My Houzz: Gordon Ramsay’s Surprise Renovation

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  • KathrinB.
    KathrinB. 3 gün önce


  • Tony Thompson
    Tony Thompson 6 gün önce

    I love how they think this house is small! It is much bigger than the average house in the uk! lol

  • Yaksu A.R.M.Y
    Yaksu A.R.M.Y 1 hafta önce

    This makes me smile while watching it :)

  • Erica Johnson
    Erica Johnson 1 hafta önce

    Beautiful even though I thought it was very masculine, but a lovely home 🏡

  • Christine
    Christine 1 hafta önce

    I love Christina so much 😭💜

  • maddy phillips
    maddy phillips 1 hafta önce

    Jennifer was my High school English teacher 😀 this is so cool

  • Billy Goodison
    Billy Goodison 1 hafta önce


  • Mitchell Dela Cruz
    Mitchell Dela Cruz 2 hafta önce

    People don't realize how good of a guy Gordon is. He is passionate in the Kitchen because when he is there his priority are his customers

  • mena94x3
    mena94x3 2 hafta önce

    Love the style of the kitchen (well, the whole place) - it’s gorgeous, but I’m torn about the French doors. They DO add more light, but with such a tiny kitchen, she’s losing even more valuable prep space. Just seems, as beautiful as it is, it’s lacking in storage and prep space.

  • Susan Martindale
    Susan Martindale 3 hafta önce

    Gordon you have really got a heart of pure gold... Great job.

  • Christian Anton
    Christian Anton 3 hafta önce

    what a great boss here

  • Jackie Thompson
    Jackie Thompson 3 hafta önce

    This is amazing

  • Rowena Hernandez
    Rowena Hernandez 3 hafta önce

    love , love, love christina wilson... well deserved! Houzz is great!

  • Shai K
    Shai K 3 hafta önce

    The designer did a great job

  • Shai K
    Shai K 3 hafta önce

    AMAZING!!!!!! 😍❤️

  • Rebecca 1234
    Rebecca 1234 3 hafta önce

    The BEST episode! So sweet of Gordon and his team👍 She really deserved this😍 Great work @houzz

  • Rose Jackson
    Rose Jackson 1 ay önce

    I am so very touched seeing this video. I love seeing Gordon Ramsay moving and arranging items in the home. The end results are to die for. I greatly enjoyed the video. God bless form Missouri.

  • Claudine Pender
    Claudine Pender 1 ay önce

    AMAZING transformation and such a sweet side of Gordon Ramsay :)

  • Tey Soto
    Tey Soto 1 ay önce

    Christina definitely deserve all blessings she's down to earth person...

  • Yeng Sabio
    Yeng Sabio 1 ay önce

    I love the exposed beams & white-painted brick wall!

  • Otto
    Otto 1 ay önce

    should not have painted the wall...should have just added a backing to herb boxes

  • john mcalister
    john mcalister 1 ay önce

    I love it:-)

  • Raskolnikov32
    Raskolnikov32 1 ay önce

    Like that coffee table wasn't already parallel to the couch and they didn't just move it to the side to have Gordon move it back.

  • Laura Salvatore
    Laura Salvatore 2 ay önce

    Wow! I loved the new look!😁

    NISAR RAHIL 2 ay önce

    When did this happen!

  • infinity lux
    infinity lux 2 ay önce

    I liked the designer's personality he clearly was a fan of Gordon Ramsey. 👍Christina definitely deserved this!

  • Vanessa W.
    Vanessa W. 2 ay önce

    Amazing transformation! Love it.

  • opticalray
    opticalray 2 ay önce

    it’s really sweet what he did for her. christina is an amazing person. she deserves all the best.

  • Lisa Sheffield
    Lisa Sheffield 2 ay önce

    Love this space

  • bitchfest
    bitchfest 2 ay önce

    This is amazing bless her

  • stan giles
    stan giles 2 ay önce

    I love Christina

  • Jacob Ry
    Jacob Ry 2 ay önce

    gordon: naa i dont think you should paint it

    next shot: painting it white

  • Maegan Barrett
    Maegan Barrett 2 ay önce

    I love her. She's such a great chef.

  • Strong Island
    Strong Island 2 ay önce

    You can see that true connection between her and him not just work but true friendship.. ..... ......

  • [이지노]Jino lee
    [이지노]Jino lee 2 ay önce

    Love how he judges house upgrades as like he’s cooking.

  • Z'Nyce London
    Z'Nyce London 3 ay önce

    Simply amazing.....

  • Majestically Savage
    Majestically Savage 3 ay önce

    The table is kinda too small. But everything's such a beauty.

  • Sveta Makoveeva
    Sveta Makoveeva 3 ay önce

    I love Christina so much!!

  • Randle Annalyn
    Randle Annalyn 3 ay önce

    Love gordon

  • Nite Owl
    Nite Owl 3 ay önce

    I wish he didn't paint the brick. I work on houses and I have a serious issue with painting brick. especially around fire places.

    getting fresh mortar, colored if desired, in between the brick after a good cleaning looks fantastic! brick behind the wall garden would have given it a cool, "am I outside?" look.

    painting that wall sucked! they should have at least done 1/2" insulation foam, drywall with a nice old world texture or plaster. making it warmer and hiding the copper . the natural brick is what made the copper lines work. now it's just stupid and out of place.