The Science of the Voices in your Head – with Charles Fernyhough

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  • Psychologist Charles Fernyhough reveals how our inner voices play a vital part in thinking through stories of everyone from children to people who hear voices. Watch the Q&A here: Subscribe for regular science videos: Charles' book "The Voices Within: The History and Science of How We Talk to Ourselves" is available to purchase now - Close your eyes and have a thought. Now what was it like to think that thought? What we usually call 'thinking' is often a kind of speaking by, and a listening to, the multiple voices of our consciousness. Psychologist and writer Charles Fernyhough tells stories of everyone from children to people who hear voices and reveals how our inner voices play a vital part in our thinking. Charles Fernyhough is a Professor in the Department of Psychology, Durham University. His background is in developmental psychology, with a particular focus on social, emotional and cognitive development. His work has contributed to our understanding of how language and thought are related in child development and beyond and his most recent focus has been on applying mainstream developmental psychology to the study of psychosis. He is also a writer whose work has been published in several anthologies and have been translated into eleven languages. He has taught creative writing, with a particular focus on psychological processes in reading and writing. The Ri is on Twitter: and Facebook: and Tumblr: Our editorial policy: Subscribe for the latest science videos: Product links on this page may be affiliate links which means it won't cost you any extra but we may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through the link.
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  • Melissa Droddy
    Melissa Droddy 3 gün önce

    I met a person who spoke 6 different languages. At one point I asked them which language their internal thoughts were in. Oddly enough, their answer was NOT their native language. I think they were as surprised as I was by that idea. Apparently, they had never really considered that before. They just heard the inner speech and processed like anyone would.

  • Jamilul Haque
    Jamilul Haque 5 gün önce

    I am also hearing multiple voice

  • scrubjay93
    scrubjay93 3 hafta önce

    The problem here is that Fernyhough's speech is chock-full of redundant and unnecessary clauses which makes him incredibly boring to listen to. He could have condensed the entire contents of this lecture into 15 minutes, easily if he just eliminated his constant repetitive words and clauses. If this were written, an editor would have eliminated 60% of the words, if not more. I find that interesting since speech is his area of interest.

  • Lynox Royal
    Lynox Royal 1 ay önce

    How do I know the difference between my inner voice and tapping into someone's energy or a soul bond physically?

  • Denis Nash
    Denis Nash 1 ay önce

    This speaker digressed and digressed and digressed again until I was completely lost and couldn't follow his drift.

  • Rod Schmidt
    Rod Schmidt 1 ay önce

    Are any of these phenomena connected to the experience of "having a tune stuck in your head" ? I note that all of these phenomena involve sound, or the sense of hearing, but NOT vision. Nobody goes around with the Mona Lisa stuck in front of their eyes. Nobody reads inner writing ... or do they?

  • Rod Schmidt
    Rod Schmidt 1 ay önce

    I have several times, when waking up, "heard" three knocks on the door; but the three knocks have different pitches, which is impossible if they were real knocks. On one of these occasions, I also dreamed of a crowd of kids, and "heard" them all talking at once, which was a confused murmur rather than anything I would call speech.

  • Js Bchad
    Js Bchad 1 ay önce

    You are about to understand D.I.D. you opened a memory in me that gave meaning to an origin.

  • CJS
    CJS 1 ay önce

    What about the last level, no speech but concepts. Concepts could be refined into pictures of what you are thinking, only you would understand what that is. Words slows one down. Also, when speaking more than one language, one doesn't "think" that you must say a word in that language, it is automatic, like an addition of a word to your vocabulary,

  • Danny THE Dog
    Danny THE Dog 1 ay önce

    Most horrible thing about having voices in 6 languages in my head was - they weren't mine. Also that i understood them all. None the less there was dead relatives among them. There will be no punchline bc it really happened. Until they put me in a rehab. Shush now...

  • M M
    M M 1 ay önce

    ray romano with english accent

  • Master
    Master 2 ay önce

    haha talked me in into schizophrenia.

  • Bob
    Bob 2 ay önce

    I think they call that the Corpus Callosum ?

  • Bob
    Bob 2 ay önce

    Need to bring-up the point that we have TWO brains, left and right! Who are dedicated to the proposition, that all brain pairs are created equal! :)

  • soma light
    soma light 3 ay önce

    I should be doing my work report but here I am watching this because I heard my voice in my head saying "protect your inner child" and im confused if i made it or it came out of nowhere.

  • Michael BW
    Michael BW 4 ay önce

    Does this apply to the chap who claimed he only did what the voices in his wife's head told her to tell him to do?

