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  • Don
    Don 1 ay önce

    DNA you corny ASF! NOBODY CARES FOR YOUR BATTLES! 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  • The Us
    The Us 1 ay önce


  • The Us
    The Us 1 ay önce

    1:09 LEGENDARY SMILES!!!!!

  • Scottie Brown
    Scottie Brown 1 ay önce

    I don't think him and lux is debatable at all

    QUINCEYJONES00 1 ay önce

    It’s not gonna be a body

  • Tee Money
    Tee Money 1 ay önce

    Gotta Respect DNA he will battle anybody at anytime, he gives Zero fckz,Respect to one of the real Goats,of this shyt

  • John Boy
    John Boy 1 ay önce

    Y’all gotta listen to aye verb thou lol

  • Keep it 100 All the time

    He didn’t beat lux doe

  • lisa whaley
    lisa whaley 1 ay önce

    Yo j not DNA but the other dude corny as hell

  • bighomey1090
    bighomey1090 1 ay önce

    It’s actually game 4 verb bout to get swept 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Airtee yalana
    Airtee yalana 1 ay önce

    First off the world is inflated with professional HATERS. DNA is the King of battle rap. Secondly I cant wait until 12-14-19. .#Aye Verb u bet not back out!

  • Prince T’Challa
    Prince T’Challa 2 ay önce

    DNA is going to prepare to be better than he was vs. Mickey Factz to battle someone who he feels is less lyrical than Aye Verb. 😒 That makes sense.

  • Mo Clarke
    Mo Clarke 2 ay önce

    Know your environment. DNA TAWK.

  • Carlos Williams
    Carlos Williams 2 ay önce

    DNA barber ain't experienced tf

  • Mac Williams
    Mac Williams 2 ay önce

    Sixers sweater is fly

  • VizciouZ
    VizciouZ 2 ay önce

    His first 4 minutes was everything he did with Verb. It sounded good though.

  • who knowz?!
    who knowz?! 2 ay önce

    https://youtu.be/l1Zw1K99MLs Volume 5 Prediction video!

  • Almighty LuX
    Almighty LuX 2 ay önce

    All this talk bout who you gonna take nigga you ducked Daylyt he woulda smoked you

  • Lyrikal Hall
    Lyrikal Hall 2 ay önce

    Pauses the video to state. Verb didn’t rap like he was “just happy to be there.” Mr. DNA he went crazy, you better have that Twork battle type energy because that’s one of the few times I didn’t fall asleep while you were rapping. I’m tired of getting robbed by URL. Entertain me pls. 💯✌🏾

  • Luh Vegas
    Luh Vegas 2 ay önce

    Yooo Ave would body him 😭😭

  • mackschaub9
    mackschaub9 2 ay önce

    Maaaan I hope verb smokes his boots.he talkin crazy

  • Dersim Sahin
    Dersim Sahin 2 ay önce

    Dna looks like half dog half bull

  • johnnybeastin
    johnnybeastin 2 ay önce

    i cant watch thisssssssss smh

  • No Pluggg
    No Pluggg 2 ay önce

    DNA can’t fw verb

  • Trill Taz
    Trill Taz 2 ay önce

    He lost to Mickey facts tho 😂😂💀

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
    Tiger25NYC Brooklyn 2 ay önce

    DNA is under rated and he's better then Verb to he's gonna smoke Verb.

  • Amos Littles
    Amos Littles 2 ay önce

    DNA is a big corn ball VERB 2-1

  • karateflix
    karateflix 2 ay önce

    Yea, the DNA that faced Mickey Facts was CRAZY!

  • 34King Kaos
    34King Kaos 2 ay önce

    M.C. Means Move the Crowd not
    Master of Ceremonies ... that was the wrong angle I Hope he doesn’t prepare thinking that 🤔 I need my own Pod Cast Fan Expert Experience coming soon... I Study Hip Hop I’m a Hip Hop Historian!!!!! Jay Black I need to be a analyst on CHAMPION

  • Tez Esquire
    Tez Esquire 2 ay önce

    Verb beat Mook, lux? idk.

  • Mistikal -ol Skool Gee Gee

    When will grown men , become man enough to have confidence in their manhood to not have to say" pause"

  • Syndicate, The Lonely Gun

    DNA: you battled Charlie clips at the first K.O.T.D. MASSACRE event. Stop lying about your resume!!!

    JOHN DOUGH 2 ay önce

    DNA look like geechi before puberty

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson 2 ay önce

    Yo is it me. DNA is trash yo. FactS. Like nobody cares about you bro

  • Tevin Hemmans
    Tevin Hemmans 2 ay önce

    Verb finna kill DNA fuck is he talking bout Verb finna be on times 10

  • kenzo Hipster
    kenzo Hipster 2 ay önce

    Dna gotta say "get his hairrrrrr the fuck out of herrrre" he gotta 🤣

  • Smoothwater
    Smoothwater 2 ay önce

    So what happens when DNA loses?

  • Casey Walker
    Casey Walker 2 ay önce

    DNA is a complete clown. Smartest Dumb guy in battle rap. He argues that VERB ain't is good as him he's only battled better people then him 😳😂😣💀

  • Ayoo ShiiShii
    Ayoo ShiiShii 2 ay önce

    This Is How Many People LOVE
    Battle Rap
    Btw Ima Youtuber ... I Would Love & Appreciate Some Love 😭❤️