so sad and spooky at the same time. <3 @~@

    MARISA VENUTI 1 gün önce


  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz 1 gün önce

    What Can I say Except Your Welcome. LoL you can’t save him he’s mabey enjoying life down there

  • Mark Denton
    Mark Denton 1 gün önce

    I don't have nightmares even if I woch your videos

  • Central Perk
    Central Perk 1 gün önce

    Wanna hear something scary?

    battery 1%

  • Penn Penn
    Penn Penn 1 gün önce

    Someone give me a theory of how that lady died.

  • troy yap
    troy yap 1 gün önce

    How did Jason send in the story if he is died

  • RED Star
    RED Star 1 gün önce

    The frick is sleep

  • Russell James Fernando
    Russell James Fernando 1 gün önce

    this is a made up story...

  • Balong Nisperos
    Balong Nisperos 1 gün önce

    Love yor narration.

  • savagedanic_katelyn slayer

    WaNt To HeAr SoMeThInG sray that my life

  • Jojak1254 V
    Jojak1254 V 1 gün önce

    2:56 there

  • isaynobuff
    isaynobuff 2 gün önce

    Because I am the one who did it