Asia's SCARIEST Meat Market! Dog, Cat, Rat, Bat and more at Tomohon Market in North Sulawesi

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    My purpose in this video is not to support or condemn these people and what they do, but to show reality. It's an extreme way of life. It will make some people uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean I'll pretend it doesn't exist. I give plenty of fair warning, so if you think it may upset you, please don't watch it.

    Dog meat is obviously the most contentious issue for most. In the video, we see one local saying dogs taste good, but another explaining why she doesn't eat dog. To me, this seemed like a pretty balanced perspective. Even within that community, not every thinks alike.

    The sad truth about the dog meat industry is that it's unregulated and therefore no one is checking the source of the dogs. This means that much, if not all of the meat is procured through dognapping and other nefarious means. Whether you're open to or against the consumption of dog meat is your choice. I personally (obviously) don't agree with dognapping and thus I can't even begin to think about accepting the industry on any level.

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  • xCRXZYSx •
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    Well they announced a few days ago they are making it illegal to eat dogs and cats

  • km the gamimg boy
    km the gamimg boy 1 saat önce

    I will f*ck them are they humans

  • Pyro
    Pyro 5 saat önce

    Bat penis

  • Carla Rosales
    Carla Rosales 9 saat önce

    Omg if I was there I will kill. Everyone there there such a bitch like killing dog why don’t there kill baby instead of dog I am so mad fuck them😡🖕

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  • Susie Synth
    Susie Synth 11 saat önce

    How could anyone eat a precious kitty or dog is beyond me. So fucked. Or a monkey,rabbit,seahorse or dolphin. I'm not a vegetarian or anything I like meat and am anemic so I need it but cmon.

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  • Amazing Gamer
    Amazing Gamer 18 saat önce

    I’m vegetarian I felt like I was gonna puke

  • Sizzle
    Sizzle 1 gün önce

    Asians are fucking insane

  • Mondirectioner Bebe
    Mondirectioner Bebe 1 gün önce

    Why do I do this to myself😩

  • Martine
    Martine 1 gün önce

    This is so sad, it looks like the dog died screaming

  • E T
    E T 1 gün önce

    People in those areas all look like the animals they eat... disgusting!!!

  • Fiqih.F
    Fiqih.F 1 gün önce

    Apa cuma gua doang yg orang dindonesia disini??

  • A. S.
    A. S. 1 gün önce

    Bats, rats, cats, snakes and dogs are not food!

  • Enigma Gamma
    Enigma Gamma 2 gün önce

    That dried fish we can make it here in Philippines it looks delicious!

  • Abhinandita Ghosh
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    I'll never visit this area with my babies...I mean pets ... My doggo catto ratto... anything... It was like the bad batch of Jason...

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    I thought bats carry ebola...

  • Bernabe Arias
    Bernabe Arias 2 gün önce

    My dad had told me that he once ate dog meat that It's so delicious that It's the best meat he had ever tasted, but he said that he wouldn't eat it again.

  • midnight angel
    midnight angel 2 gün önce

    bat can contain ebola and other stuff

  • Cameron Coomer
    Cameron Coomer 2 gün önce

    Don’t be a pussy bro eat the dog

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  • Romina Constenla
    Romina Constenla 2 gün önce

    This video made me soo happy I'm a vegetarian lol.

  • Brooklynn Hurst
    Brooklynn Hurst 2 gün önce

    dogs™️ have left the chat

  • Kreeti Chaurasia
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    Thanking God I m born in India😭😂

  • Space Kid
    Space Kid 3 gün önce

    I live near Tomohon market

  • pubg holics
    pubg holics 3 gün önce

    I dint expect this from you sonny you ate rat cat bat and dog chi

  • lara silongaaa
    lara silongaaa 3 gün önce

    imagine a vegan wathcing this 😂

  • Ada WgBz
    Ada WgBz 3 gün önce

    Putain met pauvre connard

  • Error Hatake
    Error Hatake 3 gün önce

    Is this Indonesia

  • Red Sky
    Red Sky 3 gün önce

    I see this just as a person is eating a pig. Lots of people keep pigs as pets but when we eat pork, its not looked at by most as a pet. The reason a lot more people are looking at this as taboo is because of what type of animal it is. Which is sad. Meat is meat. The only thing Im against is being barbaric about how you kill it. But cats and dogs should not be taboo when people eat them. I find that backwards thinking.

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  • xᴅ xᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋɪᴇ

    I just lost my 1 year old puppy, he was just hanging around in the backyard He didn't wan to go inside so I just let him stay outside and sleep in his dog house. But when I woke up he was gone, I looked for him searched for 2days but on the 3rd day I saw his head chopped off(no body) in some bushes a block away from our house, I'm so sad because I know people here eat feral dogs/aggressive, but I can't Imagine someone stealing someones beloved pet some even consider like family like I do. I think they did this because every year we have a "fiest" and they didn't have the resources to buy meat which is common here 80% of our "barangay" is struggling with money which is like 3 streets. So they stole him, I didn't know who did this, I live in the country part of town.

    But to whoever does that, I hope God will take care of you for the things that you've done.

  • marwan sharif
    marwan sharif 3 gün önce

    them eating dogs and cats is like us eating chicken and meat its part of their culture they eat anything alive and if your are speaking by that logic you shouldn't eat meat or chicken because they are also living things

  • vedant mishra
    vedant mishra 4 gün önce

    They missed the human meat shop

  • Eve T
    Eve T 4 gün önce

    Hiding in the comment section. Leave a like. Then get out.

  • AzraazraYT kabagani
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    Why eating cat

  • Dominic Fontanilla
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    PETA is triggered lol

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    Tumben orang indo ga banyak komentar. Biasanya "i am from Indonesia"