  • David Easton
    David Easton 4 ay önce

    Well look people,if the spirit world was not real you non god believers, go by a ouji board and play it and do so seriously and since god isnt real you wont have no problem then asking satan and his demons into your home and do a demonic chant while playing this board and tell me in a week if your still a non believer.. Please dont do that I just wanted your attention. God loves you and the bible out dates anything these fools teach.. If you at all believe in god then science can not be real to the extent that if it comes to your mind in a voice its a person which is a demon and demons are persons without body.. You can see evil all over the news and if you think god can't or won't love you your very wrong because if you new me and what god has done for me you would see the truth. Man will fail you god will not. Follow the bible and the truth will literally open up to you and im not speaking about you opening your bibles

  • Greta b
    Greta b 4 ay önce

    14:50 What kind of tasks can be used to inhibit the inner speech?

  • Louisa Sabrina Susiene Halverson

    We collectively are The biggest ego!

  • Louisa Sabrina Susiene Halverson

    I myself have heard the voice of God and likewise also 😇🙏 recognized that voice was 🔥💯👌 literally us ...jYjesus!

  • Louisa Sabrina Susiene Halverson


  • Geoff Banks
    Geoff Banks 5 ay önce

    What do you use to explain your thinking? words the rest you can't explain so this leads to the first mistake … to assume that words are that important in thoughts! IT ONLY APPEARS THAT WAY!

  • Ross Meldrum
    Ross Meldrum 5 ay önce

    "There's someone in my head but it's not me". Pink Floyd Brain Damage.

  • Vincent
    Vincent 6 ay önce

    6:30 "If you've got access to a small child (...)" It always starts like that mate. I'm onto you!

    JUODASJUR 7 ay önce

    Can the length of PCS be a proof one has got auditory halliucinations?

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh

    I have PCS envy.

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh

    Mel Gibson movie is called "What Women Want" (2000)

  • Marek Šajner
    Marek Šajner 7 ay önce

    you are missing a layer below the condensed speech, when you just talk to yourself in short glimpses of ideas, not words...

  • Tanya FT
    Tanya FT 7 ay önce


  • Brent Katowitz
    Brent Katowitz 8 ay önce

    Okay! Her name is Julian, I get it. Let's keep it moving! (I'm impatient and anxious).

  • Lets Get Lost
    Lets Get Lost 9 ay önce

    Programming. Conditioning. How to live with our shadows.

  • John Farris
    John Farris 9 ay önce

    Nature doesn't make lunatics. But man does.

  • Ronnie Aspbäck
    Ronnie Aspbäck 9 ay önce

    I can only recall hearing a voice once and it was just one word. It was my own voice shouting "Here!" from the bathroom 15 meters away from me after I had talked aloud to myself saying "where are my keys?" I didn't know I knew where I had left them. They were in the bathroom

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 10 ay önce

    Hearing voices may have been common in the 13th & 14th century and any other century where they were not aware of heavy metal exposure and other kind of contaminants, organic or not. We might one day figure out that something like the major of people who here voices today might be being exposed to something that is still unknown to us including a non-organic substance or even perhaps a type of bacteria particularly gut bacteria or some other kind of completely unknown living organism that is so unlike what we know of today. The unknown-unknown.

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 10 ay önce

    It is amazing how much a language changes over time. The words Margery Kempe uses are so foreign that I would never be able to guess what the words meant because I would be able to understand the concept of the sentence. But then inside the sentence are the most common kind of words sprinkled inside the sentence. Granted 600 years have passed but you would think that things like spelling wouldn’t change like in the instant of “ear” being spelt as “ere”. It does explain why aren’t always pronounced like they are spelt or rather the word spelt differently than what you are saying. Like when words should rhyme but there that one word that is there that has the same ending but is pronounced differently. Also why two words are said the same but spelt differently (wood-would). If you even heard someone say words that we still use today from 1414AD they would be pronounced so differently that we would have no clue what word they were saying even though you might be living in the exact same location as they were. You would think that how you say a word would stay the same because most of society would all say it the same drowning out the few that said it incorrectly. But yet, it’s those few that pronounced a word incorrectly that prevailed over and over again. I realize some of the cause would be foreigners taking over a country. It’s just interesting but at the same time frustrating because if an english literary work was found with a large gap in time going back into the past from the last understandable or decoded english literary work we would just be guessing at what some of the words were. We would be bound to have some of the words wrong despite scholars claiming the meaning and since the substitute meaning still makes a sensible sentence we can’t prove it wrong or right.

    I realize this has nothing to do with the topic or point of this talk but it made me think about this anyways.

  • TheNoodlyAppendage
    TheNoodlyAppendage 10 ay önce

    I hear the voice of god, and he sounds exactly like me.

  • Alan Bregović
    Alan Bregović 10 ay önce

    i hear voices ,but i ignore them and carry on with the killing

  • John Farris
    John Farris 10 ay önce

    It's the Arm e.

  • professormaxtrinity
    professormaxtrinity 11 ay önce

    I see this as breakthrough material! Bravo!

  • sol rayz
    sol rayz 11 ay önce

    F(#& I hate the OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD sound effects at the beginning of each of these great tRI presentations.